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June 09, 2015



The most satisfying thing I knit this year was a waffle blanket for my 4 month old. I didn't think I would finish knitting it in time for her birth but knitted as fast as I could and finished it just a couple of days before I gave birth.


My Freya sweater...because I learned to steek!

Heather Goodwin

My most satisfying project would have to be the I've I'm working on right now. It's a blanket that I started awhile back and frogged. So glad to be finishing it!

Ann (WG)

It's probably finishing the College Blankie for youngest daughter:
Although, with all the issues it had, I was pretty happy finally finishing the Riff Socks:


The project I've been most pleased to finish is my Dreambird Shawl. Started it last year. So it was a ufo for awhile. Now if only it was blocked!


I knit the Boneyard Shawl using special dyed Hedgehog Fibres for Westknits and took other suggestions from his class on 'pops' of color.


I love the way these socks pooled. Lots of satisfaction from virtually no effort on my part.

Rhonda Atkinson

I knit my daughter in law a pair of socks using the pattern Hermiones on Ravelry with yarn in Cleveland Browns colors. They are beautiful and my DIL will love them.

Susan Eberhardt

Plain old socks in some super pretty striping yarn found on the clearance pile at Simply Socks! I had started working on the socks at the same time as a friend's husband became seriously ill - I love how socks find the right home!


My most satisfying project this year is still in progress, but it's my Plain and Practical cardigan, which I'm knitting from a vintage Stitchcraft pattern.


My most satisfying pattern has been the Half Hansel. It has been on my to do list for a while and I am very happy with the results!

Suzanne Cox

Whenever I do the second sock of a pair...

amber kane

I would have to save the Bermuda shawl I did for my sister when her husband passed this year.

Karla Hartzell

I knitted a pair of socks for a lovely friend. we're both artists who love freeform color and boho gypsy style. She gets me and I loved knitting something unique that I knew she would wholeheartedly love!!

Martha Cook

I have several projects that are very is a blanket for the mended little hearts organization. I have knitted a lot of teddy bears sweaters to go with the teddy bears for our sheriff department to be handed out for kids in a stressful it an accident, domestic violence etc. I have also knitted caps for the homeless.


A Honey Cowl for a non-knitting friend


I have made a lot of projects this year but y favorites have been my brickless in Miss Babs and my Muststash yarn socks.. they yarn you are giving away is so pretty!

Claudia Davidson

My blackrose socks. They were fun to knit!


My most satisfying project this year has got to be my Dreambird KAL Shawl. Love it!


3 pairs of socks for a kind elderly woman that loves them.

brenda Luce

Just finished a beaded wedding shawl for my daughter working on the bride maids and all without her seeing me!


My monkey socks in STR. There's nothing quite like a pair of STR socks, especially after washing. Soft,velvety and so cozy on the feet.

Cheryl Shininger

I made the Miami Vice shawl(free on ravelry)for a friend's mother. She is in a nursing home.


I think the Never-Ending Story Cowl that I knit this past winter was my favorite of this year--I never thought I would wear a super-bulky cowl so much, but this winter made it necessary and I was very happy I made it:

The yarn you're giving away is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Bonnie Pilditch

I finished an afgan for Hospice Home.


I LOVE CCR's yarn! Just beautiful. I enjoyed making Susan B Anderson's Prairie Ridge shawl this year.

Elise suchocki

Hardest and most satisfying project was my first pair of lined mittens .... Squirrel pattern

maria reedstrom

Baby hats.


My "It will take a lifetime cowl".

It felt like it took a lifetime. I'm so glad it's done. I hope I wear it. It's enormous and weighs about 10 lbs.

Laura B.

My Snowfling Mittens were the gift (to me) that kept on giving. I had warm fingers all winter, and they aren't bad to look at, either.


I haven't knit much because of my FMS. But I am loving the plain vanilla socks I'm knitting in Poste Heartbreak Hotel. The colors are so amazing they make me smile just looking at them.


I think my favorite so far is the Geek Socks from Knitty. (My rav page for them is: I love self-striping yarn, and these were fun and simple. It also made me realize that I should be doing afterthoug


A pair of entrelac sock in Regia ' s Fluormania Color sock yarn.


I did a basic, toe-up pair of socks for my Michigan maize and navy. She was so excited, and that made it even more worthwhile!


My most satisfying project has been knitting cupcakes and the pattern is by Little Cotton Rabbits.

Ellen Coyne

these are gorgeous!


I've knit a lot of projects that have made me happy this year, but my favorite has to be my Hitchhiker, knit in an Opal Hundertwasser colorway, Use Public Transport—Save the City. Here's a link to my project:

I absolutely love the way the stripes and patterns of the yarn combined in this scarf!

Ellen Coyne

Just finished my first socks! Feeling very accomplished!


I used the One Row Lace Scarf pattern to make a cashmere scarf for my mother from a tiny skein of yarn gifted to her at least 15 years ago (price tag said $50!).

Adele Danielsen

I declared 2015 my "year of the sock" - knitting a pair of socks each month. Down The Rabbit Hole socks were the most satisfying. The color and design made the project very enjoyable. My socks are called Sherbert Sunshine and this is the Ravelry link:

Hannah H

A baby blanket for my good friends second child.


Toss up between my Aisling shawl and my Haruni shawl. I need to block the Haruni for a fair comparison, but the Cascade silk blend in Italian Plum was a dream to knit!

Katherine S.

My very first pair of socks!


My most satisfying knitting project this year was my first ever pair of socks! I used Ann Budd's Getting Starting Knitting Socks book and made the 8-stitch socks.


I completed the lace alphabet baby blanket for my new niece or nephew.


My most satisfying knit was "Knit your Love " by Martina Behm. I knit it so I could wear it on Valentine's Day which I spent with my mom. At the end of the day, I wrapped it around her and said "happy Valentine's Day!" I can always knit another one, but I won't always have my mom.


It's not knitted, you cannot forget the crocheting crowd ;), but it is the blanket I made for my daughter with extra soft bulky yarn that she has to have every night.


Still working on Martin Storey's KAL from last year,,
as a wedding present for my son. Got behind because I broke my hand!!! Waaaaaaah! All the different pattern squares are very satisfying to finish quickly.


Love socks. They are portable and fun.


The most satisfying project this year was the Swallowtail Shawl.


Ooh, a baby blanket for my new grandchild. (Shhhh, nobody else knows.)

Paula Humphrey

Beautiful yarn!!

Lisa T

Finished the second of four 'time of the doctor' long double knit lace-weight scarves in less than half the time of the first. Still two more to go, so we all match!

Niki Vogler

My Zauberball alternating stripes sock in bright reds, oranges, greens, and blues. They took a while but are spectacular! Second fav has to be my watermelon socks from Biscotte et Cie (bought of course from you!).

Georgienne Westrick

Knitting hoodies for my daughter, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter for their bbirthdays.


Well it's within the past 365 days, but not from 2015. It'd have to be this adorable antler cardigan I made for a friend of mine's little one :


Regia Colormania socks!


While I am satisfied with nearly every project I knit, I am very happy with this shawl for my niece.

Wendy TC

Brown-eyed Susan by Juju Vail, in her book, Juju's Loops, was by far my fave this year and definitely top 5 overall. Color Affection is a close second.


Prayer shawl for military families


Thanks to you and Maegan! There are only two completed knit projects so far this year, so I'll say the heart-shaped baby bib. There is a pattern, but it's not on Ravelry (the designer hasn't posted it, but I can distribute it). It's my go-to baby gift, and comes in three sizes. It's always a hit!

Sheri Kolb

Finishing a very complicated Aryan sweater for my husband. The most satisfying part is that he loves it and it fits perfectly!


Headwraps - they aren't a complicated pattern at all, but I love that they're useful and I can wear them so often!

Leslie LaPointe

The most satisfing project this year was a dragonsecurity blanked i made my grand daughter!


Finishing the Kaika socks by Knit Purl Hunter! Toe up socks!


My first cardigan! (Which I actually knit up within a reasonable time period)


Socks, socks, socks! I just can't get enough of this addiction!


Probably my Release the Kraken socks.

Debra Houser

It's hard to choose but I think as always I usually choose what I finished last.


The socks I knit out of the Cyborg's Craft Room special color way from the Valentine's Day kit have been the most Satisfying knit follow closely by the Mother's Day Socks That Rock!

Megan Avise-Rouse

First of all, I love these yarns! So pretty, and I bet they are super squishy too!
As for what has been the most satisfying to knit this year, I have to say the 2 items I knitted for my wedding. We got married a month ago and I made a shawl for myself and one for my mom. I feel like they are the most beautiful and elegant things I have made yet!
Mine was the meandering vines shawl and my mom's was the Bradbury (


My most satisfying knits have been the hats that I have knit for friends and co-worker's. My Husband and 5 friends always go hunting each December - last year they went with matching hats (but different colors) and several co-workers received hats for their kiddos and beanies and berets for them.

Janet Dendy

A beautiful, lacy nurmilintu shawl!

Venice Smith

My favorite project is usually whatever I'm currently (more most recently) have/had on the needles. In this case it's the Elwood cardi with matching hat, booties and socks.

Gina Meyer

My Mystery Shawl for Nepal. Not only did I end up with beautiful beaded shawl, but the money I spent on the pattern was sent overseas to aid the earthquake victims!

Denise Katz

I have enjoyed the "rocked" sweater I am knitting in Universal Garden.

pauline Keller

My most satisfying was a Romi Hill shawl called Meeks Bay. It was one of the most difficult but I finally finished.
Don't know how to add a picture here.


My most satisfying project was a shawl that I just finished for my daughter. I used the little colonnade pattern on revelry. It is made out of sock yarn that I got from your company.


Socks! I pair so far this year and counting


My first baby sweater, for a niece - it was fair isle complete with steeks! And it has lady bugs in it. Really neat!

Sherrie I.

I made a sweater for my middle grandson in a dark blue. The link to the pattern is

carmelle Tidd

The most memorable project was a sweater I knitted for my two boys for them to wear to school.


Probably my most satisfying project this year so far is my Thackery Street shawl, using Alicia Plummer's Campside pattern. I did it as a MadMay project and actually finished it during May, all 747 yards of it :-) I also love the finished item!

Tracy MacFarlane

After my kitty cat of 16 years passed, I made a pair of socks (Whiskers and paw prints), in her honor!

Debra Jacobs

A beautiful scarf for me!

Sandy C ash

I knit socks all the time. But my favorite project is my endless mitered square afaghan made from all the leftover sock yarn.


Fabrege... Taught me many new techniques!


My most satisfying knit this year would be my Lollipop Socks from the Poste yarm Elm Street. The colours were delicious, the yarn felt wonderful, plus I splurged and was knitting on a brand new set of Karbonz!


I would make a beautiful shawl for my daughter with this! My most satisfying project was a beautiful pair of Zombie Barbeque socks for my other daughter.

donna George

For me, it's been the Sweet Dreams shawl. The pattern was so easy and I didn't expect that. I made it with no plans for it. My granddaughter bought a dress that matched it perfectly so now it's hers.

Annita Papenbrock

Wow there's a sock party in the house!

Pat Crosson

A beautiful circular baby blanket, with cable owls around the edge! Made for my first great nephew, from the Enchanted Book!

Alyssa Rasmussen

My most satisfying project this year is a pair of Finn & Jake mitts. I used a basic fingerless mitt pattern and plotted out how to make their iconic faces (knitting an oval took more work than I realized!), which is a big step for me since I've only been knitting about a year and a half. I love how they came out and I hope whoever gets them will enjoy them.


Socks of course!

Gayle Corona

I have been a long time knitter, but decided to have a try at crochet. I made a beautiful chevron blanket, and I am so proud... it turned out beautiful and only took a few weeks! Now I need to complete 3 more so that each grandson gets one for Christmas!

Jenny K

Just finished a modified one skein Clapotis from yarn I got in Sausalito 3 yrs ago.

Gale Longley

I've knit some shawls this year, and need to get back to my sock knittig.

Alecia Helton

My favorite? Wingspan with the Spring kit. This color is gorgeous. Hope you get more of this color so those of us who aren't lucky enough to win it can buy it.

Kathy Guinan

I knit a pair of socks from a colorwork mitten pattern and I absolutely love them. It looks like a Celtic knot around the cuff. First time I ever knit in colorwork.

dee Johnson

My favorite knitting this year has been sweaters for my twin grand-daughters.

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