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June 09, 2015



Definitely the Groovy Shawl I made with Unique Sheep Luxe!


The most satisfying project I have knitted so far this year is my Escher Lizards:

The pattern, Maurits, is from the Op-Art Socks book, and I was looking forward to it for months! I love stranded knitting and tesselations. It was a lot of fun and they are fun to wear, too.


Probably my Marilinda socks:


I've knit so many this year but my most satisfying would be my polar coat because I have worn it so much. This yarn looks so much fun! Would love to have it.


A cable sweater for one of my dogs (in yarn from SSYC, of course)


I've been knitting quite a bit this year thus far but my favorite project has been knitting chemo caps for my best friend's mother in law. It gives me time to reflect on my life choices and to put my heart into someone else's position. I admire the strength that she has found in herself and the love she exudes for others around her.


My most satisfying project so far was turning a too small sweater into a right sized vest

Jackie Whyte

I made my first socks! Very satisfying because now I know what all the fuss was about :) I foresee many socks in my future.


I knitted a pair of socks with a pattern continuous from the leg to the toe instead of plain stockinette.

Lisa p

A stitch surfer sock, Nemo colorway purchased quite awhile ago from you, but kept putting off because it's toe up. Now I'm addicted!


I knit a prayer shawl for a relative so that when their young child is going thru very serious surgeries she can wear it around her shoulders. I have found out that waiting rooms are rather cold no matter what time of year and these bring comfort.

JoAnne B

My most satisfying project this yearnwas a sweater to cover the bum of a "donor bear". This bear unselfishly gave of his fur so that a more favored bear could continue his role as companion for a very special boy.
Once I found the pattern I headed for my stash and found the perfect yarn. I think that you'll agree:
The boy is most appreciative!
Adding to my joy is the fact that from concept to done took 24 hours.
Sometimes it's the little things -


My most satisfying project this year has been the Grün ist die Hoffnung socks I knit this year. What made them so neat was you knit them from the top of the foot. And of course I used simply sock Not Quite Mint. I enjoyed these socks.


My Rockefeller Shawl (Stephen West on Ravelry), until I ran out of Poste Patina Atlantis! Waiting for a new dye lot to show up so I can finish this beauty! Only about two hours knitting time needed...


My most satisfying project was Brain Frieze by Susan Ashcroft. I'm a new knitter and it made me look like an expert.


Monkey Socks out of Madelinetosh Sock in the Holi Festival color.

Courtney Pierce

My most satisfying project this year has been Bilberry by Berroco for my 2 year daughter Veronica. I made it for her so we can have her 2 year old pictures taken in it. I don't have the pictures yet, but I love it.


My most satisfying project has been a 100 patch afghan of mitered diamonds made of 10 colors of dk yarn. It was so much fun picking up the diamonds and not having to sew them together. The patches of hand dyed self striping yarn are really neat.


Hannah fettig's whisper cardigan. It doesn't fit me, but it does fit my daughter. Love it.

Francine Johnson

Most satisfying project was sweater for my grand daughter


Prayers shawls and caps for children.

Louise Sanders

Tree of life afghan. Still currently knitting it just have the border left.


My first pair of socks it only took me 2 weeks to make. My momma had me make my daddy the socks well for a first time pair they were a size 13!!!! 😂


I love Maegan's yarn! In fact, my most satisfying project so far this year is my Bux hat knit in her Demeter colorway.


Pin Striped Socks in Socks That Rock. Simple pattern; great yarn! Also Poste Yarn socks (Pere Lachese) for my niece.


I'd been wanting to knit Karatsu forever, but was nervous about knitting knee socks. I'm so glad I finally did! I love them!

Jayme Putzier

Probably the mustache dress I made for my Arne and Carlos Doll


I think my Nurmilintu, because I needed the cheery yellow color to brighten up the winter.


Most satisfying project for me so far this year would be my Mystik Spiral socks. They were my first-ever toe up socks, and not only do they fit great, I managed to perfectly line up the stripes!


I made a baby sweater (Liliput) for a friend's first grand-baby.


My most satisfying project was the fingerless mitts I designed for my mom. Its a simple pattern that shows off Malabrigo Mecha's beautiful colors.

Tricia F.

Socks! I'm completely obsessed with vanilla socks and the prettiest yarns I can find. Thanks for aiding in my obsession. :)


Seaside Rumpus


My favorite knit is Impavido by LISMI knits

Donna Denherder

The most satisfying was also the smallest project I made. Baby booties, they are so perfectly adorable and were made for such a sweet baby! This is the pattern I used:


My favorite so far this year is my Ysolda Follow Your Arrow 2. Pretty shawl that was such a pleasant pattern to knit.

Amy Vernon

My soft Kidsilk Haze Stripe scarf. Moles of soft colors and yarn.

Doris McCoy

My most satisfying project is the Drifting Leaves Poncho. I knit it for a friend who is going chemo treatments for breast cancer. I made it with Cascade 220 superwash in Black.

Lateia Sandifer

I was thrilled with my Canyonlands shawl. Pattern by verybusymonkey.


3x1 ribbed socks.


The re-working of a sweater. Originally meant to be a cardigan but that didn't work out as the yarn had too much spring in it for a button cardigan closure. It was the first time I branched out on my own and designed a pull over sweater front to go with the back and sleeves already knit. I felt so accomplished

Traci S

I knot predominantly socks (and those are always satisfying), but I LOVED this Wavy Flower hat that I made for my daughter for Easter.


My most satisfying knitting project this year was the Kaika socks by Michelle Hunter. It was a knit along and I learned a great new Japanese short row heel.

Rita aka crescendogal

Ohhhh I love color!!! I think it's calling me to make it into a shawlette...or socks, fun summer socks....

My most satisfying knit project ever (have only been knitting 6 mo and am addicted) is this piano vest I made for my little man's recital last month!

Maxine Krueger

I totally enjoyed knitting the Little Cotton Rabbits and d ome clothes for my granddaughter.

Melissa S Lewis

My favorite project so far this year would be my Newton Shawl by Very Busy Monkey. It was my first shawl & I can't wait to make another.


My brown eyed Susan shawl was my favorite knit this year.


I am working on a CoExist sock pattern that is a fun mystery KAL. I am enjoying choosing each different section.

Dorah Rosenzweig

What can I say to win this yarn! Pretty please!

Debra H.

I finished my first pair of socks!! I had started three pairs in the 11 years I have been knitting but never finished one. I even had to do the cuff on one pair, but hated the yarn sooo much I threw them in the trash because I couldn't imagine even touching the yarn again!

Dorah Rosenzweig

My most satisfying project was the Eden Praire shawl made from hand dyed yarn by he periwinkle sheep

laura pierce

My favorite project is a sweater for myself that I am actually still working on!


Socks, socks, and more socks!!!

Samantha T.

I'm knitting a Brioche cowl and it's the first time I've done that stitch. It's a lot of fun and satisfying to try something new.


Stephen West's Boneyard shawl, from my own madder-dyed fingering wool yarn. Mine is scarf sized, a no-brainier triangular scarf that is easy to knit in public and looks great. It's the second scarf I've made with this pattern.

Linda McLaughlin

Socks! They keep my feet warm all winter.




I learned to knit socks this year - very satisfying. Perhaps even addictive.


I just finished my first shawl. Would love to knit socks with this yarn so pretty.


Definitely the SoHo Scarf by the Knit Cafe Toronto. I used Madtosh Twist Light in Denim and Dr. Zhavigo's Sky. Turned out to be one of my favorite shawls. Not sure how to do the link to my Raverly Page or to the pattern but it is free on Raverly.

Sandra Sprouse

My niece had her newborn pictures taken in the hat and baby sack I made her... how adorable and special!


I'm torn between a cardigan that I made with Tosh Merino Light (it still needs finishing though) and a lacy stole with Tosh Lace and a rose trellis pattern.

Nancy Mihalek

My most satisfying project was a square wash cloth. Why a simple washcloth is so satisfying, you ask?
I went to Florida to visit my daughter. And my two grand babies, Tobias age 10 and Gigi age 9.
I take a washcloth on trips because of small and easy to travel with.
I had finished a cloth while at my daughters house. Gigi was in her room playing. Gigi came out and asked me what I was making? I told her and showed her the finished cloth....her eyes lite up and she asked if she could have it, of course like all good grandmas I said yes. What are you going to do with it and why does she want it?
Gigi quickly replied, it was s blanket for her unicorn and every time she uses it, it smells like you, grandma. That way I will always have you with me!

Joanne Christman

LoVe the CoLoRs!!!

Annette Triner

Some knee socks for my sister. Not quite done, yet. But, I'm sure she's going to love them!


My most satisfying project is the one I am working on now. It's the Togue Pond tank top from Quince and Co. I am learning so much about clothing construction. I have always wanted to be a sweater knitter, but I have never quite gotten it. This is like a revelation! Looooove it.


Besides the socks I always have on my needles for all the time I spend bleacher-sitting watching my son play sports, my favorite project this year has been . Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful yarn!

Holly Beam

Irish Mesh Scarf made out of mink yarn. It is luscious and beautiful.


I am knitting on the Campside shawl right now and I am so in love with this project. It is already such a warm and cozy shawl, perfect for cool nights at the cabin sitting around the campfire. I have already caked up more yarn to know up another one when this one is cast off in a few days. ;-)


love this yarn! i did a fingerless glove that had a lot of new skills for me


Wispy willow cardigan. I am using Mrs crosby train case, colour Hollywood cerise. Still working on it, but it is a pleasure to knit.

Ann Matson

For a span of several months I kept busy knitting several small items (baby socks, baby hats, sock yarn baby sweater, etc) for my granddaughter who was having a difficult pregnancy. She lives away so I mailed separate packages as I finished knitting each item. She was so very much on my mind and I know she needed cheerful reminders that she was loved. Long story short - I'm the proud great-grandma to beautiful Matilda and I treasure her a million times for each stitch in the pre-birth items I made for her.

Janica Carter

A set of baby blankets for a friend who volunteers at a hospital to give out in the NICU.

Helen King

My most satisfying project this year was a beaded cowl that I knit.


My most satisfying project to give away was a Traveling Woman shawl for my 90+ aunt. She enjoyed the surprise gift in bright colors til her passing and that's what knitting is all about, sharing your love with others.

My most satisfying to keep was another Traveling Woman in STR "Spawn of Scum" color way . As someone who gets motion sickness at the drop of a needle, the irony of using a queasy green color for a"Traveling" shawl still cracks me up!


My favorite project so far was my lace hitchhiker, which combined beautiful colored sock yarn with a simple lace. Helped to recharge my batteries!

Lara Dillard

I am right in the middle of a summer weight sweater (On the Beach by Isabell Kraemer). What makes this project so satisfying is that I've actually been able to knit more than one row/round a day. I have six kids which leaves little time for sitting or knitting; but my daughters had their ballet recital last week which meant hours of sitting in an auditorium while they rehearsed with nothing to do but knit.


My most satisfying projects was socks knit on two circular needles two at a time with Dream in Color with Cashmere.

Jennifer Beene

My ankle socks, because it's getting me ready for bigger sock projects!

Marjorie Millner

A pair of vanilla socks made with a lush Zen Yan Garden skein. They were for my mother's 93rd birthday and she loved them.

wanda Turner

The name blanket i made for my 4 year old niece. She was so sweet and thanked me at least 5 times when she called.

Sara Byron

At a retreat in Washington IL with the knitting pipeline podcast group, we knit a community blanket for a friend undergoing surgery & chemo for her cancer. We had fun knitting together, and put prayers into every stitch!

judy T

Oh, my! The colors are amazing!!!


Most satisfying is the many pairs of socks I made for my husband and watching his face as I hand him a new finished pair!


The 3-color cashmere cowl by Joji, it was fun knit and my first time working with yarn that had cashmere in it!


Great contest!

My most satisfying project was definitely a big oversised skirt that I made. It took me soo much time! At the end I tought it was too big, so I was really desperate, but then I washed it and blocked it and it was PERFECT! I'm so happy with it and I get many compliments. I will never underestimate the power of blocking again! :)

Jill L

I finally finished a pair of socks I started in 2010. They were a gift for my mom this Mother's Day and she loved them!


Finished many little projects, but most satisfying is still in progress...working on a Mermaid Tail blanket/snugglie for a friend's little girl. Have seen patterns for crochet, but not knit. So I'm happy to try and figure one out! Will definitely share on Ravelry, if it turns out worthy of being shared!

Marilyn Robinson

The purple Picabeau shawl I made for myself out of the Cascade Heritage yarn I was given in the basket of goodies my fellow employees gave me at my retirement.


The one I'm knitting now. A cute baby blanket.

Cheryl W

Prayer shawls for my two step sons. They were definitely a labor of love. The pattern was Max's Tallit found on Ravelry.


My most satisfying project that I have completed so far this year is the Boneyard shawl by Stephen West. It's my first shawl that I have actually finished and will be a gift for my mom for Christmas. I am also proud that I finished a gift with plenty of time to spare lol. Love Cyborg Craft Room's yarn! More of it needs to find a home in my stash. ;-)

Melissa Cavallone

My favorite is reverse psychology shawl. It is knitted with frolicking feet yarn.


I started this Gramps Cardigan four years ago and then it went into hibernation after knitting a few inches of the body. I finally got motivated and picked it back up and ended up knitting the rest of the sweater (the rest of the body, sleeves, and collar/buttonband) in less than a month. It's gorgeous and full of cables and I can't wait for fall to wear it.

Linda Sutherland

I enjoyed knitting Susan B Anderson's Yowsa Weigh It Shawl Three. Easy to do and a very nice triangular shape


I made a Ready for Adventure sweater and it was satisfying because I don't often do colorwork nor do I like seaming, but I did it and in addition, I created the back of it, and learned two new techiques. So although it isn't perfect, I am happy with it.

Linda Black

my most satisfying project is making hats for the local food bank and teaching others to knit and crochet at my local library and teaching another Linda to knit socks toe up and turn her on to Simply Socks

Danielle k

Autumnal cardigan. And socks of all sorts.

Beth W.

That's easy- my first socks!


I'm knitting up my first shawl (Dissent on ravelry). First are always were my first socks, first hat :D

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