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June 02, 2015



I am looking for a combination of orange/ tangerine with a couple of turquoise/ acqua shades, not necessarily stripes. Varigated would be fantastic! Haven't seen it anywhere but would love to see it with 10% cashmere.


I'm a blank and anything type gal but I'd particularly like black and greys with pinks ranging from baby to neon in short repeats so you get light/dark striping.


I'm not very good with color combinations, hence my immense appreciation for dyers like Hedgehog Fibers! But I love the color aqua. What about pairing it with lilac and an evergreen? Maybe even speckling these colors on a white or cream base?


I would adore a yarn that possibly has a grey base but has the look of copper with patina. The grey and orangey copper color with a glaze of teal/turquoise/Aqua with the deeper darker blue you can get with a forced chemical patina, definitely leaning towards that darker blue. Oh if only I knew how to dye yarn with that glazed effect some companies are so awesome at!


After going through a bunch of photos from family vacations when I was a kid, I've been drawn to "beachy" colors. I'd love to see a combo of golden sand, driftwood with some darker brown tones, medium shell pink, medium grey/blue, and ivory with just hints of sea grass green. All colors would be more in the mid-tone to dark range rather than pastels. Nothing too washed out. Can't wait to get my Better Than Tin skein in the anniversary's gorgeous!

Courtney Pierce

I have two girls that love bright colors in the summer. Bright pink, yellow., green, purple,blue,orange. I would some gray in there too.

My oldest daughter and I are doing the color run this weekend with glitter this year and love what we look like when we are done. That would also be a cool color.


I think a color combo with yellow in it would be great!!! Also maybe some blues-- but definately yellow!!!

Katherine Schmitt

I would love a combo of bright flourecents with white intermixed more color than white, but with hot pink, bright orange, lime green, turquoise blue and a bright purple.


I like the combo of dark purple and a gradation of terra cotta on white. The yarns are beautiful!


My current favorite color combination is a soft gray with pops of red; love it!


soft grey with shots of purple and green!


How about black splotches within aqua, purple and yellow. I love a bit of yellow or gold in everything. It brightens up the other colours.


I will always love the tonal purple/green combinations with some shots of other colors infused here and there.


how about turquioise and coral? i love it all!


I am on an "I love gray" kick, so my suggestion would be shades of gray and pops of cerulean.

Beth L

I just got back from the UP, and I was struck by the dark maroon color of the rocks against the light green spring vegetation, all in the fog generated by the cold water of Lake Superior. I'd love to see an ivory base with sections of that dark red and flecks of bright green! Wikipedia file picture (of a non-foggy day) for reference:


Cobalt blue, semi-shaded. No other color, just rich vibrant cobalt blue. I've been jonesing for that color for eons, and never quite found it.

Mary Whited

I think that green, yellow,red and white would make a wonderful combination. Where did this come from: A skillet full of Green, Red and Yellow peppers with an Onion thrown in for contrast.

Debra Nicholas

I would love something with grays,gold,brown on a creamy base.

Pam Russell

the brighter the better!


I would love a colorway that looks like a bouquet of fall mums - pinky purples, deep crimsons, rust oranges and bright golden yellows.


I'd love a southwest palette of turquoise with splashes of black. hot pink, orange, green.


I would like a deep brick red base with flashes of gold and copper.


I knit a pair of socks every year for my dad and so would like something vaguely "manly". He worked for years and years driving bulldozers, so maybe black and grey with a shot of caterpillar yellow every once in a while to liven it up.


I love dark colors, like hunter green, wine, navy blue, and eggplant purple. A skein speckle dyed with all these colors would be absolutely beautiful and rich looking.

Judy McFarland

How about patriotic red, white, and blue? Works for both UK and USA.


I love shades of hot pink paired with a little orange and red. Put them on a cream base with a few small hits of black to add contrast.


How about all shades of purple from very very pale to very dark and regal?

Lucy Kesler

I am a gardener and I'd love to find all of the early summer colors together with a sage green back yellow/orange, purple, lavender, white, and bright pink. Sounds odd, but it's how my garden looks now and I think it would be lovely.

Marsha F

I would love to see a light gray base with pops of purple.


I struggle with coordinating color and usually choose the same colors over and over. How about plum and gray and if you want a third, lime?


Deep purple base with yellow, pink, and orange throughout.

Cindy Smith

I'd love to see shades of blue with pops of yellow.


I would love rich deep shades of teal, purple and chocolate with streaks of light taupe and cream.


I would love to see evergreen with all kinds of blues.


Ooooh, I would love pale colors with confetti: grey, brown, pink on a sage-y base. I'm so happy to have snagged an anniversary kit too!!!


I would love stormy gray with bright aqua and lipstick red.

Rhonda Atkinson

I love when winter is fading into spring and the Iris's start blooming. My favorite colors for these beautiful flowers are the deep purple, bright yellow, and white. I'd love to knit a pair of "Spring Iris Socks". And I love the June Kit!

Irene Cechura

Sea blues and greens and deep pinks or reds and bright yellows as short bursts of color on a light or white background would be wonderful. A few short bursts of dark brown wouldn't hurt. Generally the colors one sees in Hawaiian gardens!


I'd love to see Orange as the main colour with pops colour (red, blue, yellow, purple)

Julie Lankford

Variations of purple are definitely favorite! I've rarely bought yarn without a project in mind, but when I have it's always got a deep, royal purple in it. Dark purple, light purple, and a bright pink is currently what I'd like to see. Stripes or variegated. Either would be great.

Barbara Russo

How about a combo of black and every neon color you can think of ...lime, magenta, orange, turquoise !

Cathy B

A medium gray base with little bits of red and black would be lovely.

Hannah G

I would love a cream or ecru base with a spectrum of purple specks, from violet, to pinky-purple, to lavender. The purple lover's dream!

Christine Newman-Aumiller

I want natural colors, like those of a forest. With dappled greens, browns, and rusts as well as the occasional splash of sunlit yellow.

Ashley Crosman

I would love to see peach & gold, kind of those colors you see at dawn. I can imagine loving a pair of socks like that while having the morning coffee before the chaos of the day begins! :-)


Grey, fuschia pink, tangerine orange with flecks of black thru out. What fun I would name it zombie sherbert!

Michelle Roy

I just snagged one of your Anniversary Kits, and I cannot wait to see it all live and in person!

So much of my sock yarn lately is either highly variegated, or self striping/patterning. I really love the speckled treatment that Beata is able to achieve. I've been on a soft feminine kick lately. I've been drawn to shades of lilac, blush pinks, pops of pistachio green...on a neutral ground of grey, cream, or beige.

Thanks for the chance at another lovely skein from Hedgehog!!!


I would love to see a skein that held the colors of faded paint - reds, blues, greens, with a bit of weathered wood with the silvery patina it develops. It could be either long stripes or variegated, but wouldn't it be fun to be able to buy a color combo in both stripes and variegated?


I would like a combination of black & white with a bright color accent on top. My first choice of bright color would be red, bleeding into orange-red at the edges of confetti and splashes (streaks) but there are other possibilities....
I would call it "Black and White and Red all over" (the confetti spots would remind you of newspaper letters)


I'm a sucker for teal, so I'd say, grey, teal, and a turquoise would be spectacular

Irene McHarg-Coey

I like variations of the same colour. I think it gives the knitting depth. Any colour with subtle changes in the tone.


I would love to see a Southwestern combination of the muted tones such as teal, coral, purple, tan, pink and a green, and light gray. Something soft.

Heather Davis

I like rust, brown and black with off white in it but I do love it all.

Jeanne Morphew

How about grey with blues and cream, like a stormy sky.

Patty O'Dell

I love purples. I think spots of purple shades on a grey background would be fantastic!

Vickie - Turtleknits

Black or dark gray with short bursts of teal, purple, and bright yellow.


I think some combination of black, gray and white with royal blue and yellow would be AMAZING.


I'd love a vibrant sky blue, the color of the sky on a cold winter's day in New England, with shots of white and sunny yellow.

Lisa F

A current combination in quilting is yellow, grey, black and white.


Lime green base, with dashes of black and grey. Maybe some blue and pink dashes as well!


Deep blue and amythyst purple


My current fave colorway would be Dahilia colors of purple/pink/orange/yellow with a dark grey. LOVE the Tin Can in the kit that I've ordered!!!


Okay, I'm in. I love purples and greys together. All shades from pale lavender charcoal grey to deep purple and a light heather grey. Maybe add a pop of blue....


Oops, could you possibly delete my previous post? I meant Better Than Tin colorway!!!
And my favorite colors would be Dahlia colors of purple/pink/orange/yellow with grey.


I love the look of black base yarn with pops of bright colors throughout the sock. Congratulations on TEN years!!


Shades of denim blue with pops of yellow or light gold or a pistachio green

also like yellow & gray or shades of purple with gray

Amy Hansen

My six girls each have a signature color, and I'd love to find a yarn that incorporated all six (plus mine?) on a neutral base, perhaps in a confetti/speckled type dye job...something as subtle as possible with that riot of color! The colors are yellow, red, pink, purple, aqua, orange, and green.

Terri Kelly

Red Orange and Granny Smith Apple Green on a white Background.


The colours of Neopolitan ice cream, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla each melting into the other.

Wendy TC

I'd like a combo that is like my brown tabby, cream, dark brown, brick red, and cinnamon.


A soft gray with splashes of neon pink, green, Aqua, orange etc. that would be fun!

Rita aka crescendogal

I would love to see a series of colors based on some of the world's greatest cities.... Tokyo, New York, London, Seattle, Paris, San Fransico, Rome, etc.... It would be a fun collection!


I'd love some blues and purples with a bit of silver.

Kris Pettee

I like brights, but not yellow.

I would dye a hank like a flower bed. Med-Dark Green base with pops of pinks and purples and white and orange and if you had too, a little bit of yellow.


A bright tangerine and fushcia on light gray with some charcoal splashes.


I would like a medium gray base with splotches of bright jewel colors (ruby, sapphire, emerald, etc.


I would like to see a light pink base with short flashes of brown and fucshia on a merino cashmere base. Not heavily variegated though.


I love peacock colors. Deep jewel green with flashes of royal, lime, teal, copper, black.

Marjorie Millner

I'd like to see a "symbols of Ireland" colorway, a cream base (showing off the naturally gorgeous Irish wool and the Aran tradition) with some confetti in emerald green (for shamrocks) and yellows (for Irish butter and cheese.)

Marilyn Robinson

I love pastels and jewel colors with speckles of sparkles.


I would love to see a gray with speckles of gray.

Mari Henderson

I'm in a wheelchair for my Grandsons Graduation from High School and as you know you can never fully cover your leggs which makes for a special pair of socks necessary and not nylons. My dress is an organza which transferred to fiber should be a very soft grey and shades of greens with a dollop of yellow and pink to show the beautiful floral buds throughout. I generally love brighter colors but I would love to knit in a lace pattern these socks for his special day.


I would love to knit another Linen stitch scarf and a single skein of yarn with short runs of color would be great. (instead of having to buy 3 skeins of different colors)


Gray base with different shades of pink added! Congratulations on your anniversary!


I like bright and confetti or random. I would use a light gray with longer stretches of gray. Then I would add hot pink, lime, electric blue and a speck of yellow. Basically a neon garden on a cloudy day.


I think looking to the garden for color choices; how about mostly green with 'pops' of pink, purple and blue, to represent the flowers.

Amy Stewart

Bright pink and green with white dots!I love to make socks that I can wear at Race for the Cure

Meeta V.

I'd like silver grey with specs of bright yellow and orange. :)



My sock colors would be turquoise, coral, and yellow.

Beth Bokhart

I would love to see the yarn in a speckled combination of teal, coral, and khaki on a cream colored base yarn.


I'd love to see a deep charcoal with flecks of kelly green, cobalt blue, and a strong purple.


I love driving in the Smoky Mountains in the early morning when you can see ridge after ridge, each with a different shade of blue/green, with a foggy sky and streamers of mist rolling parallel to the ridges.


I know this is going to sound as if it is nothing special at all, but if you've ever lived near the Ocean, any Ocean, you know that there are many colours involved. I've been lucky enough to see the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Ocean Waters around Tahiti! They are all different. Unless you pay attention you might not even give it a thought.
I'd like a group of colours that reflect "The Colours of the OCEANS"! I'd scoop them up in a heat beat and make a blanket and wrap myself in the World of Oceans!


I would love to see a light aqua with speckles of confetti colors. I just think that would be awesome!

Laura Ricketts

How about some drab brown with a touch of orange tone as a base with confetti of aqua and red on top of that? Yum!


Something that reminds me of my favorite colors of home, the Western United states semi-arid desert country. Sagebrush base with the darker green of the junipers and faded blue of their berries, then some pops of color from some of the wildflowers, maybe a light pink. An overall muted feel


Either a deep, deep turquoise (darker even than Sock Wish) or a nice deep rust!


I like the confetti yarns -- aqua, pink.

I also really enjoy bright colors caribbean blues with yellow/oranges... and some splashes of purple....

I am tired of dark colors -- the traditional dark socks.


Mostly black with short pops of bright colors would be fun. This reminds me of

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