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May 29, 2015



I have been shopping with you since you first started. Time does fly! I hope I remember to try to get one of these on Tuesday! Everything about this kit is gorgeous!


Another winner my dear... I'll have to buy it with blinders on!!


I love everything about this kit!


Love it! Hope I get one!

Mary Jane mcCabe

Love your shop. Only wish I could see it in person. Your service is excellent as well as your yarn. Can't wait for this to be offered as I want one!

Lucy Portland

I love the colors with this kit. I will definitely be ready to buy on Tuesday morning. Happy Anniversary!


Love everything in this kit!!! Will be setting my alarm for early Tuesdsy morning. Is it costly enough to get free shipping or should I put another couple skeins in my cart ready to go?

Colleen Hall

I have one of the Kitty Cat Clocks...somehow I feel "It's a sign"!

Vicky Tooley



This kit is so charming - I really want o e - I'm going to have to be pretty speedy this Tursday.

Thanks too for that beautiful chevron patterned blanket - I want to knit that too! Oh, and the socks in that post and this post - are noticing a theme here??

One more thing - I love the picture of you with the blanket - you look so happy !!


If the kits sell out before I wake up (Alaska time lol) I hope there's still some of that yarn left. I love it!


Oh my goodness I've been loving every little teaser of this kit! Alarm set to make sure I don't forget to grab one of these kits! fingers crossed they don't sell out lighting fast. Happy 10th, can't believe how much has changed and how fast 10 years has gone by! Here's to the next 10!


Thank you for 10 years of really good stuff. The yarn and sock pattern are perfect together.


This kit is adorable !


Are there any more kits?

Dorah Rosenzweig

any kits left?


Love the yarns and interesting and crazy color ways!

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