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May 22, 2015



Really enjoyed this interview. I've been mulling for weeks I've which HF color ways to get. They all really appeal to me, especially the lighter ones. Birthday Party, Tea Cup & Pistachio are 3 that most appeal. But so do Opalite, Granny, & Budgie. Decisions, decisions!


I also LOVE the Better Than Tin special SSYC anniversary kit yarn. Can't wait for it! Bet this kit will sell out in record time b

Allise Vicens

Its going to be a great kit. Can't wait!

Susan Hill

This interview was a pleasure to read. I love your philosophy about yarns from around the world. We are a global society. I believe people in every country share so many common bonds and only want to enjoy peace and harmony on our beautiful planet earth. I'm going to enjoy exploring each of these colors and selecting something that sings to me. I'm so excited about your 10th Anniversary and Better Than Tin. I'll be eagerly awaiting the announcement.


Great interview! I'm new to Hedgehog Fibres and have been on a binge purchasing yarn. My first purchase ever from Simply Socks is HF and should be here tomorrow! I will be making a second purchase this week (I know, I'm bad). I cannot wait for my yarn to arrive so that I can start the pattern Outline by Beata.

SS, please give up the deets on the 10 yr. anniversary kit. I would definitely like to score one (wink, wink).

Seriously, thanks for offering such great brands.


Thank YOU, Tracy, for your support! Details of the kit will be on the blog quite soon.

Donna, I know it's hard to decide with SO MANY gorgeous options!

Susan, I feel fortunate to work with so many talented artists all over the world. It's so cool to imagine where the yarn traveled before finally residing in my hands.

Jonette Parnell

Love your shop and oh the yarn! The HH looks like it will be jumping in my basket when I get there. Can't wait.


I am a Newbie, to the family and am loving every minute of it. I can't tell you how nice it is to go to one place and find what I need. And it's great to be able to compare the yarns. There are some brands I would never have known about before I walked online at Simply Socks!

So Thanks ever so much!


How about a skein of pink, grey, black, and crème? Would love to win one of the Better Than Tin skeins.


I'd love to see a taupe, light pink and light green color put together.

I also like taupe and shades of grey together.

Anxious to try your yarns.


I would love to see a skein with colors including yellow, chartreuse and purple.

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