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May 26, 2015



I feel such happiness for you and your 10th year anniversary. As a shopper from the very beginning I can't believe it's already 10 years.....I just wish I lived closer to Ft Wayne....ooops that's a lie because i would be flooded with your gorgeous stock! Keep up the great work.


Congratulations. I will be there June 20th and probably participating in the many offerings through the summer. Love you, your staff and the wonderful shop and customer service.



Congratulations on reaching a milestone anniversary! My stash will vouch for the wonderful offerings you have given us over the years. I look forward to many more years of prosperity for you!


My birthday is June 20 so I'm planning on a kit! Can't wait!


How fast these past 10 years have flown by!
So many changes in our lives but the one constant has been your gorgeous yarn and your helpful staff!
Thank you so much!

Amy EM

I love when nice people are successful! Shopping at your store is like going through a friend's stash. You're all the BEST!


Congratulations! and thanks for all the hard work by you and your staff!


Congratulations on 10 Years!! That is so awesome and I think I can safely say we are so happy for you and look forward to 10 more years (at least! ).

I only discovered you and your site within the last year or so but it is really one of my favorites. You always have the most beautiful yarns - so much temptation 😊! One day I really hope to make the trip and see it all in person,

Best wishes for a fun and fabulous 10 Year Celebrstion!! Let the fun continue!

Mari Henderson

Congratulations on a fantastic 10 years. As a Disabled Senior attendance isn't possible but I am so looking forwards to the KIT and flash contests.

Here's to many, many more years.

Barb Rickman

Been a customer from the start. Have not been able to buy much of late as the economy got the best of me..and now I have been relegated to the house...but I still come by and watch what can be done with hard work, belief and a good product.

Keep up the good work and my God bless you and those you love.

Barb Rickman
Shelton CT


I think I speak for all your customers when I say that your success is due almost entirely to your efforts. It's not just a matter of your selecting absolutely fantastic yarns but also your speed I. Delivering them to us & your great customer service. I've been a long time customer although not from the very beginning. If I remember correctly, I discovered SSYC when you were pregnant with James or shortly before. I've loved seeing your occasional updates on the boys. It reminds me that I am making a small contribution to your being able to spend more time with them than if you had a conventional job. That makes me happy. And the 10th Anniversary Celebration events sound so exciting. I may even make it to the shop!


Congrats! 10 years you have been making our hobby so much more fun! Always so many great choices and colors and new inspirations! Thank you!


Congrats! That's awesome. I wish that someday I can come visit in person because half the fun of yarn shopping is squishing the skiens, but for now I enjoy shopping (and drooling) online


Wow,that probably means I have ten years of stash from you at my house and I so look forward to many more years of building up my stash through you. You and your staff make yarn addiction so much fun!! Congratulations to one of my favorite places to shop!!


Ten years is a really big deal!!! You have beat tremendous odds. Congratulations!!!

Judi Kennedy

Can't wait for the monthly kits. I'll have to be very diligent and check the blog every morning.
Tooo excited. Ten years has passed so quickly and so much has happened, it's really hard to believe.

Renee shipe

You are to be commended on your endeavors with Your hard work has really paid off. It's the only place I consider purchasing my sock yarn or should I say stash. I'm stashing in second room now and love to admire and squish all the beautiful yarn. I look forward to the next
ten years with and probably will be in third room with stash continuing to grow.
Congratulations Ashley.

Renee shipe

oops! I goofed and typed Ashley instead of Allison. must be the drugs from my back surgery. I'm embarrassed to say the least.


Thank you for being here for all of us!


Congratulations Allison!
It is so grand to see someone succeed so well at their endeavors. You are awesome and so is your shop and staff.

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