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April 22, 2015


Anne R.

I've never knit cotton socks! Is there anything special one needs to keep in mind, compared with knitting with other common sock fibers? Besides coping with the awesome, of course.


Hi Anne,
I've only knit 2-3 cotton blend pairs myself. My first pair of socks was actually a similar blend from Meilenweit.
You'll use the same size needles you use for other Opal yarns, and the same easy-care applies too. I think it's just nice to try other blends once in awhile, and since yarn companies don't make many cotton blend yarns at all, it's nice to knit something different. The fiber also takes the dye differently, giving a lighter, almost heathered look since cotton doesn't react to acid dye like wool does.
The yarn requires no special treatment or anything. It's just fun to try something new! Thanks for your question!


Oh heck ya! I'm a sucker for anything Opal!


You and me, Beth. Two yarny peas in a pod, my friend!


My DH doesn't do well with wool (heartbreak for a knitter). Looks like this has 38% wool - does anyone have experience using this yarn with those with wool sensitivities? Did they experience irritation? I have some 100% non-wool sock yarn, but i don't like the lack of elasticity for socks.

Leslie Fehr

You had me at "Opal"! These will also look great as baby sweaters and hats. I remember when the other batch of Opal cotton mix arrived - I got 2 of the collections and had great fun knitting baby sweaters and matching hats and socks with it.


I generally don't like cotton blend sock yarns because the cotton gets stiff & scratchy after several washings. But Opal seems to use a higher quality cotton or somrthing. The only cotton blend socks I have that aren't at least a bit stiff & scratchy are the Opal Cotton Petticoat socks I have.

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