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March 03, 2015



Is that a Bird Leg Bag??


I have a sock and a half done in the Gnome of Christmas Present and I love it!


I'm very anxiously awaiting for my order of Opal Potpourri to arrive and get on the needles for socks!


Love the Opal & the colors of the spring kit (although it's beginning to feel like spring will never come).

Judi Kennedy

Love the Gnome of Christmas present. That may be a present to myself. And the Spring sock kit???? Hope that comes soon, spring is just around the corner. We actually have sun, at this moment, in Alabama. I may have to take an afternoon walk.


Heh- I would be eyeing your donut as well! :)
Love the Opal socks on your needles.


When did Henrry become a little man? He's adorable and should be given his own donut;);) on and the yarn is awesome too ha!

Jane H

Tiffany's is to Holly Golightly as SSYC's website is to me. Chases away the blue meanies every time.

Leslie Fehr

I adore the colors in the Spring Kit tease! We have had a full day of misty fog here with rotten visibility - a perfect day for getting comfortable in my chair and knitting.


You didn't take that donut away from little Henry did you?

Patty McD

Love the Gnome of Christmas Present! And love Lori's "Effortless" sweater! Mine is about 2/3 done and is such an "effortless" knit! Hope Spring comes quickly for you all!

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