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February 04, 2015


Leslie Fehr

Thank you for the recipe! I will write this on a 3X5 card to make it easier to add to a project bag. It will make a great waiting room project.

Colleen Hall

Will you be getting in the Regia yarn colorways from Carlos & Arnie? I'm not much on knitting socks, but this yarn will change that! Thanks.


Leslie- it IS a great waiting-around type project. So simple and you can quickly take it in and out of a bag without losing your place.
Colleen, yes, we'll have it as soon as it hits the US. Could be as early as late Feb, late as late March from what I was told yesterday. I have A LOT of it on order. Great looking stuff!


Just curious if you used double points or a circular needle?

Leslie Fehr

I have some pretty cashmere sock yarn that Allison - I had gotten from SYS several years ago and it's too tender for socks. Now, it will be the first to be knitted into mitts using your recipe. I've got my little project bag all set up and will do the cast on and the first couple of rows so that I'll be all set!
Julie - I use my 9" circular sock needles that I got from HiyaHiya - they are just perfect for this type of project.

debra johnson

Good recipe! Thank you for sister has arthritis really bad in her hands and needs warmth over her knuckles...I will be knitting her some soon!:)

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