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February 16, 2015



I know people who live in snowy and cold areas of the U.S. are tired of it; I understand.

We really haven't had much snow here. I'm actually tired of the hot-one-day;cold-the-next weather. We had highs in the 70's on Sat., then sleet last evening with wind chills in the teens. This is only our second real snow event for this area of the state. I think it's going to be 68 on Friday for a high and 32 for a high on Sunday -- crraaaazy weather!

I can imagine that it is hard with little ones in the house; one of our neighbors has three little boys under the age of 6!

Judi Kennedy

I, also, live in the land of "middle weather". I wish it would snow, but all we get is cold and wet. I know the people in the "far north" (anyone farther than L.A.(lower Alabama)), are fed up with the weather. But we would really like a bit of snow or spring. If you can't make it really cold, then get over it and give us spring.
See....everybody whines about something.


Sorry to report... pussywillows, cherry blossoms, crocuses in my lawn... I did, however, grow up in a much more northern, extremely cold climate. We certainly did go out and play and walked to school at 7° F and colder. For one thing, there was no car available to drive us anywhere. School buses stopped running at -40°, and no one walked far in that!


I'm in my element now, but I'll complain when it's summer. Today was quite comfortable despite being way below freezing, because the wind has died down.


I don't know about that. :-) It was 75 here today in Tucson, AZ. It's been absolutely amazing here this winter and I do not want it to go away. lol


Yes, this snow and cold must go!! My grandkids are old enough to get themselves ready to go outside if they were so inclined, they're not. It's the dog!! He loves going outside. I'm sure he thinks all this cold and snow was sent just for him! We go for our walks at 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., or close to that. I get half a block and my wool clad fingers are frozen. I'm anxiously awaiting warmer weather.


It's bitter cold here in s.e. Michigan and we have a fair amount of snow, could be much worse - think Boston!! Yikes!!

That said, I am really looking forward to spring!!


I'm one of the unfortunates buried in Boston. And more snow on the way today, luckily only a few inches this time. I have my knitting and am happy to hide under yarn and watch movies. My children, on the other hand, have gone stir crazy. The temps here have dropped into the single digits, so time to bundle up and get back to shoveling...

Maureen A Sacchetti

I am in Londonderry NH...not far from Boston. We have the big Snow and arctic temps too...Its been a perfect Winter...much like the Winters we had in Boston years ago..I wait all year for Winter. Its my favorite time of year..The Snow, the quietude, the Cocoa. I have my sock knitting, good books and I am watching McLeods Daughters, on Hulu...
The only thing I miss is having the windows opened..but, Spring is around the for now, I am wallowing in the beauty of Winter...Best, snowhugs

Jan Ball

I would not miss having to shovel the back patio for my dogs with wee little legs. They become quite indignant when the snow touches their bellies. I don't blame them.
I look forward to the smell of spring. That first earthy smell that says the world is waking up again. Also when the leaves start to come out and you see that green haze in the distance- I know spring is for real then.


February is the longest month of the year!

Re little ones when it is too cold to be outside: take a trip to Glenbrook Mall - park by B&N, take the L-O-N-G way through the mall to the carousel, ride it once, then take the L-O-N-G way back to B&N, buy everyone a book or a muffin. The walking tires them out, but the carousel ride and treat make it worthwhile.

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