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February 24, 2015



Is 2636 grey or green? Thanks!


I would love to knit a five color striped scarf in Mistake Stitch Ribbing using Regia Trend colors 2633, 2632, 2834, 2631 and 2626 Working with Regia Yarn is a joy!

Anne Marie

Even tho it has a wintry name, I think the Frost colorway would make a lovely Whisper Cardigan for spring.


Just got the Sock Architecture book and am anxious to start the toe-up Adjoin socks!


I think I'd use 25, 26 and 27, the browns, to make the Three Color Slipped Stitch Cowl. I just saw it today. It looks like a simple and quick knit that would produce a fairly thick and warm cowl. Something I could use in the frigid Chicago winter. Thanks.


Color 2625 - I have been making some very elegant long mittens from Purl Bee and I think this color would be very chic.
Thank you


K2P2 rib socks for my father in law in nice father in law colors like navy or gray. He loves his socks and appreciates them so much that he is a worthy sock recipient - even in a plain color in a plain pattern - and the Regia yarn is great in any color :)

 Rose Birchall

I'd like to try a lace sock in 2629 Beere.


Well, I'm always looking for superwash wool in a good unisex red for The Red Scarf Project, but I'm not a solids fan, preferring some color movement, so I might combine Hummer with Olive and Taupe for a scarf knit in a tube with stripes.

Thanks for the contest!


There are several colors I really like, so I'm not sure which one I'd go with yet - probably 2629, 2630 or 2631. And I think I'd do a pretty cabled or textured pair of socks


I would knit Stephen West's Transatlantic in colors 2631 and 2632--just enough difference between the two shades to make the design interesting.

Colleen Ferber

I would use 2631 and 2632 in an argyle sort of pattern.


I think I would make the three color cashmere cowl-- in beige, red, and black--sounds pretty to me!!

joyce hancock

I am just starting out with socks and shawls both. I love all your colors. They are all so tempting. I want to make socks in all the colors. How practical is that? Where to begin?


All these vari d college re make me happy. I want a project the celebrates this eclectic collection like Dobby's hat in the Harry Potter knits magazine. Why limit myself when I can choose a more-the-merrier type project which leaves me enough leftovers to knit more small socks for my nieces Ella and Coco!


I think I would use 25, 30, and 32 to knit the Ashburn shawl by Melanie Berg. The colors and sheep are to die for, and the fawn/silver would set both the teal and garnet to a T.


The 220 Superwash 9860 is calling to me : ) So spring-like ... I can just see it knitted into a little shawlette or even a sock yarn t-shirt : )

Leslie Fehr

I just ordered 2631, 2632, and 2634 for the Three Color Cashmere Cowl. I'm not a fan of the "pop of color" so I opted for a less striking combination.

Sherri Hendricks

I would use the yarn for several sock patterns that just call for a solid yard!


Blame it on Elsa but I love Frost! This color would be lovely for Irish Mist cowl.Oh, free pattern on Rav!


Oh wow. Sometime when I feel masochistic, I could see making a cute little long-sleeved tee out of 2629, the burgundy, with edgings in 2630.

Rita Fleener

Using Regia Colors 8989, 2631, and 2632, I'd like to knit the Color Shift Shawl designed by Shannon Dunbabin. This is a Cascade free pattern. The fingering weight yarns are held together. It begins with two strands of one color (8989), then the yarn is combined with the next color (2631), then double strand of one color (2631), next combine two colors (2631 & 2632), then double strand one color (2632). I feel starting with the lighter color at the top will look better next to the face, and also give a "taller" look to the person wearing it.

Anne R.

I have a book called Knit the Royal Wedding that has patterns for knitting everyone at Kate & Will's wedding, including the corgis. Several of these colors would work well for various dresses/fur so maybe I'll be able to finally take the book off the shelf!

Katherine S.

I would love to knit a tote in 2631 and 2532. Perfect for summer!

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