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January 08, 2015


Barbara Russo

Sweater pattern please ....very nice !


I love the yarn in that sock (?) is it the skeins shown? (I always have trouble buying busy yarn because I can't 'see' what it might look like knitted up) (I'm not crazy about stripes).


Wow, what is the yarn in the second to last photo (the difference between 0 and 1)? It's really lovely! And I' so glad that James will remember you when he's older!

Ann M

Love the last skein shown - charcoal, purple, pink, rose ... Never would have expected that!

Amy S.

Love the card from your son!!!


Ha! That card!

Laura B.

Sweater pattern is here:


I love the yarn also. But James' card is beautiful. What a thoughtful, caring child. If say you're lucky but I know that's the result of good parenting. Pat yourself on the back; you're producing a wonderful human being.

Judi Kennedy

The card is priceless. A keeper forever if there ever was one.

Jody Beutler

The handwritten cards you get from your children will always be prized and beloved possessions! And what yarn and color is that in the picture US 0 and 1? It's lovely!


Yes & you can look forward to receiving cards & notes from your grands one day. My FB profile photo is a drawing of a "cool cat" (beret & sunglasses) from the birthday card my oldest grand made for me. When we visit the grands often spend at night or 2 with us in our hotel. We always find sweet little notes (I love you Grandma, you're the best) hidden away in our luggage.
Do you know the yarn used in the gray sweater? I love it.

Renee' Sawyer

That warm color is gorgeous! What yarn is that?
Don't kids touch your heart!

Berna Burk

What is that mouthwatering yarn that is knitted in the warm colors? It's gorgeous! And that card brought a tear to my eye. What a doll.


What yarn is the reverb sweater made with? It is lovely.

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