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January 16, 2015


Lisa B

I agree with you and would have done the same. The colors are wonderful enough w/o needing embellishment.

Cindy M

I recently did a slip stitch, fair isle looking, fingerless mitts. I love them.

I agree the pattern is bold, but I do love the visual interest that the slip stitch brings. (Maybe it's just because I finished the mitts with bold colors).

I will definitely be trying this out on my next pair of stripped socks.

Leslie Fehr

I think that with a boldly striping yarn, I would not use the slip stitch addition. But, I think it would give a great visual effect to striping yarns that have muted or pastel colors.

I do think the slip stitch pattern would be great when knitting a cowl using a gradient set - a great way to transition from one color to the next.


Just snagged my own! Yay!


I always just knit plain stockinette. I love the clean crisp lines of the stripes. I will be doing the same when my heartbreak hotel yarns arrives!


I liked the slipped stitch pattern and so decided to post because everyone else liked the plain stockinette. I don't have any striping sock yarn on hand but I think I would try what you took out. It wouldn't look good though with the self patterning sock yarn that makes fair isle style and stripes.

Judi Kennedy

I agree although I try different patterns with my self striping yarn. I get tired of doing straight stockinette stitch. If the stripes were larger I think it would look better. I may try that on some of my larger self striping yarns.

Amy S.

I like both the slipped stitch pattern AND the stockinette. I would use the slipped stitch socks for foot warmers to wear around the house--they look cozy and homey! The stockinette I would wear out in public with loafers. Both styles look great.


The slip stitch pattern is fun, but I discover time after time that the finished socks that become my favorites and that get worn the most and receive the most compliments are plain ol' stockinette. Now I usually only knit patterned socks with solid or near solid yarns. And stockinette is so relaxing and meditative with a fun hand-dye or stripe yarn.


I agree, your sock looks better knit in plain stockinette stitch. Love the colors!


I like the slipped stitch version! I enjoy striping sock yarn but I also love having something a little different happening. It makes that pair of socks unique! I think it is best with these narrow stripe bands as the shifting effect is like a small fair isle. If you tried this with a larger stripe it would break up the colour change and be more disruptive to the eye. I agree with Diane (above) this is best with solid colour stripes. Now I want to go try it!


I like the plain stockinette because it shows off the stripes better.

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