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December 24, 2014



All the socks I made this year were self striping or self patterning. I'm addicted!


I knit socks with self-patterning yarn

Marci Liggett

I made a beautiful cowl for my sister for Christmas.

Erin V

I love self-striping yarn! Unfortunately, I did not use it this year. I did get to use a lovely multi-color for some pretty dashing socks, though. :)


Almost all my knitting this year has been done with stripey yarns : )

Catherine Murzyn

I've just got into the sock making business. I've been sticking to solid colors because I've been intimidated about the striping. Not sure why, though! :) Thank you for the opportunity to try some striping yarn!
Happy Holidays,


Socks, socks, and socks! I also made a Redskin BSJ and booties for my new grand daughter!


I used self-striping yarn for socks this year. Turned out great. thanks for running these questions again this year.


I haven't used Cascade Heritage Print yet, but have knit an Oaklet Shawl with Heritage Paint sock yarn, and a lovely Hitchhiker with Ella Rae lace merino. Would love to try one in the Heritage Prints.


I've never knitted anything with self striping sock yarn!


I made myself six pairs of sox in self patterning yarn using the Juuicy Fruit patters. I wore a new pair to my chemo appointments for good luck


I knit several socks with self-striping yarn, and I love self-patterning yarn as well.

Stephanie V

I used a self-striping yarn in autumn shades to make the beautiful Swirl Hat last spring.
Merry Christmas!

Rita aka crescendogal

Sure did! What I'd really like to try this next year are those indie dyer ones that have the characters lined up. Am not saying that very well...but you know what I'm talking about, right? LOL


Of course! Self-patterning yarns are terrific for my on-the-go, plain-vanilla, brainless socks. I save the plainer yarns for the fancier socks, but I always have a sock that doesn't require much thought on the needles, for on-the-go knitting.

Barbara Rude

No, I'm sock deficient. They are just mystery to me as far as construction.

brenda Luce

I have only knit socks with self striping but would like to try a shawl

April Prentice

A good portion of socks that I knot are self striping. I love the fun colors that come out.


If I have self-striping yarn, my first thought is "gotta have more socks"! This year, I actually made three pair of self-stripping shocks using my favorite pattern, Vanilla Latte Socks. Thank you so much for all you and your staff do to make shopping at your store such an enjoyable experience. Love your yarn selection and your fun giftables! May you and your family have a wonderful Holiday!

Donna reed

I did. But I made a scarf.

Ann M

Yes, yes! Excellent fun! Of course, self patterning yarn is dandy for adult socks, somewhat for baby socks but to a lesser degree. It worked well for a baby hat and excellent for baby sweater arms with a coordinating solid for the body of the sweater. Mittens worked out extremely well with matching thumbs. Of course, I am a symmetrical type person so I enjoy the challenge of having the stripes of either sock or mitten or sweater arm match.

Danielle k

Making a pair right now! Love self striping yarn!!

Cindy Lou

I've knitted a lot of self-striping this year but I've also knitted some jacquard that was lovely once it was knitted up. They make lovely socks which is what I usually make with sock yarn although I've branched out into mitts occasionally.


I only made two pairs of socks this year but both were self patterning. One was with your poste brand in Detroit Tiger colors!

Sandy Cash

I'm the sock lady for many pairs of feet. I love
a self patterning yarn. Always ready to knit
a bit more to see what it will look like.


I have not knit with self patterning yarn this year, but I used some for a pair of socks a couple years ago. I have plans to get self striping yarn for more socks in the near future though: bright socks, here we come.

Nancy Schultz

Yes! And I love that.


I use self patterning yarns especially striping frequently. Have a really simple ribbed sock I can do quickly and let the yarn do the pattern work. I also use it for quick hats. I'm looking forward to the Heritage Prints!


I don't think I did anything with self-patterning yarn this year! But I have some in my stash. (Could use more, though!)

Kathleen Perrone

I knit all my socks with self striping yarn. Every pair has a special design, they are all beautiful.

Katherine C Ballard

I made at least 3 pairs of socks with self striping pattern yarn. I also made a cardigan sweater for my newborn with self striping yarn - Trekking XXL to be exact! I also made a sock head hat for a gift exchange I was in using self striping yarn!

Liz Fox

Self striping yarn ROCKS! It is my go to for socks!


Socks, definitely and one shawl.


I knit a couple of scarves and shawls with it, started a pair of socks recently :)

Christine C.

Regia! Love the socks made with it!

Linda Black

yes and I do not recall which yarns I used and I have also started a teddy bear and am planning a hat for a cousin with lung cancer

Sonia Jones

yes the jelly bean yarn, made cute socks.

Amy Stewart

Socks! My son loves hand-knit socks, so it makes me happy to knit them for him. :)

Linda Bee

Self striping sock yarn is pretty much all I use. But please don't ask for my favorite--that's like asking to name your favorite child!! Merry Christmas to all.


Not really. I used some variegated yarn and some flat feet yarn, but nothing with any recurring pattern or stripe. Yet.


Yes, I made socks as Christmas gifts with self-patterning yarn...oh, and socks for a friend as a wedding gift too :D


I have used both Regia and Opal for socks this year. It's fun to watch the yarn tell it's story as I knit.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!


I have knit socks and baby sweaters from self patterning sock yarn this year. Love it.


I love self-striping for socks and made seven paris of fingerless mitts with the (on sale) Regia self-striping for Christmas gifts. It is so much fun to see the yarn pattern and repeats.

Jennifer L

No. But I have a couple of skeins that I want to dive into!


Self striping yarn is awesome! I've used it for socks, as well as Jane Richmond's Linden mittens. So fun!


I completed one pair of self-patterning yarn. I loved the look of the finished product. I look forward to using this type of yarn in the coming year in a number projects which include socks and other projects as well.


Using striping and self-patterning yarns, I have made a few pairs of socks for my husband. I love Opal and Regia as their yarn is consistent, looks good, and is easy to care for. I just tried some Cascade Heritage Paints and very much enjoyed it.


I bought more self-patterning yarn than I was able to use this year, lol.
But, I did get my Christmas socks ( done using self-patterning yarn.


I love self striping yarn! I have the simplest pattern memorized and the yarn supplies the wow factor. It's very entertaining to knit.

Kim Pierce

I knit socks with self patterning yarn but I do knit other things with long color repeat yarns.

pam murphy

Made a pair socks for my mom, have also used worsted weight self patterning to make a sweater for myself and matching leg warmers...


Love self thinks for me!!

Lucy Portland

I did not use any self striping yarn this year, but I did make multiple pairs of socks.

Karen Pettyjohn

I knit numerous fingerless mitts with self-patterning yarn this year. I think I'll aim to knit of pair of socks for myself in the new year using the Fruit Stripes pattern.

Carol Smith

I am still using mostly self-patterning sock yarn.


I knit a baby hat with self-striping yarn. Not sure it was sock yarn tho. I've knit several pairs of socks with it in the past. Love the green!


Yes, the socks I knitted this year were self pattern yarn. I used online and opal but have used other yarns in past years. I like the idea of using self pattern yarn for fingerless mitts.


YES-socks,socks,cowls,and sockhead hat


I'm working on my second set of self-striping socks this year!

Pamela Czurak

Yes I used self patterning yarn to make 6 Wingspan Scarfs. So fun and real nice way to expand your wardrobe.


No, I haven't. I have some in my stash. But haven't used it yet!

Linda C Ladwig

If I didn't knit at least one pair of self-striping socks for my Mom, I'd be disinherited. So, yes, I knit socks. Lots of lovely, warm socks.

Julie Branham

Sock and socks and socks! I love striping yarns for socks!


I am the happy owner of about two dozen pairs of striped socks all knit this year. One you start wearing hand knit woolly socks, there's no going back!

lisa petrovski

Definitely. Made socks. Opal is,a go to yarn for me too, I've also knit more poste,striping this year. Love it!

June De Grote

Oh what fun it is to make a pair of self striping socks. Always have socks on the needles, but they never end up on my feet. I love to give them away as gifts to those unexpecting a surprise.


I love self patterning yarn. During 2014 I've finished 7 pair of socks with self patterning yarn and have three more on the way. I've used Panda silk, Lang Yawoll, Plymouth Happy Feet,Three Irish Girls, Cherry Hill, and Knit Picks Stroll Tonal.

Karen D

I did! I love self striping sock yarn, and it's great for so many projects, not just socks. :)


Oh, Oh, I only finished one sock this year, which had been on my needles for two years.
I was planning on getting the other sock completed, but too busy knitting Christmas hats and stockings for our Granddaughter's dorm.

Linda Byrn

I knit a fantastic pair of knee socks for Halloween in self striping yarn from the kit.


I've made a lot of socks this year with self striping sock yarn and a sockhead or two. Happy Holidays, and thanks for the 12-days contest. It's been so much fun!

Marilyn C Robinson

I made several pairs of socks in self patterning yarn, they are my favorite to knit. I also make a shawl out do a self patterning sock yarn.

georgienne westrick

I love to knit with self patterning yarns, and i love to mix it with solids to get even more great effects.


In general, if a sock yarn has nylon, I make socks with it, although I have made gloves with self-patterning sock yarn. Fingering without nylon makes for fragile footwear. You know, Allison, you don't need to wash your wool socks more than once a year. Just let them air out - it's like they are self-refreshing.


I'm a big fan of self striping yarn not so much self patterning. I've knit two pairs of socks this year. Maybe I will start another pair tonight as I finished all my gift knitting this morning!


I have been using self pattering yarn throughout the year. I love using it for socks, they help make them zoom by. I also love using it for hats, a bright and fun pattern is the way to go.


I used self striping yarn for socks. I have some more for more socks!


I use self-striping yarn for socks all the time. This year Opal has been my yarn of choice 4 or 5 times. It's my go to yarn for gifts since it's so easy care. Also holds its color. Wearing a pair right now!

Heather H

Yes I knit the Willow Cowl using Zauberball in pinks and browns.


I love Opal self striping sock yarn. I have a pair on my needles now.

Janet Dendy

Scarves, hats, cowls, and, oh, yeah, a lot of socks! I love self striping, patterned yarns!


Most of the sock yarn I use is self-striping. I love how addictive it is!


Always use self patterning yarn. This year just on socks but makes awesome hats and gloves too!

Rose Birchall

I love self patterning yarn! And I knit mostly socks but I did knit a hat for my granddaughter.


There is nothing I like better than casting on some Opal or Trekking,especially if I am in a funk. You just can't stop once you start.


I like self striping yarns for socks. I made a couple of pair this year and hope to do more next year.

Sandra Dodson

I used poste stripes from simply sock company to make a hitchhiker shawl.

Gloria stevens

not this year, but have several socks I've made previously, and always more yarn in stash. socks are my favorite to knit, would love to win some more! for 2015


I haven't knit with any self-stripping yarn this year but I recently bought some turtle purl and I'm looking forward to trying it.


This year, I knit several pairs of socks using self-striping yarn. I have three more skeins in my stash...have to keep busy!


Almost always, and almost always socks.


I did use self-striping sick yarns this year. Made socks and hats with the yarn. Love use because it keeps me interested waiting to see what the next color or pattern will be.

Martha from Ohio

I've used self/striping yarn to weave some scarves and plan to knit some socks soon. Thank you this contest, some very interesting questions and hope to make a visit to ft Wayne soon. Merry Christmas!!


I used Turtlepurl's trenchcoat to make a lovely scarf.


I adore self patterning sock yarns. I made some Opal Sweet and Spicy2 socks for myself right after Thanksgiving. ~:D


Some of my stash went into a shawl but I started a cool pair of socks in Neon!


I started my love affair with socks knitting self-striping yarn and still need to have some in stash at all times. This year I only used it for socks, but in previous years I've made the BSJ. I'm excited about Cascade's new line!


Lots of Opal in my stash for socks. Also had good results with Kroy and STR.


Striping and self patterning sock yarn seems to be all I've knit with this year! It holds my attention much better than solid colored yarn. Merry Christmas! Thank you for providing such lovely yarn to buy!

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