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December 24, 2014


Susan Eberhardt

Yes, always self-patterning, always socks. So boring, but always appreciated when given as gifts!

Ginny Shuflin

Made a scarf.


I didn't exactly, although I didn't buy some striped sock yarn for knitting in 2015. Does that count?


I'm making Purl Soho's Mistake Rib Scarf using the self striping Simply Sock Yarn in Intelligence and a plain grain yarn. The striping is more spread out but I like how it's turning out. I'll have to put a picture on Ravelry.


Oh yes. I love me some self striping socks.


I knit several socks using opal and Regina yarns and a couple of toys.


Self-stripping/self-patterning yarns make sock knitting lots of fun and quite addictive too! Made several pairs this year, everyone loves them.

Ann Walsh

I'm knitting up socks now with Zitron Trekking which has nice wide stripes in various colours.

Mary Harting

Sure did, many pairs, my favorite was the Fruit Stripes pattern

Gretchen Paul

Yes I did knit some socks with self patterning yarn.

Sherry Myers

I knit several self patterning socks this year. My favorite was the watermelon yarn. Just love how the pattern went together

Heather L

Yes! I'm made quite a few pairs of self striping socks. So much fun to watch the pattern come to life.

Janet Duff

No, not this year, but it is on my bucket list!


Nope :/ Although I am re-knitting a pair that was too small originally, and I'm letting the colors pool as they may, so it's kind of like self-patterning! But no actual self-striping ones... I need to restock that part of my stash next year!


This year I tended towards using more solid color yarn. So I guess it is time for me to get back to some self striping projects in 2015. Bring on the yarn!

Joanne Christman

I did one pair of self striping. The stripes match pretty well on the two socks. Plain vanilla pattern.


I love using self striping yarns for socks...never used it for anything else.


I made Zimmerman baby sweaters, baby blankets and socks from self striping yarns this year


Done fingerless mitts and a hat

Cindy Carpenter

This year almost all of the socks I made were self-patterning. Mesmerizing.

Jodie e

I knit so many pairs of poste yarn and an working with the heritage prints today!


Yes, I have but I also like to knit patterns in the knit structure so the trick if finding the right balance between the two.


I've made socks with self patterning yarn, Opal is my favorite. I've never used Cascade prints but would love to try it.

Renee' Sawyer

I used Mini Mochi for the Moab Shawl this year. That was the only yarn with stripes I used this year...we will have to fix that next year. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!


I love making socks with self patterning or self striping yarn. Opal is my favourite. I've never used Cascade prints but would love to try it

Colleen Ferber

No, I did not knit anything with self patterning yarn this year, but it is on my bucket list for 2015! So many choices out now and these Cascare selections are right up there in the running for my attention! AND it's always a surprise when you get a few rows going!

Karen Majors

I knit a pair of stripey socks in Knit 1 Crochet Too Ty Dye this year. Love self patterning yarn.


I have not used any self patterning sock yarns this year. I just started my fist pair of socks.

Susan D.

I made a Sockhead hat for donation a few months ago that I was pretty pleased with. I also used self patterning yarn to make monkey socks back in Jan.


TURTLE PURL'S Trench Coat and CASCADE'S Heritage Paints are my latest striped yarns for my favorite Sock Bug patterns. Merry Christmas, Seasons Best to all and Peace on Earth!


Yes indeed I have knitted self patterning yarn this year, I have a pair of Regia ones on the needles as I write this.


Not this year, but I have in the past. I enjoy making plain, toe up socks and scarves and simple hats from self-patterning sock yarn. You can't beat it for instant design pow!

Tina Champagne

I like to make socks with self patterning yarn. For me they don't need to be matchy matchy. I love to see the changes of color coming.

Judie Digby

Absolutely.....some socks and a few shawlettes!


I've only made socks with the self-patterning yarn; but I may need to branch out since I inadvertently bought the same self-patterning yarn twice...


No have not used this year. Have used Zauberball for shawls in the past but would like to try socks.

Sarah G

Not this year

Debbie H

I'm working on a pair of socks with Opal. Thanks!

Marilyn Knopps

I love the self striping yarn it makes me look smarter. I have used it to make socks and baby sweaters and hats.


I made socks with a fabulous Harry Potter Opal colorway and some fun Biscotte and Cie self striping. Love them!


I knit some vanilla socks with regia self-patterning. Love them!


I used Premier Yarns Wool-free sock yarn. It is a very pretty & soft self-patterning yarn. I did one pair in blue & another in purple.

Julie V.

Socks all the way!

Sharon Silverman

I'm still pretty new to knitting socks and all of the yarn I've used so far has been self striping. So long as it has pleasing colors, I love the self striping yarns. Makes it a lot easier!


yup - i love zauberballs!

Carrie McD

Lovely blue socks for moi using Trekking XXL. Cozy!

Angela Medina

Haven't got the chance to try self-patterning yarn yet.


I knit a swatch with the Brach's colorway of Trekking, if that counts

Amber W

I've only tried self driping yarn a coue of times. My first was a scarf, most recently a hat. I love the look!


I did not knit socks I knit some shawls and a scarf or two.

Joan Matlack

Socks! I let the yarn "do the talking" - intricate pattern needed. Knitting fingerless mitts right nownow.


yes, for numerous pairs of socks!


I've. Made two sets of inversibles stripes from Fibernymph and now a pair of Jawoll acktion.


I love self striping and pattering yarns! As a new knitter the different patterns and colors make me feel like I have really done something… even when the pattern is super simple. It's all about the yarn!


I like to use self patterning yarn for quick, vanilla socks. I have thought about making a Sockhead hat with self patterning, but I haven't tried yet.


I made a couple pairs of socks with self-striping yarn. Might try a scarf with some next year.

Julie Zeager

I use self striping yarn often, mostly for socks but also did a hat and a scarf this year

Deborah Graham

I love self-striping sock yarn!!! I made a shawl and a baby sweater, and I can't forget the numerous socks. Thank you for hosting this give away. Merry Christmas to all.


I have knit a few projects from self-patterning sock yarn this year. A couple of them became socks, while another became a baby hat and mitten set.


I love self-striping sock yarn, and have used it mostly for things OTHER than socks. The most recent was a scarf knit in a tube from 4 skeins of Regia in a long-striping set of red, brown, and light and dark grey.

Tracy H.

I'm knitting with two vintage Trekkings now, a self-striper in ice cream pastels and one self-patterning shades of grey, changing back & forth every 4 rows. The pastels were too bright for me on their own, and the greys too dark, but together they're balancing each other out pretty well.


Yes. A lovely Opal yarn for a pair of socks.

Sandy Rice

Yes, I only bought self-striping yarn this year. It seems like I get bored with solids. (Or I could just be spoiled). My husband calls it something else. But, in the end I love self-striping yarn the best. I think he is glad we don’t live in or near Ft. Wayne, IN.

Barbara Wonsowicz

I am making my first pair using self striping and now I am hooked on it! Merry Christmas. This has been fun!


I have to admit that Regia & Opal are my fall back on yarns when knitting for most other people, especially the grands. I just recently knit my granddaughter a double thick hat (basically a tube with a hat top at each end - you punch one end into the other & can turn up a cuff to have 4 layers of knitting over your ears). I let her pick out the color way & she picked Opal's Fir Ladies & Gentlemen in shades of pink. I got an extra ball I case she wants socks or another hat in ayear or so. I have the time for hand washing but I just realized this week that 2 pairs of socks I've worn this week are older than at least 2 of my grandchildren & at least one pair is older than all of them. So that means that I have at least one pair older than a 13 year old child & at least 2 older than the 11 year old. And that's washing & drying them with the rest of my clothes. Yeah. That's plenty long enough for me (I admit they're worn a little thin but no holes).

Amy Crocker

I am crocheting a sweater with self striping sock yarn right now. I love yarn graduating, striping, kettle dyed, tonals, etc.


I did use some Noro Kureyon sock to make 2 different crocheted wraps. I really wish Noro hadn't discontinued this yarn. It isn't really meant for socks, but the yardage and colors are perfect for other knit / crocheted items.

Martha Anne

I have knitted a couple of hats this year with it. I have had a sock hiatus for the year and have recently felt a resurgance of sock desire. My favorites turn out to be self stripers, can't wait for the new year.
Happy Holidays!


I only knit one sock, not even a pair!!! But I knit shawls with sock yarn all the time.


I love self patterning half of my socks this year were out of opal. I knit a couple pairs of baby booties with my left over little prince.


Love self pattern yarns. Made socks, shawls, adult and the greatest new born hats. Fun yarn to work with.

Beth Mercado

I really only use self patterning yarn! I love seeing the pattern emerge hen I'm knitting socks.

Cindy M

Self stripping is my favorite, but the ones I finished this year were not. Next year! :)


I have made socks for my husband out of Zuerberball yarns and self striping for me and variegated this year. In the past I have made self-patterning socks for me as well.

Tricia F

Socks, socks and more socks! Love self-striping sock yarn.

Patricia Richardson

I'm a big fan of self patterning and striping yarns for socks. It's so easy to make plain stockinette or simple ribbed socks and let the yarn do the work in making beautiful socks . I have made one shawl (Oaklet) using self patterning yarn. My favorites are your Poste yarns and Opal. I'm currently making a Latte sock using Opal Smokey Eyes and Coloured Lips. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.


I've knit several pairs of self striping socks this year & worked on some old WIPs that were self patterning. I love that the yarn does the work for me and I can just enjoy knitting them!


Of course I did! Most recently some out of some ancient Knitting Fever Indulgence I picked up somewhere.


I've knit with self-patterning and striping this year (and pretty much every year!). I used several semi solids too but that was mainly for the pattern to show up better. I love some of the Hundertwasser skeins and have quite a few of the ONLine and Regia in both 4-6ply.I knit Zuzu's Petals in a gradient and it turned out great but that isn't something I could ever use for socks: I need them to match. Guess that's why I have lots of Opal, Regia, ONLine and Trekking.

Have a wonderful Christmas with the family Allison!


I used lots of self-patterning yarn, for socks, shawls, hot water bottle cozies and most recently for a fake-isle hat. I love that these yarns do all the work!

Jenny K

Am knitting the Fruit Stripe Gum socks with self-striping Christmas yarn I won from you 3 yrs ago!

Susan Price

This year I used self striping yarn to make a scarf, a shawl, and of course socks.


I did! I made a Sockhead hat out of OnLine Supersocke. I love it, and couldn't bring myself to give it away, although that was the original intention. Also several pairs of socks in the new neon colors from Plymoth and Regia.

Marjorie D

I did not use any self-patterning sock yarn this year as I took a break from knitting socks (made 12 pairs in 2013) and concentrated on completing some UFOs and knitting some special items for my Mother who was ill.

Jean Younger

I used it for adorable baby sweater

Marcye Haire

Yes I knitted some socks with self patterning yarn and self striping. I just got my opal yarn last week. Can't wait to start those socks. Just love your choices.

Jane H

I made socks with the red and green striped Poste yarn. They were intended for 2013, but languished in the UFO pile for a while, so they're celebrating 2014!

Lois Koss

I love self striping yarns!!! I've made countless pairs for family!!! I think I should be replacing them!!!!


Love self striping and self patterning yarn for socks. Always socks.


Use your simply socks yarn!!!


I have only used self striping yarn for sock only. Maybe next year...

Helen King

I have only knit 1 pair of socks and it was a solid color. I look forward to knitting a pair with a self patterning yarn.

Amy C

I did use one skein for socks and another for the variegated portion of the Baby Wrap Sweater a sideways garter stitch baby sweater - super cute! (By Churchmouse Yarns)


I used self patterning yarn for socks and a shawl. I really enjoy this type of yarn.

Leigh Ann Brown

I made a pair of socks with Felix from Biscotte & Cie - perfect stripes - love the yarn!

Pam Hunter

I love the zuberball and the Regiia. Those are my favorite yarns to knit with. I don't get board with the color changes and I cant wait to see how the socks turn out. No 2 pairs are ever the same


Does purchasing striping sock yarn count? No knitting with it this year.


I love self striping yarn. Am always excited to see what turns out. Makes for fun socks.

Barbara Huffman

Absolutely ! Lots of the socks I've knitted are self striping yarn.

And there is so much more to knit !

barbara Budelman

I made my first ever pair of socks and used Opal. Love the self striping. Sock yarn.

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