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December 24, 2014



I've used some self striping yarn for socks and a cowl, and have a some in my stash.

Merry Christmas.


I am a huge fan of self striping sock yarn!


I've used self-striping yarn this year (socks and a cowl)and have several skeins of self-patterning and self-striping in my stash.

diana foltz

my husband LOVES socks, the more pattern, the better! i've used, opal, zauerball crazy and online. here's to the new year! will start him off with socks, Pinata is the pattern. on the hunt for yarn...have got some socks that rock ans regia but need to beef up my stash! ;0)

Lisa viviano

Not this year but I have in the past. I've used it for socks and small stuffed animals.


I also love self-striping yarn and have knit many socks with it!
Merry Christas to all!


I've knitted nothing but self striping yarn projects this year! I've been a fan of Opal for years, and Trekking and OnLine Supersocke also. When a new line appears, I try it to see how the colors and stripes form I'm really excited about the new Cascade colors that came up on your site yesterday.
Thanks for running the contest again this year. Wishing you and your family and co-workers-in-yarn a Blessed and Joyful Christmas.

Katherine S.

I LOVE self striping yarn, and did one fingerless glove this year... couldn't figure out the thumb gusset and set it aside. It's on the top of my to do list in the new year! :)

diana foltz

p.s. LOVE THAT SKIRT! will give it a go.

Judi Kennedy

I knit 3 pair of self-striping socks this year. The last pair is still underway.

Judi Kennedy

I knit 3 pairs of self-striping socks this year. One pair is still underway.


I only use self patterning and always socks. Hey, I need to branch out!


I almost always knit with self-patterning yarn, but the striping yarn is one I haven't yet used. I certainly enjoyed the 12 days of Christmas, especially looking at the new yarn.

L. Wilson

How great that cascade is going to offer self patterning yarn! I've used both self striping and self patterning this year...all for socks. The pattern was just a basic toe up but the stripes add interest. Using just a plain pattern makes it easy to work on when I' m at the local stitching circle.


I knit one pair of fingerless mitts with self patterning yarn. AND also one pair of socks and with the leftover from that, a Knubbelchen.


Hi Allison - I have only made socks with Opal yarn. I love the way it feels and it washes great - never shrinks. I also made a rabbit doll that is specifically written for Opal yarn. Have a wonderful Christmas and keep knitting ! Denise


I have not used any of the self patterning/striping yarn this year, but plan on it for this next year! I did use several sock yarns for other projects this year however.


Matching Christmas socks for my husband and son in self striping Regia yarn with enough left over for a pair for me!


I love self patterning sock yarn. I can knit plain socks and watch the changing colors and still keep my interest.

Barbara G.

Lots of socks using self-patterning and self-striping sock yarn. Use a lot Opal, Biscotte & Cie and Patons.


I crocheted a shawl with self patterning yarn...mostly I knit socks...with one pair that went to an elderly gentleman in England, he was thrilled that they had a Zulu type pattern...I hadn't thought it was any different than other self patterning yarn, but he saw and was pleased with that patterning....

Alecia Helton

I've really enjoyed following the 12 Days of Sock yarn. I've looked forward to it every morning. I like color in all combinations and have many pairs of sock with it. I've warmed up to it for other items yet.


Basically all socks,but I did make 2 hats for my grandsons!! Love self-striping yarn!! Merry Christmas to all SSYC personal...

Beth L Ruiter

This year, only for socks, but I've done gloves in the past. I agree that the color changes keep me interested.


Years ago I knit my oldest grandson a sweater out of Regia and now my youngest grandson is wearing it! I haven't used any patterning/striping yarn this year but I love the Clincher pattern. I think I see more yarn in my future.


Made my first pair of socks this year using Opal Rainforest color Kongo. Love watching the colors change as I knit.


I did not knit with any self-patterning yarn this year, but I have in the past and have been very entertained. I have only knit socks.

Leila spencer

Endless pairs off socks, and fingerless gloves with the leftovers


I made some worsted weight self patterned socks and love how different they are, one is red and lavender and the other is blue and red. The pattern was a nice cable down the leg and over the ankles. I absolutely love red not sure why but always have. By the way, my favorite Christmas song is "Oh Holy Night" and Manheim Steamroller's"Hallelujah". Have a wonderful Christmas.


I love knitting socks with self striping yarn, both plain stockinette and patterns. It is such fun. I have also knit several scarfs.
Happy Holidays!


I'm just now learning to knit socks. My first pair is out of a worsted weight so that I can get the hang of it. I'm about 3/4 finished with the first sock. I do, however, have a few self patterning yarns in my stash to work with when this pair of socks is finished. I look forward to making many pairs of socks this next year.


I use self striping yarn for socks- but have now started using it for cowls are well--LOVE it; makes really beautiful items!!!


I did knit some self striping socks with sock yarn I got from your store! I made basic vanilla socks while on vacation. The perfect vacation knit.
Thanks for your 12 days of Christmas. It's been really fun. Happy Holidays!

Rhonda Atkinson

I seem to buy alot of self-striping yarn and of course I make socks out of it. I have had a year of only knitting socks so made alot of self-striping. Usually plain vanilla socks. I love th mindless knitting and they always turn out lovely with the pattern of the yarn.


Yes, I did...and I don't make anything but socks with this kind of yarn


Yes, several pairs of socks. I'm planning on scarves this year with your Poste self-stripping yarn.

Genevieve Turnbull

Self striping socks!!! I horde the leftovers with dreams of matching fingerless mitts or hats or matching socks for my kids.


This year I have been on a stranded colorwork kick. I used self-patterning sock yarn in only two of the projects - Flaming Skull socks and Victor socks (links to my project pages on Ravelry below). In both cases, the self-patterning yarns had long color changes and were excellent for colorwork.

Patty McD

No, I didn't use any self-patterning yarn this year. It's at the top of my "to do" list next year.


No, I didn't knit any socks this year but I did buy some self striping yarn so maybe next year!

Geraldine Scott

I knitted socks with self-striping and it was fun! Hoping to get some more interesting yarn and have at it (hint, hint!)

Beth L.

It seems strange to say it, but I don't think I knit any self-striping this year, other than odd scraps for hexapuffs. Weird! I do have a skein of Opal just dying to be socks...

Hope everyone working in the old post office has a wonderful holiday!


Oh my goodness - I've made 22 pairs of socks this year and they've all been Opal, self-striping or variegated. I don't like solid color socks - too boring to knit.

Karen Moss

I did! It is great for doll sweaters, shawls and socks. Can't get enough.

JoAnne B

I love making socks with self-patterning yarn. They don't seem as interesting without the pattern. I addition to socks this year, I used it for a knubbelchen and baby sweaters. I bought several different designs from Allison this year and will use it for baby socks, hats & sweaters as well as socks for me and my sock worthy family.


I love self patterning yarn, and my favorite this year was Zoofari from Regia. I have Bengal tiger stripes on my legs - how fun is that?! I am looking forward to all the cool new patterns the companies will design.


I used self striping yarns for socks.


Yep a fair amount of my knitting has been self patterning yarn. Regia and opal both. And looking at my page on Ravelry it has been all socks. I do have an idea for a funny stuffed monster with some of the neon stuff I got but have not done it yet. The yarn wears well too. The best part is I wash them and they dont felt etc. other yarns yeah they dont do well in the long hall. I so would love to win this day.

Annette Triner

Made a pair of Opal Rainforest socks for one brother-in-law and am nearly done a Regia pair for the other one.

Katie Mauch


Joyce Fike

I am now knitting socks for grandchild


I have made several baby sweaters using the "Patches Baby Sweater" pattern by Christiane Burkhard.... truly a "Sock Yarn One Skein Wonder"!
So different and equally fabulous with any self-patterning yarn!

Kathy Davis

Just socks so far. Would love to make some with this yarn.


I love self-patterning and self-striping yarn. I always gravitate towards them. I generally make socks.


I haven't made anything with self patterning yarn this year, but I have bought several skeins with plans for socks in 2015.


I love love love Regia...I love the way the self stripping socks come out. Most of my socks have been with this yarn and everyone loves them. Merry Christmas to all.


I made two pairs of socks this year, both of which used self-striping sock yarn from Simply Sock Yarn - yay!

Kim K

Yes, I made two pairs of self striping socks this year!


I've made socks, shawls, necklaces and bracelets with self-striping yarn this year. Love it!! Really need to make myself some more socks early in the new year...come on yarn! :)


I made a pair of socks they came out really neat.

Barb Thompson

I used several self stripers this year!


I knit socks and a small toy with self-patterning sock yarn.

Jessica mcconnell

Yes. Two. Both from online. One pair I love. The second pair, not so much. The second pair looked great as a skein but like an ugly Christmas sweater once it was made into a sock!


I adore self striping sock yarns...I have made socks with it...and I have tons in my stash...

Rachel G

I used a lot of self striping sock yarn this year! My daughters and I all love stripey socks so I did several pairs for each of us.

Dottie Myers

I made a sweater and shawl for myself eith self stripping sock yarn.


Yes, socks and a teddy bears t-shirt!

Anne R.

How is it possible that I haven't used any self striping this year? Last year's self striping hit was your Chicago Bears Poste yarn.


Because of all of your great blog news, I had to try the Trekking self-patterning this year...ordered several make some great looking socks. And of course I had to try the Turtle and the Poste in some of your special colorways. Always love to see the new yarns! Hope to try the self striping on some mittens in 2015.

Barbara Russo

I did !! I knit a few pairsif socks and 2 scarves . Love self striping sock yarn !!


Yes. I made a hat for my son


No, not this year, I do find self striping fun.

jeanne bringley

I made a cowl.


I love self striping and self patterning yarn!! I use it most of the time for socks and socks are my favorite to knit!


Sure did! Made socks for my DH.


I love self-patterning sock yarn and have made socks (but of coursely), hats, scarves, shawls, baby booties and hats, and mittens and fingerless mitts out of it. The changing colors inspire me to "Knit On!" :-)

Happy holiday wishes to all! Thank you for this annual contest.


I did use one skein of self-striping yarn this year, and I did make socks with it. I tend more towards solids and tonals because they work better for interesting patterns, but sometimes it's nice to let the yarn do the work.


I sure did! Funny enough it knit me up some plain vanilla socks with Opal socks yarn (Little Prince Rose),that was purchased from you! :)
Love self-patterning socks.

Joan Grahlfs

As we speak, my sock is Trekking. Love how fast they go. Thanks for sharing your holidays with us.

Cecilia David

Made socks with the self patterning yarn. They are very pretty.

Denise C.

Thank-you so much, Allison, for allowing me to spend the 12 Days of Christmas with you! I've made a couple pairs of socks this year using Opal and Regia yarns. I'm almost finished with a pair of fingerless mitts using Turtlepurl glitter yarn in Dream Room that I purchased at your shop!! Merry Christmas!


Done many a pair of socks with self-striping yarns, but never had the opportunity to try this yarn.

Leslie Fehr

I love both self-patterning and stripping yarn for knitting SockHead hats. My go-to yarns were Opal and Online for self-patterning -- now, I'll have another choice! No pictures because it seems that they get claimed almost as soon as I finish weaving in the ends lol.

Jennifer L. Beene

I have not used any self-striping yarn this year!! I need to get on the ball (pun intended:)!


I have purchased self patterning yarn, but have yet to use it. After reading above comments, I really want to knit some socks. Love the look, a goal for 2015. Merry Christmas, this has been a blast. Love all the comments and ideas.

carol fun

I love self striping socks - I always make mine fraternal twins - I gave several pairs as Christmas gifts and the recipients were very happy - warms my heart and their feet- LOL!


Yes, because your shop sucked me into self-striping yarns this year! Just socks with it this year, though I'm tempted by plenty of other ideas including hats and mitts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!


Hmm...I think I made a pair or two with Poste #slutbagtoes

Dana Timmerman

Yes, just plain socks. I follow Susan B. Anderson's sock pattern. I like Poste yarn and TurtlePurl and Opal.


I have done a hat with self-striping (adorable!) but staying with socks for self-patterning. I think mittens would be great, too. 2015 project ;)


I knitted a zig zag scarf with self striping yarn.

Jill Schroeder

Socks. The color change motivates me to knit a few more rows to see what it looks like.

Linda L

I did not this year, however I have used self patterning yarn in the past making socks and mittens. I plan on using it for more socks in the near future, its a fun type of yarn to knit


Socks, always socks socks socks.

Donna Kuehl

Love self striping yarns! Hats and small projects are my choice.

Holly Beam

I have done all socks with the self patterning yarn but I do have a shawl on my list for next year. I will let you know how it turns out. Merry Christmas to all at SSYC. It has been so fun to come to the store, ordering, and reading your blog.


I have used self striping yarn for socks and a pair of baby pants.


I knit a pair of stripey socks every month :)


Not this year - as this has been my year for finishing projects. And patterning yarns tend to lead to finished projects not lingering WIPs :)


I am in the middle of knitting the Fruit Stripes pattern using some lovely Turtle Purl yarn. I'm enjoying watching the pattern emerge.

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