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December 05, 2014



What a sweet experience to share : )


You were lucky to experience that. Those are good for the soul moments...

Ann M

Our crazy busy-ness and "need for speed" can get the better of us from time to time and we all need reminders. Thanks for sharing your excellent story! I will be sharing it with friends, if you don't mind.


Made my eyes misty. Bless that lady!


We've all been there. Thanks for the reminder that we only occasionally get to see the whole story.


Thanks for reminding us what this season is truly about...and how, at times, we ALL need to slow down, smell the roses...and be a bit more patient! We are all guilty at one time or another.


What a great story - thanks for sharing it with us.

And Happy Holiday Open House tomorrow. I wish I could join the fun.


Thanks for sharing this story!


Great story! Your Walgreens must be different from the ones around me. They always seem to have a line. But what's really annoying is that the registers frequently don't have the right prices coded in them for sale items.


What a beautiful blessing you shared with us today.

Judi Kennedy

How lucky for you to have experienced all of those emotions. We all need to be more in tune with the needs of others and not so impatient when we think we need to wait needlessly. It reminds me that I need to be more thoughtful of others. More like the lady in the cart ahead.


I donate to Toys For Tots every year. Make a child happy!

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