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December 15, 2014



These days of Christmas are just making me want YARN! My favorite cookie is an odd one, but Mother always made it at Christmas time in eastern KY, where we were a family. Lebkuchen. It's an old German cookie and seems to require that one grows up with the flavor in order to enjoy it. I don't know why Mother made these cookies except that she was a very creative, healthful cook with access to just a few ingredients.


I like to make homemade caramels. The golden color of Chanukah.


Candy Cane Cookies from the classic Betty Crocker Cookie Cookbook. Ours don't have sparkles on top just use almond flavoring. But, it is most important to have equal numbers of right-facing and left-facing canes. Our engineer/daughter established this years ago and we adhere to her directive.


My favorite holiday cookie has always been my grandmothers sugar cookies.

Kathleen Perrone

My kids like peanut-butter buck eye balls. My husband likes m&m cookies and my favorite is cut out cookies.

Renee Anne

When I was a kid, my mom and I would make cut-out sugar cookies using a recipe she snagged from a magazine. Up until a couple weeks ago, I thought I had lost it but I found it again. If I remember correctly, it's from the C&H Sugar Company :)

This may be the first year Little Man and I make cookies but he's demanding gingerbread :)


Jelly thumbprint cookies - yummy butter cookies with a dab of jelly/jam in the middle

Deb Holbrook

I started making these cookies some years ago and they've quickly become a family and friend favorite.


I love ginger nut biscuits from Outlander Kitchen. These are becoming a favorite at our house.

Tammee Gardiner

For years, I grew up with peanut butter cookies with kisses on top. But, last year, instead of kisses we added mini peanut butter cups. So good! And quicker to make as you use a mini muffin pan!

jeanne bringley

Every year I make my grandmother's chocolate meatball cookies. She was born in Sicily and just wanted to make them and not share the recipe. They have dates and nuts and raisins or any combination you happen to have around, a little pepper for bite and a glaze.


Peanut butter with the chocolate kiss on top.


Stephanie V

I make honey cookies (as we call them). The recipe was my grammy's and my mother adopted them. My grand-daughter is now making them, too.!


I want to try arguable socks!


I wish I had my grandmother's recipe for "crustale" - a light twisted cookie that was fried. I will have to contact my cousin and see if he has it somewhere.... would love to make it for my grands!


My children each get to pick out their favorite to make every year. This year it's Peanut Butter Blossoms, 7 layer bars, and Mexican wedding cakes. It's usually the same every year.


I don't know the official name, we call them John's cookies, because they are my husband's favorite from his childhood. The cookies are soft cake-like vanilla cookies. They are a hit with my family, but others aren't as delighted.


Danish wedding cookies. Still warm from the oven rolled in powder sugar. Yumm!

Julie Davidson

I have to go with Spritz, because the decorating makes them seem so festive and out of the ordinary. But I am definitely going to have to try the Nutella stuffed chocolate chip. Wow!


Snickerdoodles and Toll House Chocolate Chip are our favorites


Rolled out sugar cookies cut in Christmas shapes with icing on them - definitely my favorites. Thanks for a chance to win that delightful yarn.

Rita aka crescendogal

We go overboard with goodies this time of year...which is probably why I hear the rest of the year, 'how come you don't bake?'...LOL This year's list includes:
Norwegian Julekage (Christmas Bread)
Norwegian Krumkake (thin rolled cones)
PB cup cookies
Cherry Cardamom cookies
Soft Gingersnaps
Old Fashioned Sugar cookies (frosted)
Velveeta Fudge
Homemade Oreos
Cranberry Pistashio Biscotti
Rootbeer Float cookies

I make up trays for the neighbors and for 'himself' to take to his employees. And...I haven't even started this year's baking yet....EEK


One of my favorites is from Sunset Magazine that I found many years ago - Coconut-Cranberry Chews. Yum


I love cookies. My favorite are anything with peanut butter and chocolate. I also love cookie exchanges where you end up with a white bunch if different types.


I bake thousands of cookies every year to share with friends and family
Everyone has a favorite mine are these chocolate
Cookies that have a box of chocolate pudding
In the mix and while they are still warm I top them
With a chocolate kiss

Joanne Christman

Peanut butter cookies are the best! The recipe can be found in any of the red plaid Betty Crocker cookbooks.


My family only eats my partner's Russian Tea Cakes on Christmas. It's an extra special treat!


My favorites are Peanut Butter Blossoms with a Hershey Kiss on top or No Bake Cookies with cocoa, oats and peanut butter


Chocolate Oatmeal--always a favorite!


My favorite are chocolate crinkles, the ones from the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion Cookbook.


Our daughter bakes all of mom's Favorite Christmas cookies plus the candy. A person thinks, when they eat her cookies, they are in heaven - hm hm good!



At our house we love my MIL's Portuguese butter biscuits. They're so good. She usually makes everyone a little basket filled we these cookies and Hershey kisses. The grandkids love this treat and look forward to it every Christmas day.

Deb in NC

Snickerdoodles!!! My daughter and I made these when she was a child. Now she makes them and I chat with her while she does. Very yummy


Gingersnaps are my favorite this time of year, their flavor just says Christmas!


Sugar/Peppermint Candy Canes:)


My grandmother used to make thumbprint cookies with icing for me every year. This year I finally made a new recipe of them and they are the new family favorite!


My mother always made Brandied Christmas cookies every year. Her recipe came from my dad's sister. She got it from her husband's Swedish family. We loved them. Even if you hate fruitcake, you'll love these! Sadly, Mom passed away two days before Thanksgiving this year at age 91, but I made some for the visiting time after her memorial service in her memory.


It's not Christmas until someone brings out the Pecan Fingers! They are like shortbread with pecans mixed in, and then rolled around in powdered sugar. So delicious!

Barb Thompson

Yes, I have a recipe fromthe Williams Sonoma cookbook for Neopolatin Cookies. Tedious, but well worth it. They always receive rave reviews!

Kristina R

Peanut Butter Balls!

April Prentice

We love Christmas sugar cookies and snickerdoodle cookies. I make them from scratch every year.


I usually make caramel popcorn instead of cookies! The recipe is something like this:


Seven layer cookies are my all time fav !! I love to make them, so easy but I can't stop eating them !!!


My kids love Pumpkin Cookies. This is an old recipe that was left on my door by our local realtor many years ago. My husband's favorite is Toll House Chocolate Chip cookies.

Allise Vicens

Peanut butter blossoms. A classic. And of course chocolate chip cookies, thin, buttery, and crispy or big soft, and chewy with a tall glass of cold milk!


Every year, I always make Santa's Secret Surprise cookies. They a Snicker's bite size bar in the middle. For me, I always make double mint chocolate chip cookies.


We usually use family recipes. Gooey Butter cookies are probably our favorites though, as are shortbread or spritz.


The favorite at our house is the tried but true classic of cut out sugar cookies. It's the only time of the year that I bake these. I now have two granddaughters who love to help decorate the cookies too.

Katherine C Ballard

I love orange slice cake cookies. I don't have a link but they are cookies made from a yellow cake boxed mix with candied orange slices and pecans. They are moist and delicious!


Classic shortbread, made one-bite size, they just melt in your mouth....yummmm!


Definitely iced or sugared roll out cookies cut into various shape Christmas shapes! It's my grandmother's recipe. My aunt & mother used to get together every year to make many, many dozens of them to give to family & friends. My cousin & I helped. Now I make them : )


I love to make chocolate crinkle cookie from my Betty Crocker cookie book circa 1970's.


Making, cutting out, and decorating gingerbread men - ever since i was a little girl and we've been passing it down the generations.


Everyone has their favorites in our family. Lol. My husband is a big fan of chocolate chip cookies, my oldest son likes peanut butter blossoms best (recipe here: ), my youngest son likes our homemade gingerbread cookies, & my favorite are peppermint chocolate chip!

Katherine S.

My favorites are these candy cane cookies my mom makes. They are made with red and white dough twisted together and sprinkled with crushed candy canes. I found a link here:



I lost the specific recipe I used to use, but I get a hankering for soft molasses cookies this time of year. I'll have to test out some new and different ones!


My mom has been making the same sugar cookies forever. I think the recipe came from the Cleveland Plain Dealer in maybe 1971. The cookies and the icing have almond extract in them and they're amazing!

Steffanie Crossland

I am more a "cooker" than a "baker". However, I LOVE really dense, fudgy brownies topped with caramel. YUMMMMMMMMY



Joan Grahlfs

We love Melt-Aways made with cornstarch and powered sugar. Sometimes almond flavor. Sometimes lemon icing.
The nutella stuffed . . . looks so good.

Martha from Ohio

Wow, it's hard to name a favorite. Sugar cut-outs and my moms recipe for meringue cookies are my favorites. Your yarn selection today is super-sweet too! :-) thank you for having this wonderful holiday theme contest!


Naked Gingerbread Men. No icing, no decorations. Just the sweet yummy goodness of ginger and molasses. It's the only cookie I spend actually time and effort on and I only make them during the holidays. Naturally, I also eat almost all 4 doz cookies that the recipe makes on my own.

Sandra Cash

We have the same favorites all year, snicker doodles,chocolate chip, and yo-yo's.

Debbie Huett

My mom always made "snow ball cookies" and I've heard them called a lot of other things but they have walnuts and are rolled in powedered sugar and melt in your mouth! Since she's been gone 28 years now I still like to make them and think of her as I do so.


Chocolate Crinkles, only made at Christmas, are a tradition. But I love basic sugar cookies, unfrosted.

Ruth Garcia

Peanut blossoms--a peanut butter cookie with a chocolate kiss in the middle

Vicki Maynes

It has to be my great aunt's butter cookie recipe. We always called them butter cookies, but I think the "real" name is Spritz cookies. I tried to make them, but they never taste as good as hers!


I LOVE Christmas cookies! The Joy Of Cooking has the best recipe.


My most favorite christmas cookie is the peanut butter blossom. I have to make a batch ( or more) every christmas. If I am making more than one type of cookie, I will make a basic sugar cookie. Both of the recipes I use are from my grandmother.


Our two required cookies are pizzelles (family recipe) and biscotti (Gourmet, 1992). I don't think either are online, but Carol Field's The Italian Baker may have the biscotti recipes.

Bonnie Wright

My favorite Christmas cookie is cream cheese sugar cookies with frosting. Love to make them and eat them

Danielle K

I love those peanut butter cookies with the kisses - yummy.

Judi Schaffer

My family loves the Kringla cookies I make. They are traditional Norwegian cookies made with lots of sour cream, not real sweet and very soft.


We seem to use different cookie recipes every year, but the same fudge recipe - the fantasy fudge (without the nuts) on the side of the marshmellow cream jar:

Ellen Burleson

Maple shortbread is our special holiday cookie. Yum!


Chocolate chip mint meringues we would always whip some up and put them in before going to bed so they could set up by morning. I remember one Christmas when my niece was a toddler and got up before everyone else and "had breakfast" she ate a dozen of them and still loves them.

Denise C.

I haven't tasted a cookie I didn't like. My cardiologist has cut my sodium intake down so much that my husband tweaked a recipe and makes it for me. His cookie has oatmeal, walnuts, organic plump raisins, and lots of love inside! I don't want to become familiar with the recipe because then I'd have to make them myself!

Pat N

Who can pick just one? Rosettes, yum, lebkuchen, chewy goodness, anything with ginger and molasses, oh, and these crunchy spice cookies my mom makes called Belgardin Brod.

Martha O

I love ALL cookies! Especially when someone else baked them. :-) (I'm almost ashamed to post this. Lol)


Sounds delicious! I will bake some soon!

Beth L Ruiter

My Mother's sugar cookie recipe that was published in The Knight's of Columbus cookbook is still me favorite.

Barbara G.

Chocolate chip cookies top the list of cookies that multiple batches must be made, but Christmas is not complete without pinwheels, cut out sugar cookies, or peanut butter cookies.


I like making biscotti. Mostly I just search for recipes on Pinterest. I'm not really the baker in the family...I rely on my daughter for that ! :)


Count me in as another Spritz fan.


I adore the cookies my mother makes with her "Super Shooter" cookie press machine. I have no idea what the recipe is, but I know it has evolved over time and has at least a little cream cheese. Divine and tiny enough to be popped in one's mouth whole.

Andrea Morrison @wonderwhygal

Buckeyes! The perfect blend of chocolate and peanut butter. My favorite cookie and we only seem to make them at Christmas.

Laura Beutler

My favorites are snowball cookies! Probably because they contain almost equal amounts of butter and flour.


Oreo truffles!


Ginger cookies are our family favorite. Also always make a batch of wholewheat digestives a traditional English favorite, a taste from the homeland.


Lady fingers. A very crisp pecan cookie that is rolled in powdered sugar. Mmmmm.


We like to make rolled shortbread every year, as the kids love to decorate them with coloured sugar and other goodies. Not sure if we'll have time this year, which makes the boys sad...


I have a recipe handed down from my German grandmother called tee reckon. Full of cinnamon, they're wonderful with a cup of coffee.


My Mom's shortbtread cookies. Never fail, always delicious. Not really Christmas until they're made.


Sand tarts - crisp buttery cookies ( one pound of butter in the dough) cut out with cookie cutters, with cinnamon sugar and a walnut on top.

lisa petrovski

Betty crockers gingerbread people. Been making them since I was a little kid in the 60's!


We love my grandmother's pecan tartlets. so fussy to make but delicious. They say " Christmas" to me!


My favorite is peanut butter blossoms. It brings out the kid in me. My husband likes Norwegian sugar cookies and has been made for the last 10 years or so.


My favorites are Mexican wedding cakes!

Julie Zeager

Lemon biscotti has become a favorite recipe recently.


My favorite cookie recipe is the Snickerdoodles recipe in My Favorite Maryland Recipes by Helen Avalynne Tawes. She was the wife of a governor of Maryland and compiled this cookbook of local recipes. It's available thru resellers on Amazon.

The cookbook also has my go-to crab cake recipe - people rave about them.

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