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December 15, 2014



My mother's roll-and-cut-out sugar cookies (with slight tweaks to make them more "me") are my FAVORITE holiday cookies - recipe at

If you're a ginger & molasses lover, Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Ginger Sparkle Cookies are fantastic and easy. A pirated version of the recipe is at and I highly recommend all the baked goods in her cookbook: Vegan with Vengeance. Know someone who is allergic to eggs? THIS is the cookie to make! No one will know it's vegan, I promise you.


Angel Kisses - they are a very light merganie cookie - taste like you are just eating a cloud - no calories, of course!


My entire family loves iced sugar cookies. My favorite is the peanut butter cookie with a hershey kiss in the middle. I love peanut butter!


My best friend's mom use to make these cookies that had a walnut on top and inside was a peppermint candy with a sugar cookie dough. You wrapped the dough around the mint. They were so good!


Spritz are my favorite. I remember my mother making those cute little trees and wreaths out of the buttery dough. They would just melt in my mouth.


Sour cream sugar cookies from a 75 year old church cookbook. The book is old enough that it asks you for a warm oven instead of a temperature. Add Aunt Jean's frosting recipe, and it's definitely Christmas. While they are cooling my dad would always take two because they were "stuck together".

Rhonda Atkinson

My kids have always liked Chinese Chews. A bag of butterscotch chips, a can of peanuts, a can of chinese noodles. Melt the chips and add the peanuts and noodles. Stir to coat and drop by the spoonful.

Deborah Graham

Always a fan of chcolate chip/peanut butter chip cookies!

Beth L.

My current favorite is a cocoa cutout cookie recipe that Penzey's Spices used to have on their website. It is a great dough to work with and makes a cookie that is great by itself or dipped in coffee, tea, or eggnog. I use it for the shapes that should be brown, like gingerbread people, reindeer, gingerbread houses, etc. Unfortunately, Penzey's has pulled the recipe section off their website, so I can't link to it.


I have an old macaroon recipe from a bag of coconut flakes. It's coconut flakes, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract. Sometimes I add Hersey's baking chips (chocolate, raspberry, butterscotch, etc.). They're easy to make and so good!

Kate S

We use my grandmother's cutout recipe. It uses lard and my dad whips the dough up the night before family baking day. I'm going to have to sneak a peak at the recipe one of these days.


Actually anytime we make these cookies people love them.
These are from a B & B that used to be in the Wine country of Northern California. They are chocolate chip but with an added touch and so so good.


Good Pizzelles (Mom's family is Italian). And (hate to sound lazy) but a local bakery makes the most wonderful buttery almond crescent cookies with an almond filling that is out of this world!


Definitely shortbread cookies. All that butter? Yum. Decorated or plain, they are still my favourites.

Kelly Heck

Chocolate chocolate chip cookies with peppermint icing!!!!


nothing comes to mind but when the holidays hit the fun thing to do is getting the holiday stuff from the stores. If anything that comes to mind is the sugar cookies

Tricia F.

We have a "top secret" recipe that we make every year around this time, Krispy Kritters. Quite yummy, and good for a sugar high.


The standard Quaker Oat chocolate chip cookies are an all around favorite in our house!


Iced sugar cookies and snickerdoodles!


Chocolate chip cookies are always a winner.

Ann W.

Thanks for the two new cookie recipes. I am drooling and it is only 8:30 a.m. CST. My favorite cookie is from a guild cookbook and it is a fruitcake cookie, which uses candied fruit and golden raisins. It is a drop cookie that contains cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Yummy. Love, love, love the yarn.

Carley Fowler

My mother's chocolate crinkle cookies. I call them mmoo-cow cookies. My absolute favorite! :)

Helen King

Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.


my favorite cookies are the candy cane ones my mom used to make....they have an almond flavored dough with crushed candy canes sprinkled on the top....don't have the recipe, but wish I did.

kim dawson

strawberry and white chocolate cookies mmmmmmmmm

Barbara Huffman

My Mom made these little balls with chopped nuts inside ,
covered with confectioners sugar . She kept them cold , and they were
so yummy . I don't know what they were called and I haven't
made them in years . Maybe this year !

Dottie Myers

My family loves chocolate sugar cookies!

Rose Birchall

Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip cookies, recipe on the bag of chocolate chips.


Old fashioned Chocolate/Peanut butter/oatmeal no bake cookies, Here in the south affectionately call "Cow Patties". Yum!


These Double Ginger Crackles are some of my favorites...perfect for this time of year!

Barbara Wonsowicz

My favorite cookie is definitely the Paula Dean's Monster Cookies. They have all of the "good stuff" in them!


We have a family recipe called Super Gollywhomper cookies. They are a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe that uses more brown sugar than white, and lots of butter, then add mini Hershey's kisses and Heath toffee bits.


I don't have a strong sweet tooth, but I do like to make peanut clusters at this time of year.

Donna K

Butter cookie cutouts - rolled very thin with a sprinkle of sugar.


I make 2 kinds of sugar cookies both recipes of my Mom and my MIL. Makes me feel that a little bit of them is still with us at Christmas.


Comfort Cookies by bakerella:

They are a chocolate-peanut-butter cookie with dark chocolate chips. Sooooo yummy.

Judy McFarland

I'm a sucker for frosted cut-out cookies. Any recipe will do, but slather on the frosting & colored sugar. And as a dedicated sock knitter, I especially like those cookies shaped like stockings!

Jodie e

I love my gran's snicker doodle cookie recipe! It's not Christmas without them :)

Ann M

I love to roll and cut out sugar cookies. I'm a great-grandma (not so young) and my cookie cutters were handed down to me from my mom and mother-in-law, both long since passed. When I spend time alone in the kitchen cutting out cookies, it's actually the three of us together again, laughing and talking and working. So cut sugar cookies rank as my favorite to bake and also, my favorite to eat.


For me Christmas means walnut balls--the shortbready things with ground walnuts rolled in confectioner's sugar. My recipe is a handwritten one, that started off as pecan balls and morphed into walnut ones. Yum!


My all time favorite cookie recipe is my mother's molasses cookie. We have all tried to make them the way she does and the only one who comes close is my younger brother. I will miss those cookies this year as I won't be going home for Christmas.

L. Wilson

My favorite holiday cookies are rosettes. They are a tradition in my family and are usually only made at the holidays. You need a rosette iron and hot oil but they are easy to make and can be covered in powdered sugar or dipped in chocolate. My 95 year old aunt still makes them so hers are really a taste from my childhood!


sugar cookies, cut out and decorated by the kids!

Rachel G

My Mom's basic sugar cookie recipe with cream cheese frosting or my basic chocolate chip recipe are my two favorites. One that I have a link for that we love is this triple dark chocolate pudding cookie. It's really easy and SO yummy!!

Cindy Lou

Russian Tea Cakes are THE Christmas cookie of choice for us. My mom used to make them every year, but she changed the recipe slightly by wrapping the cookie dough around a Hershey Kiss before baking.

So so so so good.

Recipe (but buy a bag of Hershey Kisses too and try it!):


I love Christmas cookies and they bring so many memories. But my absolute favorite indulgence (no more than one per day!) takes a package of Oreos and 8 oz. cream cheese whirled in a food processor, then rolled into balls and dipped in white chocolate. Stunning!

Kerith St. Louis

Every year my girls and I make Krumkaka.


With cookies, it is always difficult to choose a favorite. Cookies are basically my sweet of choice. Everything from biscotti to Russian tea cakes, and all cookies in all flavors in between. With a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea, it makes the perfect afternoon snack.

Sue McMillen

One of our many favorites is chocolate crackles, a soft chocolate cookie rolled in powdered sugar. As it bakes, it "cracks" apart. Delicious!!


I tried something new this year. I am Gluten Free (not by choice) and instead of making cookies, I made cinnamon ornaments in the shape of cookies. I still got to enjoy in all the fun of using cookie cutters and decorating, but I didn't have to worry about eating them. My belly and my pants enjoyed this very much :)


Most definately my Mom's Spritz cookies!!!
They are a family favorite.


My best friend and I try to get together once a year and make Molasses cookies. I make the batter, but I love watching her waiting for just the right moment to take them out so they "crinkle" perfectly and are just the right texture.


Every year at the holidays I make tons of toffee bars. So easy. Bake the dough in a jelly roll pan, dump on a bag of chocolate chips till it melts, the press in a mess of chopped walnuts.

Renee' Sawyer

Years ago a neighbor gave me Lemon Cookie Bars for Christmas. They are wonderful! My Dad made these wonderful chocolate cookies and two of my daughters carry on his tradition every year. I make a mean Pumpkin Bread...hahaha.

Catherine Murzyn

My Dad is actually the one that bakes our family favorite. It's tradition :) He makes tons of butter cookies every Christmas with my great grandmother's cookie press. Can't wait to share them with my little boy. He is finally old enough to eat them.

Sarah G

Frosted sugar cookies


My family has a few..Italian Wedding Cookies, Peanut Butter Blossoms, Macaroons drizzled with chocolate., Butter Balls..just to name a few!! I am from a large family and most of us love to bake, we end up with at 12 dozen different cookies!! Needless to say our New Years resolution is all of us going on a diet!!


My favourites are shortbread cookies - they just melt in your mouth! I never make them, though... Something I should probably fix!

brenda Luce

My go to everyone wants is a chocolate mint cookie have made for thirty years. U make cookie put a mint melt away on top use for frosting


shortbread.....a way to eat pure butter with just enough flour and a bit of sugar to make it into a cookie.

Sandra Moody

Swedish Spritz cookies made with real butter!


My whole family loves Snickerdoodles and these are the best:
When I make them at Christmas, I put the cinnamon in the dough and then roll the cookies in red or green sugar. Delicious!

Andy B.

Oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips - the recipe on the bag. Oatmeal Scotchies are my favorite at all times of the year.

My mom makes chocolate chip cookies but uses holiday M&M's instead of chips. I love those too! But those are definitely "mom cookies" for me.


Always chocolate chip cookies, recipe on the bag. Can't mess with perfection.


My kids and I always do gingerbread men cutouts. It is an annual tradition they start asking for the day after Thanksgiving.

Paula Pariset

Kiflings get my vote! AKA a Russian Teacake. I loved making them as a kid, rolling the hot cookie in the powdered sugar. Positively yummy!


We favor tradition spritz cookies made with butter and pressed through a cookie press every Christmas. We make the standard dough then divide it and change extracts and colors to make a variety of shapes and favors. My favorite are wreaths made with the addition of maple flavored icing and a walnut in the center! Our recipe book is old and covered with grease rings from the butter of years past.

Ellen Kucharik

The lady locks cookies are my favorites.


Chocolate Crinkle cookies are traditional in my family. The powdered sugar on the dark cookies always makes me think of snow on the mountains.

Dotty Herd

My sons, now ages 40 and 37 insist I continue to make them M&M cookies and party mix. I must be sure and put at least one red and one green on top before baking! I got the recipe from Woman's Day magazine in 1973.


Every year my mom makes us all bags of pecan fingers as part of our Christmas presents.

Ann M.

Our favorite Holiday cookie is a simple sugar cookie in various holiday shapes. My Grandma made them for years and we continue the tradition.

Alecia Helton

Fudge and Rum cake

Annette Triner

My mother-in-law always makes snickerdoodles and coconut macaroons. We all love them!


Sounds totally lazy, but I'm a sucker for the Pillsbury sugar cookies that have the reindeer or Santa's in the middle. They have Frozen ones this year!!!

Marjorie Millner

The Martha Stewart Cocoa Ginger cookies are my favorite also!! And her Torie's chocolate cherry toffee chip cookies! Wonderful crowd pleasers both.


We really enjoy the Rice Krispie treats that my mom used to make. They do not use marshmallows , instead they use peanut butter and Karo syrup, and they have a chocolate frosting on them - delicious!


I like to make the oatmeal cookie recipe on the Quaker oats box, but just for fun I add in chocolate chips and chopped nuts. Yum.


Last year I made some red velvet cookies with white chocolate chips. They were a bit hit. Everyone was very excited to see that I made them again this year.


Chocolate chip cookies have s Keats been my favorite.

Debora Soule

Snikerdoodles bacame our family favorite many years ago when daughter's 2nd grade class made cookies as a gift for their families. I was one of the volunteer moms who came in that week to bake with the kids. Fun to make with the kids, the house smells wonderful as they are baking. this looks like the recipe we used.

Tracy Hite

My first Christmas in college, my kid brother sent me a tin of Black Forest cookies he'd made in home ec - devils' food, cherry on top, and thick chocolate fudge over that. OMG they were good!


Spritz cookies (the ones you make with the cookie dough extruded through a little die) are our family "must have". My grandma worked at a bakery for years and little bags of green Christmas trees and red poinsettia cookies was a regular treat this time of year.


We make The Best Toffee Ever using this recipe.

We skip the almonds and use crushed candy canes instead.

Karen Pettyjohn

Buckeye bars! They are like Buckeyes in a pan. I got the recipe off of a postcards years ago. Also no-bake oatmeal cookies. I can make both of these with the grandchildren while their Mom uses the oven for other things.

Holly Beam

Coconut white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. It is a recipe from my stepmother. Although they aren't strictly a Christmas cookie, I only make them during the holidays because they are so yummy one tends to eat them until they are gone so I make them to share with people during this time of year.

Geraldine Scott

My family's favorite Christmas cookie comes out of the old Betty Crocker cookbook. It is made with powdered sugar and lots of butter and rolls out cookie cutter perfect! This looks like the same recipe onlineā€¦


We are totally a peanut butter cookie family. However, I like them baked really crunchy for better milk dipping, but my husband likes them soft and chewy. My daughter has yet to pick a side.


The classic chocolate chip cookie is loved around here.

Anne G

Spritz cookies made with a cookie press. We only make them once a year at Christmas. The Nutella stuffed cookie sounds fabulous but deadly! Love the beautiful colors of the Blue Moon yarn!


We love Peanut Blossoms... A PB cookie rolled in sugar squished with a chocolate star at the end of baking. Yum!


It was a family tradition during the holidays that my mom would make Snickerdoodles. We would come home from school and mom would have those baking in the over and she would give them to us warm out of the oven with a glass of milk. Even after I was married she would bring me over a tin. I make them now every year for my daughter and always make sure I have enough to send home with her

carol fun

I make a cookie we call a Chocolate Snowflake...a brownie like cookie rolled in powdered good!


Our favorite Christmas cookie is Chocolate Mint Cookies. It's a basic chocolate dough made with melted chocolate chips, chilled for an hour, then rolled into little balls and baked. As soon as they come out of the oven, we place 5 or 6 little green mint chips on each cookie, swirl with a spoon, and then add multi-colored sprinkles. The chips melt and hold into the sprinkles and then harden again when the cookies are cool. When cool, we store these cookies in my large North Pole tin, and enjoy with coffee or milk. They look very festive and taste yummy!

The original recipe came from a long-lost magazine decades ago. It's the toppings that really make the cookie.


Growing up we always made spritz (press) cookies. My husband would like it if I kept a supply of my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on hand at all times.

Kathleen Perrone

I love the sock yarn from your store. I would like to win some!


I love to roll out, cut out, bake, and decorate sugar cookies.

Michele Corbeil

Every December I make Ginger Spice cookies from an old Bon Appetit recipe


I love them warm, or even frozen!


Swedish Drommar are the best! I have my great-grandmother's recipe but as they call for baking ammonia so I usually just buy them from the Swedish Bakery in Chicago!


My Christmas favorite is "Santa's Whiskers" from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. An icebox cookie with cherries and pecans in the dough, then rolled in coconut....Chill, then slice and bake!
Recipe calls for candied cherries which are increasingly difficult to find so
I have been using dried.

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