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December 22, 2014


Carol Smith

My husband gave me a yarn swift this year and it's saved me a lot of begging for someone to hold my yarn while I wind it, and belly aching on the holder's part. :-)

Tina Champagne

Not a tool per se. I just try to break down the pattern into something I can relate to with manageable steps. Stitch markers are my friend. Highlighters too!

Jill Schroeder

I have gotten pretty good at continental knitting and find seed stitch at least tolerable that way.

Kay B.

Knit my first socks using 2 circular needles and two socks at a time. Confusing at first, but for me, the only way to knit. Also discovered on Ravelry, The Fish Lips Kiss Heel Sock Pattern. It allows you to have the perfect fit sock every time, no matter the yarn or the size needle! It is $1.00, but a dollar well spent.

Barbara G.

Lifelines for my 1st lace shawl!


Three things: Karbonz sock dpns, project bags, and Ella Rae lace merino sock yarn!


Funny you should mention Karbonz. I bought a set of Karbonz DPNs size 00 to knit finer gauge sock yarns at a tight gauge for socks that will wear well. I'm very impressed with them. I'll be adding a few more sets to replace my small gauge bamboo DPNs next year.


I just learned the afterthought heel and IM IN LOVE


Signature Needles... a little expensive, but I'm worth it!


I am a continental knitter and this year I taught myself how to do the Norwegian purl. I love to use it when I am working ribbing or seed stitch as the yarn is always held in back of the needle, so less hand movement, which means less strain on my hands. I find that I can knit a little longer this way.

Nathanne Verner

Karbonz double point needles have made my sock knitting go much faster. Unlike the wooden and bamboo dp's in size 0 and 1, the Karbonz do not snap and break.


I discovered if I knit for at least an hour in the evening it makes my family more enjoyable. I love my boys (2 and 4) dearly, but some days they make me crazy!

Linda Byrn

I started using karbonz needles.....what a difference!

Judie Digby

Have finally mastered the Magic Cast-on for Toe-up socks and my knitting life is great once again!


I started using Tuft Woolens solid wash for all fiber and handwashing. Love!!

Marjorie D

I made a "swift" using coat hangers, clothes pins, and a lazy susan following instructions I found online. What a difference it makes when I wind balls on my Nostepinne! No more tangled messes that happened when I used my knees as a swift.

Mary Anne

The "new" technique I'm practicing is real left-handed knitting--not just knitting backwards. By holding the yarn in my right hand AND by knitting from left to right, I find my tension is not so loose and my speed is better. It's definitely an advantage to be able to knit in both directions!


Actually no! PLUS I've lost 2 socks to HUGE holes in them. I need a bag to make me feel better......


Learned the crochet cast on for a loose cast on and for an easier (to me) provisional cast on technique using this YouTube video.


I have started using the twisted german cast on for my socks--which makes them fit much better!!!


Just got a new tablet,love being able to look at ravelry,or search for patterns wherever I am, and not have to lug my laptop around. I can look at beautiful yarn all day long:)


I've been knitting at an obsessive level for a long time, so I didn't find anything new this year. But, my indulgences that make knitting extra fun are cute stitch markers and project bags. They make an already enjoyable hobby even more fun.


FISH LIPS KISS HEEL!!! This has made me absolutely LOVE making socks! A few months ago I would have said Magic Loop, but FLK heel is just rocking my world right now.

Annette Triner

Keeping a nice pen in my bag has helped me take better notes so when I'm making a second sock in a pair for someone else, I don't have to keep recounting rows.

Dottie Myers

I've started downloading patterns on my phone so I will always have them with me.


I learned toe-up two-at-a-time on magic loop. It's the only way I knit socks now. No second sock syndrome, and I never run out of yarn. Love it!

Ginny Shuflin

This sounds really dumb but I just started using YouTube to get videos on new techniques. I am currently knitting a double knit Star Wars scarf. Would never been able to do it without YouTube.


I love my Karbonz! I never paid too much attention to project bags until I started buying your special kits. My Bird leg bags add a whole new dimension to my projects. I love to color coordinate with my yarn.


I have started using more square needles which I find very comfortable to knit with plus, the added bonus is that my knitting looks so much more even, which I love.


I took a class on knitting two socks at once - and I just love using the magic loop and not having to worry about the one sock syndrome!


I can tell a huge difference in my speed using the Addi sock rockets. I am able to knit faster. More socks to get done!

Mary Harting

I like a extra stretchy cast on I was taught this year.


I did a lot this year to keep my knitting from being disappointing. I used a life line with my lace shawl, made sure to swatch with my first sweater, and making ture to read directions -twice.


This is from a few years ago but when I started cabling without using any cable tools it was liberating!

Zoe Juniper

beading, I have learnt how to incorporate beads into my knitting.


I started using hiya hiya sharps, as I am a tight knitter. Love them, they have made sick knitting so much more fun and I learned to use 2 circs at a time!

Vicki Maynes

I started using Miss Babs Cosmic yarn! The variety of colors in one skein motivates me to keep knitting. I find myself wanting to know what color will pop up on my needles next! Good yarn makes knitting that much more enjoyable!

Susie Pitts

I have started using karbonz and love them. I have also returned to knitting one sock at a time and it has helped me knit faster, interestingly!

Pamela Czurak

I began using the "Magic Knot" and it is amazing. I have also been keeping my small and medium size bags with handles that I receive from purchases and place a different project in each one. The bag will hold the yarn, needles, pattern and any other accessories needed for the project. I then place them in a tote and when I finish one I grab another. The best part is it is a great way to have them for travel purposes.

Nancy Schultz

Been more careful with my gauge! And taken the time to read my patterns.


I found a great app to use on my Nook that allows me to categorize my patterns and allows me to be mobile with them when shopping. And it allows me to see the pictures as well and download from other sites on the internet.


I've been trying different heels. I've become a fan of the strong heel for my plain socks. I love the way they fit.


I've been experimenting with some different cast-ons and bind offs. Not one I'd highlight but I'm trying to give myself more permission to experiment...and fail!


Bought a craft table from Joann's that I use with my blocking squares and blocking wires. The height makes it easier for me to stand and pin my knitted pieces.

brenda Luce

I switched to circular needles for everything love not having all the weight

Deb Zurawski

I started using the jog less method when changing colors while knitting in the round.


Square needles! I almost had to give up sock knitting, my hands ached to much, and then I discovered square needles.


It's just a strand of left-over yarn but I really find a "life" line is useful when knitting lace patterns. I wish I'd known about it long before now!

Lucy Portland

I enjoy Knit Companion. It makes following charts so easy.


I got longer circular needles this year to work on shawls and that makes it much easier to see the pattern, fix mistakes and not lose stitches. Glad it finally occurred to me this year - sure made it easier.


I can't think of any new tip or trick I found helpful this year. I'm still using my Addi Turbos; knitting socks cuff-down; using different cast-ons depending on project; love all my sock yarn. I am still learning and knitting patterns that I would have passed by several years ago. I am still learning and hope this continues

Sandra Cash

Just started using square needles to see if it will help my carpel tunnel numbness. Let's hope.

Julie V.

I have finally learned to knit stranded one-handed and have good tension without puckering. Now I can't stop knitting . . . Just one more row.


i updated my list of needles on ravelry!

Tracy H.

I'm learning to recycle old projects. I pulled out the socks that don't fit right, that I've only worn once or twice, and I'm giving the yarn another chance by unraveling so it can be combined into new better socks.

Kim K

I learned how to knit socks two at a time! I love it!!


I was afraid of cable until this year. Finding the right cable needle (wood with notches or even a wooden double pointed needle) made all the difference in the world. I'm still a novice cabler, but I am no longer afraid.

Geri Heagy

I've been storing all my patterns as PDF files on their own flash drive. They are easily accessible and I can even email them to my Kindle!

Julie Davidson

I definitely need to try some of these tools on the list. This year I am using bags made by my mother and being really grateful that she is still here and has the energy to make them. The last 2 years were really hard on her.

Ellen Burleson

My new tools this year are the Clover Wonder Clips - the small red ones and the large green ones. They come in so handy holding yarn ends temporarily in place, and they come in handy while quilting too.


The last couple of pairs of socks that I've done I've used the circular decrease method for the toe, and I'm liking the results.

Helen King

I have been buying my yarn from a LYS. I think it is a better grade of yarn, not full of knots where it has been tied. Also I have learned the hard way to use lifelines.


I've started using my stash of sock yarn on more than just socks. I'm hooked on knitting Sockhead Hats!

Kathleen Kupinsky

I've switched to using Karbonz needles and they have made knitting even more enjoyable for me.

Barbara Wonsowicz

I have discovered simply sock yarn site! I love the variety.

Karen Moss

Cable knitting and needles. A whole new world opens up.


Knitting is my way to combat stress on most days, so I haven't spent much energy on learning new things this year. I'm itching though to really learn short rows and also learn to crochet. I have an urge to crochet my sock yarn left overs into squares that can be sewn together as a blanket.


I learned the Old Norwegian stretchy cast on. My top down socks are now a joy to put on instead of a struggle

Jenny K

I like using the 40 in addi turbo socks needles for making 2 socks on one needle.


I'm using my phone for patterns, which makes me knitting really portable!

Barbara Russo

Probably my best discovery this year was KnitCompanion. This spp on my ipad has been a huge help. Everything from charts, row markers, little notes to tool ever !!


Project bags, lots and lots of project bags!! For my multiple WIP's!!
And Knit Companion!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, KC!!! Did I mention that I Love Knit Companion!! It makes tracking a project oh,so easy. And all of the extras that can done with the program make things so much easier, I am still learning, but, even without learning everything there is to know, I don't know what I did before KC!!!


I learned life is too short to knit with crappy yarn!

Cheryl Adams

I love technology for my knitting. I can have all my patterns all the time. It's so nice when I am at a yarn store, fall in love with some yarn and need to know just how much I need. Bam, bring it up on my phone or iPad and I know how much to get. Also, I love StashBot from Hannah Fettig. I can put in the stitches per inch and type of garment and it gives me a pretty close idea of how much yarn.

Sue N

I love the new Karbonz needles - size one circulars. I took them along with some special yarn on a trip with my two siblings and knit a special pair of socks. I gifted them to my sister at the end of the trip as a 'memory'. The other 'tool' I use is my Dropbox account. I put patterns in and some of my sock knitting 'formulas' and can easily access that when I need to quickly find something.


I've discovered stitch markers! Makes lace knitting much easier and all the different kinds are fun.


I learned short-row and gusset style heels for socks. Being able to do all the recipes has let me make my best pairs of socks yet!


Cabling Without a Cable Needle! I flew through the Orange Peel shawl due to this technique.

Teresa C

Life is too short to knit with yarn or tools that you don't like.


I am really enjoying my cute project bag that came with my Halloween kit. Also cedar balls. I tuck them into my larger basket that contains wool yarn so that the moths don't eat it.

Patt Ward

I am always trying and learning new things in Knitting. I have been knitting about 47 years, and just when you think that there is nothing new under the sun....BAM! A new technique. I bought the book by Vicki Twigg and have been teaching myself the twigg stitch.


Doing socks on 8" needles now love it , way faster

Kristina R

I have discovered Google Drive! I can download and sort all of my knitting PDFs and access them anywhere.


I bought some silk/mohair blend yarn to put in the heels of my sock. I'm going to do it right after I finish Christmas knitting!

Karen Majors

I knit continental, so getting used to throwing when I do color work is getting easier, after having done a few of those projects this year.


I have grown to love my Karbonz needles that hubs gave me for Christmas last year!


Me too! With the project bags. So nice having everything in one spot. If I happen to still toss things on the coffee table, well, that's on me. 😁

Kathy Housley

I've learned that if I want to finish a project it has to be challenging otherwise I'm bored and won't finish it.

Stephanie V

Last yer I bought interchangeable did I ever manage before? My new technique wa to try beading. While I didn't totally love it, I will not be afraid of using it in the future.

Jane H

I finally broke down and bought the Addi Click Turbo interchangeables. No more needles from Hobby Lobby!


I learned to knit continental style.


Craftsy website when classes are on sale.... Like NOW!!!

Jan Hainje

I have learned how to do the Kitchener stitch this year. I think I could do it blindfolded. I also knit my first all-over lace shawl. Now that I know I can do that, it's opened up a whole new list of projects for me.

Lisa Brown

Well first magic loop, love using magic loop for some odd reason using 2 circs didn't work for me I had lasers double points are what I learned on and never had laders but learned magic loop because it's easier to just toss in a bag also I learned short row heels oh man socks are so easy NOW!


I made my first fair isle projects. Have a lot to learn, but I got started on this technique.

Donna reed

I am still using my same tools. Nothing new for me.


I've learned how to knit toe up socks using the magic loop method. I've never made so many socks for Christmas before.


I've made several small project bags from old graphic tees. I also made a fabric roll to hold all my needles, hooks, and assorted tools.

Pam Hunter

I have discovered the Turkish cast on. I like this even better than Judy.s cast on because it leaves no seams. I really enjoy making toe up socks now.

Sara B.

I've started using a light that hangs around my neck. WIth this, I can knit while my DH drives and it doesn't blind anyone (like a head lamp) when I look up.
It's called Beam N Read. 1-800-771-3600
I love it! I heard about it from a quilter.

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