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December 22, 2014


Debra Jacobs

Like an earlier post, floops have been an added necessity for all my projects, I am also loving the bird leg bags and other project bags to keep my items nice as I am working on them.


Knitting socks on 9 inch circulars has really made the process more enjoyable for me. I was die hard magic looper 2-at-a-timer for years but I now use the shorties as well.


I have started organizing my out of control stash. I was finding that I would buy yarn for a project and forget that I had it and buy some more. So I bought a bookcase and ziploc bags so when I buy the yarn for a project I put them in the bag with the pattern. Then into the bookcase so I can see what I have. Boy do I have a lot of projects to do after I went through the stash and matched them up with their patterns. I have a second bookcase that I put the rest of my yarn in so I can see what I have left for any future projects. I keep telling myself I need to stop buying yarn because it's pretty but maybe that will be next years resolution.


I learned how to do toe up socks using Judy's magic cast on, a star toe so that I don't have to kitchner, and that I really do not like stitch markers that dangle down. Somehow, I always manage to knit the dangling bit into my project.

Angela Medina

Conquered 2 socks at a time Magic Loop style!


It would be nice to find a newly discovered tool for knitting, like really nice interchangeable, but I guess I'll just keep using the interchangeabless I bought earlier this year. Knit picks harmony.

misty tracy

Addi sock rockets!

Jenny Cathey

I got a magnetic chart holder with long magnet to keep my place. Love it! I'll never knit lace without it again!


I love my little electronic row counter (about $5.00 or less)! I wear it on my right thumb; it does not get in the way. It keeps my brain from wandering while I do toe decreases.

Amber W

I've discovered using my iPad for patterns helps keep my project area less cluttered. I'm slowly learning an organized space is a happy space!

Julie Breuninger

Fish lips kiss heel - it is wonderful, makes socks go so much faster. Mine would sit waiting for the gusset to be picked up. Now I just zip along.


I like using bamboo needles.
I like the feel in my hand.
It's my best.


I like my 9-inch circulars for knitting socks and fingerless gloves. I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments and can't wait to try some of the other favorites!

Deborah Nelson

I love DPN', and always used the bamboo or birch needles, but since I switched to aluminum, my socks just fly off the needles

Karen G.

At RHinebeck this year I bought Heal My Hands lotion bars, and they're a great way to safely keep moisturizer in my knitting bag. I'm also thrilled to have interchangeable knitting needles.


I just love my new Karbonz starter set needles. They are so light in weight which makes me knit faster. Love the feel of them in my hands

Marcye Haire

I learned Judy's Magic Cast On. Now I only do toe up socks. I also learned Cat Bordi's Sweet Tomato Heel. No turning heels or gussets. It fits smooth too. It is an electronic book. So great on iPad. Best fitting and easiest sock I've ever done.


I finally got eyeglasses. It's amazing how much my knitting has improved now that I can see:-)


This seems very beginner-ish, but I've experimented with metal needles for speed and square wooden ones for control, and Karbonz for a combination of speed and control. I received a starter kit of wooden interchangeable circulars for Christmas last year and everything has changed.

Cindy Carpenter

mine is a new (to me) technique: the reverse e cast on instead of doing a k1f&b for an increase in a sock gusset. I like the smoother look, and it is very easy.


This year, I switched from double points to 2 circulars. Still have a little trouble getting started, but once it gets going, it's so much nicer.

Carrie McD

I have gotten better at knitting backwards for bobbles and Entrelac and my stitches are more uniform when I do it.


I learned a new way to cast on

Renee' Sawyer

Since I am a little sick in the yarn department (in a happy way) I keep a spread sheet so I know what I have. That has been helpful. I also do the same for quite a few of my patterns.


I started to learn the magic loop and how to knit socks on straight needles! Fast and fun!

Janice Boulukos

I taught myself to use magic loop while knitting socks, so much better then double pointed needles. Also Addi sock rockets, love them!

Shirley macemon

I harvest and re-spin or ply yarns from high quality thrift store sweaters. Cashmere for dollars (not hundreds of dollars) a project!

Cathy V

I finally got a tablet. I'm using it to store patterns in progress and for future use. I also have access to Ravelery and YouTube. Cool! I've also been bitten by the project bag bug.

Annmarie Fournier

My favorite tools I purchased this year are the I pad mini. Can't live without it!! Download patterns instantly, blow them up and read the charts much better!! I just love the addi sock rockets and the ewe clip that clips on the end of your needles and won't come off till you Un snap it. Can't live without cute knitting bags either!!
Happy Holiday's and happy Knitting

Cyn Jaedike

This year I have been learning and using more complex stitches. Not just learning how to make the stitch or read the pattern or chart, but to read the fabric created so well that it's easy to find and quickly notice mistakes. Especially when having a complex pattern on the needles, I have to use project bags to keep the work safe from inquisitive grandpeeps and yarn thriving kitten.

Debbie H

I got a rigid heddle loom and I love combining loomweaving with knitting and crochet. Thanks

Julie D

I finally got a needle gauge and gauge counter. It has been amazing for counting out stitches when working up patterns.

Beth Mercado

I got my first pair of Addis this year and fell in love! Quality does matter.

Harmony G.

I actually have to agree with the use of a nice project bag. I just purchased a couple but up until recently was just using the paper bag from my LYS or a random one from around the house.

Sherry Myers

I started using Mesh Bags to store my stash in. I like that I can see through the bag but they still hold a lot


I love the karbonz dpns!

Sara Lucas

I love lace point needles. They make life so much easier when doing intricate patterns. The other thing I love is knitting with friends. Such joy to share goals, solve problems, enjoy finished projects and just have a good laugh!


I started using my iPad for my patterns and just love it!

Southern gal

Agree with others about using iPad for patterns. I got a Mini in late winter and adore it. So easy to carry and have my pattern

And yes I started buying project bags because I am really only knitting socks these days. The prices keep me from buying too many but I am slowly adding them. Wish I could buy a lot at once


I love my dpn holders. Don't know what I did without them

Donna V

I've started using Knit Companion on my iPad - and now I wonder how I ever did anything without it :-)

Kay Popelka

I got a set of Karbonz dpn's this year and I love them! They aren't as slick as metal needles and stronger than bamboo.


Using a chart holder for more complicated pattern. Makes it so much easier to focus.


I love using a knitting counter app on my iPhone. No more losing the post it note.


I found 2 new needle manufacturers this year. The wooden Knitters Pride Cubics seem to be helping my hands since I can use a lighter grip, and my ChiaoGoo Red circs have the perfect tip for manipulating stitches.


No new tricks or techniques this year, but my New Year's resolution is to knit (and complete) a pair of socks.

Ruth Colville

I tried toe-up and two-at-a-time magic looping my socks with a new-to-me heel, the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I like being able to match stripes easier if I am having a matchy-matchy week, but I still lean to cuff-down dpns!

Ann Walsh

I learned how to double knit and picked up a yarn guide. It's fantastic!

Also, I finally decided to figure out cabling and am so happy I did cause they are so much easier than I thought and make things interesting and pretty :)

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