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December 18, 2014



I am a Magic loop girl for socks and everything else that needs to be done in the round. DPs were way too unorganized for me!!


2 circulars!

Lisa p

I prefer double points. That's how I learned and it's stuck with me. No pun intended!

Renee' Sawyer

Definitely double points! I tried 2 circular needles and that was ok (but one time I started going the wrong way and that was not ok!) There is something about the rhythm of the double points that is soothing to me. I have never tried the magic loop but I will someday.

Jessica mcconnell

H mmm.. My preferred method is actually crochet. I know a lot of people say no but new techniques make them very stretchy and soft. Check out my instagram- jmcconnell24

Cyndy Landers

I use double points and top down! I can't seem to break out of that mold! Cute cute bag!


Always double points. I prefer bamboo although I've tried other materials including wood and the new synthetics and I like them. Being a collector by nature, I'm crazy about the color coded sets..each size a different color.


I greatly prefer using DPNs for socks. I will occasionally use Magice loop to knit socks for little kids (a round or 2 difference is noticeable in those tiny sizes) but for mine I just like the feel of using DPNs. Right now I'm trying a tiny (9") circ & that is my least favorite of all - I think I might even prefer 2 circs to it (I find that method way too fiddly). I'm not especially adverse to magic loop & often use it for hats or sleeves but for socks I like my DPN's preferably in bamboo.


2 circs, 16" cables, always.

Lisa Viviano

I'm a two at the time on 2 circulars, top down. Recently tried magic loop and may try again.

Anne G

I've only knit 2 pairs of socks and used double pointed needles. I used magic loop for knitting stuffed toys so I might try it for socks. Right know I'm focused on knitting scarves with sock yarn.


I am a Looper. Just works best for me. I use it for most any circular type project. The Addi sock rockets you carry are fabulous for this purpose.


I am a magic looper diehard. I used to knit them on double points but love Magic Lop. I also am a top down girl. Goal this year to do a toe up pair.


I'm currently knitting my very first pair of socks and it's Magic Loop. The first sock is finished but that 2nd sock really does seem to take at least twice as long LOL!

I've only used DPN on a sleeve on a sweater and it seemed like those needles were sticking me everywhere! I may give them a try again though.

I'm not familiar with the 2 circular needle method - maybe I'll have to give that a try.

But first, I have to finish that 2nd sock!!


I have only done socks once and it was on DPN and I was frightened that the stitches would come off.


DPNs and the sharper the point the better. Also, top down. I can't get the toe up to be the right size. My daughter appreciates that because they always end up too big for me, but they fit her.

Barbara Huffman

I was taught the magic loop , but switching to DPN"s to do the heel ,
and then back to circular .
Also top down . I make the same pattern , plain vanilla ? ,
but with all the awesome sock yarn , a wonderful variety of socks !


I prefer double points. My favorite needles are Crystal Palace bamboo. Have tried the 2 circs. method. Just not for me.

Alecia Helton

Once you get over the awkwardness of managing multiple needles, working with double points is easy peasy! And top down for me, too. Took a class on magic loop but it didn't stick.


I'm a magic loop sock knitter but recently purchased some 9" circulars and will be trying that method on my next pair. One of these days I'm going to try 2 circulars. I've tried DPN's and found them too fiddly.


I started on double points but have slowly switched to magic loop. I held out because I dislike having to slide my stitches onto the needles. Eventually though being able to get all the heel or pattern stitches onto one needle won me over. Except when starting toe-up socks.

Rhonda Atkinson

I love DPN's working with 5. I have tried the 9" circular but don't like that and haven't tried anything else. Am quite content to use my skinny sticks. I love Kollage squares but am now trying the Signatures. Love them too.


I am still trying to decide between DPN and circulars. There are pros and cons for each. I still get some laddering with circulars ( can't seem to get the tension quite right), but I am having a great time figuring it out!


I like to use 2 circs. For me it reduces laddering and I seem to drop less stitches. Love the sharp tips on the Addi needles.


5 double point needles. I did learn how to use 2 circular needles and promptly forgot how to do it.

Geraldine Scott

Toe-up-two-at-a-time-magic-loop for me!


I'm definitely a double points girl. I've tried the magic loop, but didn't really like it. I make my socks toe up and the double points seem to make it much easier.


I love using short circs (8" or 9") for socks (with DPNs for heel & toe)! They're so much less fiddly than DPNs or magic loop, and faster too, since I don't have to rearrange needles/stitches that I'm holding. (Hiya hiya sharps are my fave.)


I haven't been knitting socks for very long, but it has only been on DPNs and I can't see that changing anytime soon.

Deborah Graham

I use double points, although I just started using Chai Goo circulars in size 1 for socks. Takes awhile to get used to them, but I am hanging in there. The yarn and bag are gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Dana Timmerman

DPN's along with a 9' circ.


I prefer dpns cuff-down , but I have just learned to do two at a time, toe up, magic loop.


I started using two circulars when I learned to knit socks. Now I use them all the time no matter what I knit. For some reason, my arthritic hands can handle them better than any other method.


5 double pointed needles. I was an entrenched top down sock knitter until recently; now, I'm really liking the toe up technique!


I prefer 2 circulars, 2 at a time, toe up...I love the shortest Addi Turbos...

Judi Kennedy

I don't know if it's the magic loop, but I use 1 circular needles, 36 to 40 in length. I used to use dp needles but I kept losing one of them.


I am two circs all the way. That's how I learned and I still love it best. I don't have to worry about any stitches falling off the needles while they aren't in my hands, and I find I don't have a problem with ladders at the needle joins that way that I do when I use dpns.

I also prefer top-down, but I can deal with toe-up if I need to.

I HATE two-at-a-time. Too much yarn tangling.


Toe-up, two at a time, magic loop


Double points all the way. I did knit one pair on tiny little circulars, but had to switch needles for the heel and toe, so it seemed more trouble. On my list of things to try—two at a time, maybe magic loop, but I do like my dpn's.


I like to work with 2 circulars, but I am learning how to knit with double points right now!


I am definitely a Magic Looper and one at a time.

Holly Waldrop

For socks, two circulars! One - because that's how I was taught. And two - because I always laugh thinking about Cat Bordhi and the "udder" needle.


I always use double points. I tried two circulars on a hat when I didn't have the correct size 9 dpn and it was ok but I don't think I would like it for socks. I will someday try magic loop.


Double points! I do not like magic loop at all. I have thought about trying two circulars but haven't yet, mostly because it means buying another needle.

Love, love, love that project bag... Fingers crossed!

Andrea Fogg

Hiya Hiya 9 inch circ's and dpn's for heels and toes, but only for adult socks. Have to use dpn's for childrens socks. Love the 9 inch circ's though because I knit so much faster with them it compensates for the 'slow down' of changing to dpn's at heel and toe.
BTW- I almost never post on blogs, just lurk:O) THIS is such a great idea!


I prefer magic loop or to use 2 circulars if all my long needles are spoken for.


Two-at-a-time Magic Loop all the way! I like DPNs, just not for socks. I used to use the 2 circ method before I learned the loop, and now that just seems too fiddly. I do both top-down and toe-up, although I always short change the foot on toe-ups!


While I have knit socks both ways I prefer toe up on 2 circulars


I'm all about the double points. They make me feel so clever. And I knit socks top down, although I do have a Craftsy class waiting for me to learn the toe-up method. Maybe that should be a New Year's resolution.

Joan Grahlfs

I do 2 socks on 2 needles. No second sock syndrome. Both come out even. No row counting.
The project bag and yarn were made for each other.


I like to knit my socks toe-up on magic loop.


I like DPN's. I have done the magic loop method and used two circulars on different projects but I prefer DPN's. A gifted designer will split the stitches so they fit logically on separate needles and then you don't have to think so hard to remember where you are in the pattern.

Kass Black

DPN all the way, although the second sock takes forever to finish!

Karen Pettyjohn

I knit socks on DPN's as well as anything knit in the round like hats or sweater sleeves. The project bag is cute and good yarn is like oxygen to me!


While I learned to knit socks on DPNs, cuff down, I prefer to knit toe up using 2 circulars. In a pinch, I do use magic loop (that's what I am using right now).


I learned on dpn and they worked fine. But, took a class on magic loop and am hooked!


Love, love, LOVE! My short wooden douple points for socks and really anything in the round.

Dottie Myers

I always use double pointed needles to do socks or mittens. Love the bag!!

Catherine Murzyn

Two circulars or dpn's :)

Andy B.

My preferred method is one-at-a-time toe-up on two cirs, but working two socks in tandem on two sets of needles. I also enjoy working with DPNs and I don't mind top-down either!


Magic Loop whenever possible...if I don't have the right needle available, I use 2 circulars.


For most socks, 9 inch circulars! Switching to ML at heels and toes. ML for TAAT socks.

Barb Thompson

Traditional double points for me! I don't know the other methods.

Tammee Gardiner

I am a die-hard magic loop! DP drive me crazy! I either lose stitches or end up with ladders where the stitches aren't tight enough.

Beth L.

Always DPNs. Always :)

Debbie Hammer

I've not quite figured out magic loop so I do double points.

Sharon Edmondson

I am definitely a hard-core magic looper. I used to knit socks strictly cuff-down with the heel flap and gusset, but I am recently expanded my horizons to different after-thought heels and toe-up construction. Thank you for the opportunity.


I love doing Magic Loop because if I didn't do 2aat, I may never have a completed pair of socks. AND after learning toe up, that's all I've done as well, so I can use more of my yarn. But, since I have size 10 (us) feet, I don't get a very long leg, anyway.

Diane True

Definitely Magic Loop! I basically use my circular needles for everything!

Leslie Fehr

I use a combination of 9" circulars and DPNs for my socks. I get a better tension for the leg and foot portions on the circular and the DPNs make short work of the heel flap and turning the heel and then finishing the toe. I find it easier to follow a special pattern for the sock top when using the circular needle. I'm a HiyaHiya needle lover.

Phyllis Howard

I haven't learned to do to much,, DPN's and thats about it...would love to learn the magic way!!!


I love the comfort of bamboo DPN's but if I ever want a completed pair, 2@AT on 2 circulars gets the job done.


I prefer magic loop. I've done DPNs but like magic loop best. Cute bag, would love to win it and red socks, yum

Kelly Heck

I use 9 inch circulars for socks. I don't like dpn's and the couple of times I've tried magic loop were a failure. I haven't given up on magic loop though but right now I'm happy with my tiny circulars.


I use magic loop because I'm to clumsy with double points.


Definitely DPNs. I like the rhythm and it just seems easier to me. I would like to try a pair of toe up socks in 2015. The cherry red yarn would be perfect!


Double points, top down. Always!

Sara Oldenburg

I used to use dpns, but now I only use Magic Loop. No more dropping needles!


Magic looper!


I wish I could knit with double points, when I try they just feel like a handful of kittens… very little control. I do use them for the toe and heel but use 9" circular needles for the rest (top down). This was how I was taught to do socks… maybe it's time to take another class, I hear the magic loop is great. p.s. love today's bag! I have one with the mushroom pattern, love the size and flat bottom.

Andrea B

I use 9" Hiya Hiya's - I don't like the ladders I get from using double points.

Deb Holbrook

DPNs all the way! I've tried magic loop but it's just too fidgety for me. I will admit that I'm currently flirting with using two circs but I'm still undecided if I'll make it a regular thing.

Tracy Hite

I've always preferred the fit on top-down socks. Used to be exclusively DPNs until I picked up magic loop for a Hexipuff afghan.

amanda white

Magic loop 2 at a time:)


I usually use the little short circulars, but the pair I'm knitting right now are on dpn,s because they were an in between size I needed for this yarn. I do admit that the short circulars are harder on my hands, but I like not having to keep track of the dpn's.


DPNs, top down. I wish I could do two at a time on two circs, but that way just never felt comfortable to me.


I am a die-hard double point needle fan. I have tried using the magic loop and just wasn't that impressed with it. I have also used the 2 circular needles, but I always seem to keep coming back to the double points. That is all my mom used to use back in the day. I guess I am just a bit old fashioned.


I'm a steadfast fan of dpns! I used to use exclusively bamboo or wood, but I recent bought a set of Karbonz in size 0 that were great to work with!

Joanne Christman

I use DPs and a small circular needle. I'm not sure which one I prefer.


Hi Allison - I love knitting with my double pointed needles (one is bent) and from the top down. I love the sound they make !


Double points for the 3 socks I have knit! Yes 3. Still need to knit the 4th for the complete pair!!

Kathy Housley

I'm a double pointer!


I am a top-down, one at a time, knitting on 2 circulars kind of girl. I will occasionally go toe-up if I want to get every last bit out of that yarn.


Magic loop 2atca time.

Harmony G.

I am a straight up DPN's all the way, the whole sock!


I prefer double pointed needles to knit socks, and if the pattern states toe-up, even better!


Double pointed, but would love to learn magic loop


I think I like magic loop the best, but it depends on the sock pattern!
Karbonz or Signature since the wooden ones break.... Do I have stories!

Danielle K

Die hard magic looper!!

Kathie Abel

I use Magic Loop when I'm traveling so I don't have to search the floor of the car for a needle dropped...otherwise, I prefer doublepoints. I'm not a big fan of "hurry up and finish it." The process is soothing for me, so I tend to use nice hardwood doublepoints and just enjoy the feel in my hands.

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