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December 19, 2014


Jessica mcconnell

I love self stripping yarn. It seems basic but its hard to find just a red white stripe. I'd be boring and obvious and call it can't cane.

Jeanne Tufano

Colors: blue, pine green, lilac, deep purple, cream, navy: name--> Mood Indigo


I would combine red, black and white and call it wrought iron red

Alecia Helton

I like bright Spring and Summer colors with an unexpected color in the mix. Lots of colors, but not necessarily striped. I let the colors indicate the name rather than choose a name before seeing the colors.


I would use shades of the colors blue, pink, orange, and yellow and call it Beach Sunset. I have fond memories of watching the sun set when we were at St. Petersburg Beach.


Mostly black with short segments of the following colors: red, blue, gold, green, magenta, orange (to represent fireworks and/or neon lights). In honor of a Pittsburgh tradition, I'd call it "Light Up Night".

Ann Walsh

For colours, I would love to create something irridescent, in blues and greens, with shinyness and some black. Kind of like this stone:

As for name: Labradorescence


I'd combine stripes of copper, lime green, and black and call it Madrone.

diana foltz

i'd use fall colors of reds, golds, greens and purples and would name it 'top of the world' after a favorite hiking place in cuyahoga falls, ohio.


I would do gold sparkly with cream and call it caramel corn.

Laure Trimmer

I would use rusts, golds, greens and browns and would name it Midwest Symphony.


I would create a random hand dye colorway of red, black ,silver and white. I would call it "Chinese Fire Drill" My late father used this term for organized chaos.

Ann W.

Shades of blues/purples. Not sure of what to name it but I love reading the names the Blue Moon gives their skeins and other companies. Maybe "Moody Blues".

Leila spencer

I would do rainbow stripes and name it the theory of everything after the brilliant Stephen Hawkins


I would use pink, coral, yellow, blue, and violet which remind me of the beautiful flowers and home colors in my favorite city, Charleston, SC. The name would be Rainbow Row.


I'm a diehard University of Texas fan, so I think I would design a play on burnt orange and white with variations of shades of burnt orange. And I would call it Hook 'em Horns. It would be my go to yarn for not only socks, but for baby gifts for many of our friends.


I would design a skein with fall in mind, deep golds, russet reds, vibrant greens and call it MAPLE MAGNET.


Living in the desert, I tend toward "deserty" colors: Copper, Turquoise, Amethyst. I guess I'd call it Desert Dreamz

Lisa p

I'd combine blues and greens, and name it a few of my favorite things!


I think I would try "Beanie" and use jelly bean shades!!!!!


Tonal red. Cause red is my favorite color and I love nice rich tonal yarn - so many uses! AS for what to call it, that would take me a while to think about. Maybe something along the lines of "Red Hot!" ;)


Self-striping in red, yellow, blue and green: LegoLand. (Clearly this only works in my head where trademark infringements aren't an issue.) I definitely wouldn't name it after myself, but books, movies, and puns are all fair game.


Our team is the Toronto Blue Jays and I've been looking for striping yarn to represent our team colours.

Helen King

I would use blues and purples and name it Spring Parade.

Cindy Putnam

I'm not creative with names, but I love anything with orange in it, so if I designed a colorway it would be the colors of fall leaves: oranges, yellows, dark reds, tans.


Hi Allison - my colorway would be multi and in shades of blues and greens like the Caribean waters. I would name it Pirate Mike's Water Way after my husband who just wants to sail around the Caribean!

Amy S.

I would do a multi-color of dark ocean blue, caribbean blue and sand and call it At the Beach!


I'd (well, I already did actually) sprinkle pink and spring green and a bit of brown on a natural creamy base and call it Almond Orchard. Just like the orchards in the spring.


Oh my, this is the perfect question to overthink. I love lime green and grey, so that would make a lovely self stripe (with a bit of black), maybe call it Absinthe Glass.

And I love retro-y shades, like avocado and mustard and olive, mix those with a deep teal and some purples... maybe call it "Sixties" It'd easily fit in the 1960s or 1860s!


Lichen- gold,gray/ brown with light green. That's the best I can do. Natures colurs in the autumn.

Lisa Soderman

Wow! The choices!
I would name one "Dairyland He**!" Because that is what I call the state I currently live in! Colors would be creams, blacks, grays, a small shot of green with splashes of red and maybe a bit of cranberry.
Next I would have "Pet Pot Luck" for my menagerie of animals! Blacks, whites, gold, nutmegs!

Leslie Fehr

I'd love to see a stripping yarn of weathered colors - reds, blues and a creamy yellow and maybe a lilac. I'd call it Old Painted Ladies.


I would do shades of teal and purple with a light pink tinge....I would call it shades of sundown.


I'm an Elvis fan so I think black, grey, blue and maybe a purple colorway. I would call it Jailhouse Rock.

Patty McD

I would stripe teal and chartreuse, with a small stripe of black and I'd call it "Home Sweet Home"!


Id die a multi with pink, yellow, turquoise, white and a touch of black and name it Delightful and Charming in honor of a friend of mine.


I love have skeins of yarn that mimic the colors of the 4 seasons. I do love looking at the names that Blue Moon comes up with for their yarn. (I knew someone who used to say, "Isakabibble".) I find it entertaining and fun that they use song lyrics and movie quotes as yarn names. I am also thinking that there is no such thing as too many Christmas inspired yarns and perhaps there should be one named "Merry and Bright" and then another called "To All a Good Night".


I would grey blues and greens with a little white and call it hobbit dreams for my favorite movies the hobbit and lord of the rings trilogy.


This is a hard question for me! Living in Ofegon, though, I would like to see a green and yellow combo and call it "Just Ducky" in honor of the Oregon Ducks.



I would name the yarn Four Seasons. The colors would be the pale green of daffodil leaves, the medium yellow of forsythia blossoms, a red-orange of zinnia flowers, a deep purple of larkspur flowers, a medium brown of acorns, a medium red-brown of maple leaves, a dull deep green of pine needles, and, of course a white of a snowdrift. The colors would knit up into three or four row stripes.


"Skyline" with stripes of sky blue and grass green.


I am a sucker for pink and brown together so probably that and I don't know what I would call it. Probable somwthing unoriginal like tickled pink.


Lime, purple and yellow. Spring pansies


I have a magnet with all of the ribbons for cancer research, and so I would do stripes with each of the colors, and call it "together we will win".


I would do a variegated with oranges, blues, and greens. I'd call it Happy.


I love earth colors so maybe something with a range of light beige and 2-3 shades of brown and end with a dark brown. Not a zany person so I might name if Piece of Earth


I would have to use all of my favorite colors: a deep blue, teal, purple, magenta with a touch of bright pink and bright green. Think I would name it Deep Sea Journey!

Tori Masaki

I would name colorways after Japanese foods. Because I love them. You know, like a gray/brown colorway called Unagi (eel)!!


I think I would go with some fall colors like gold, forest green with some deep maroon thrown in. And I would name it something long "Scattered leaves beneath a tree in fall in New England when the weather has just started to turn and you would like to be sitting next to a fire drinking cider." Or maybe just "Fall" :-)

Brenda B

Blues and greens combined and I'd call it Planet.


Bright colors with sparkles and call it Beach Blanket--love the beach and all the bright different color towels (blankets) spread out on the glistening sand!!


I would make a multi with red, bright green, purple and a soft white. I would call it Creole Carnival as this combination reminds me of the Mardi Gras masks. The twelve days of Christmas has been a blast! The sharing of comments and ideas have added so much to the Christmas season. What fun, thanks.


I would choose a large mix of jewels tones. I would then name it "Blue" because to my toddler all colors, no matter the actual name, are called "Blue"!

Barb F.

I would use lime green, yellow, and turquoise, and call it Key West.


Soft pink, raspberry, chocolate, and blue....Pink Bunny Suit (The Christmas Story Movie)

Patricia Richardson

My colors would be purples and blues and I would name it Purple Haze.

Rose Birchall

Gray, pink and purple and call it Winter.

Cindy Strick

I would mix a sprite/neon green, purple, black, and glitter. I would call it Bartholomew after a very dear friend, because these are her favorite colors and she is a very dear person who does everything for everyone else, so I would like to do something for her!


So many possibilities. I think I would pick white, tan, browns, black in a self-striping and name it after one of my favorite pets.

Sharon Edmondson

I lean toward jewel tones, so navy, burgundy, green and gold self-striping. I would name it Plaxico for my priceless puppy.


Shades of greens and browns, and call it RainForest.

Rhonda Atkinson

I think I'd like to have a semi-solid coloring of pinks and roses with sparkly yarn (silver) and name it Rose of Theresa after a favorite Saint.


Shades of turquoise and brown and name it Suzanne's Socks. My niece's favorite colors.


I would do blues and chocolate brown and call it Socks at Tiffany's.


I go through color phases, and right now, I love mint green. I'd pair it with navy and gray, and given that my mint fixation is bordering on certifiable, I'd name it De-Minted.

Liz Awsumb

Purple, green, and red, and I would call it "I dropped my wine glass"

Lisa viviano

I would do a striped yarn In Green, yellow, rose and white and call it teacup. (Colors oft favorite tea cup at home).


Stripes of greens (maybe 5 different values and colors of green) and call it Emerald City.


I would do a grey, slate blue, beige and deep bright evergreen and call it wuthering heights. I love the bronze sisters works and would love yarn inspired by them.


Greens, greens and more greens!
A name with something nature related perhaps....Eco!


Stripes in shades of pink, named after my g'daughter because pink is her favorite color.


I would do a black, red, and white stripe and call it Burtonesque.


I would use colors such as a medium gray, black, teal, burgundy red and a gold and I would call them "Victorian England". Which has always been a favorite time in history for me.

I always liked the style of the clothes and the colors weren't so bright but more subdued and brought out the best in the women who wore them.


Copper, burnt umber, peachy-brown, white, and flashes of moss green. Gingersnap.

Jenny K

Pink and purple stripes b/c those are my daughter's favorite colors.

Georgienne Westrick

I want blues. I'd love to find just the right combination that reminds me of the ocean.


My colorway would be hot pink, deep purple and green, maybe a little black.
I would called it "Peace on Earth" (all in harmony)


Purples, but finding a name would be hard!

Cindy Lou

Copper, turquoise, teal, pewter, maybe a touch of verdegris green....

I'd name it Stillhouse Hollow.

Sue B

blues/teals/purple - Blue Suede Shoes

Joan Grahlfs

Teal, purple, emerald and amethyst. Shiny Gems


I love love love self-striping yarn. I'd do one in shades of gray and black because those are the colors I find myself wearing with my work clothes most often... and then I'd throw in a very small stripe of color to show up every 4" or so. I'd name it Working Greys.

Steffanie Crossland

I would create self-striping yarn with the bright colors found on parrots and call it Monty Python Mambo!!

Cherri Simon

Self striping "Black and White and Red All Over". :P


Shades of green and orange/yellow with a touch of blue and call it Bird of Paradise.


I would use purples and greens together. And, I have no idea what to call it!

Ruth C

I have loved peach and coral shades for years. I would choose a self-striping yarn with shades of peach, shades of coral, teal, and tan--and call it Miss Peach, as Jim likes to call me sometimes!


I would do a multi with blues, teal, turquoise, with some greens and call it Caribbean Calling


I would use the color of blueberries, cream, and golden yellow/light brown (tan) to create a self-striping yarn. I would call it Blueberry Muffin.


I love shades of blue, turquoise, and green together. I would name it Saginaw Bay after where I grew up.


I would do shades of orange and ginger, and name it after my cat.

Dana Timmerman

Light Azure blue, butter yellow and soft grays- I would name this colorway - "Great Lakes Sunset".

Jane Ensminger

I would like to see shades of blue and gold with black and gold and name it "Steeler Mountaineer".

Linda Van Der Werf

I would choose some kind of stripes because I love how stripes knit up. Colors would perhaps include something red, white and blue for patriotic reasons and I would probably name it something along that line.

Andy B.

I love stuff that is self-patterning: Stripes, faux fair-isle, etc. I adore the "tribute" yarns like the Van Gogh and Harry Potter yarns. So I suspect I'd want to do something self-patterning and as a tribute to something.

Meanwhile, I make soap and every year I do thematic colors and scents. Themes are things like "Wizard of Oz" (soaps named for characters), "Singin' in the Bathtub" (soaps named for songs), soaps named for places in New England. So I'm pretty good at the "tribute" things.

I love Dickens, so maybe some yarns designed to evoke different beloved characters? While "A Christmas Carol" isn't my favorite, I suspect yarns with that theme would be really good!


When it comes to Socks - my whole family is conservative. Shades of blues or perhaps shades of brown's. As far as a name, how about, his, hers, theirs?

Tricia F.

I always gravitate to blues, purples, and black. It would probably be named after my cat, Weazer.


I would have stripes of orange, purple, black, and streaks of white. It would be called Witchy Woman.


I would go with a stripe yarn so much fun. Hmm maybe shades of blue and black and call it Batman or yellow, black and another color and call it BumbleBee as in the Transformer. My boyfriend is very much into the Transformers and superheros so whatever I picked would have to work for him. The right colorway I would have to make him a pair of socks out of it.


Hmm I just looked at my wish lists and saw I have 3 skeins chosen with maroon, grey/black and off white that I thought would look pretty in a striped shawl. Then I laughed because it looked like my pleated skirt high school uniform from the 70's. so a guess I would name it Sr. High.

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