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December 14, 2014



I've always liked watching Chanukah candles burn. I also like the colors of my neighbors Christmas lights.

merle burton

The best part of this time of year is being able to snuggle under a warm blanket with my knitting and a cup of hot chocolate.


Christmas lights and sparkle, the smells of special baking, a lot only done at Christmas. Family and friends from near and far. Turkey on the table surrounded by family.


I love being with family, and all the delicious food.

Ginny Shuflin

I enjoy how people appreciate each other more this time of year.

BTW, I love pajama days.


I love all those Christmas cookies that you don't see any other time of year.

Dottie Myers

I love having family around and cooking!


I love sitting and reading or knitting in front of a warm fire while enjoying the wintry view. A good cup of coffee and a wee snack now and then, beautiful music or really good radio talk, and the day is about perfect!


People just seen kinder and friendlier this time of year. It's been colder than that dual in Kentucky, love bundling up to go outside.

Tonya Sanner

I homeschool my four boys and during the last three weeks of December we cease all "regular" school activities and celebrate "Christmas Around the World," complete with crafts, food, passports & crazy pretend stewardesses who "fly" the kids to the different countries to learn the culture. It's so much fun to see their excitement not only in the season, but in learning about what people around the world are doing to celebrate as well!


I love that I work at a school, and after this week I'll have 2 whole weeks to do all the things I want to do- rest, knit, spend time with family, snuggle up in front of the fire and read or watch movies.


My favorite thing to do at this time of the year is to dream about moving to a place where it is sunny and warmer than here in Michigan, but still cool enough to wear handknits.


I love knitted things that keep me warm! I'm not a huge fan of the cold or snow.

Dorothy Moore

For me the best part is seeing family. My brother comes in from Mich. with his family and my 1 year old nephew. There is NOTHING like see Christmas time through the eyes of a child just experiencing it. Seeing his eyes get big when we go down to see the Santa lights or getting to watch him open gifts just to turn around and play with the boxes the gifts came in. Hearing his laughter and watching my Brother and Sis-in-law with him. Yeah that is the best time of the year getting to be with family.

Susie Pitts

I love the music! I generally like most music, but particularly love Christmas carols. Pajama days and peppermint coffee go well with this, too! ;-)

Gloria stevens

Christmas lights and glitter on poinsettias!

Rose Birchall

Sitting by the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas music.

Cindy Lou

I love, love, love all the decorations and twinkling lights!!! My favorite thing during this time of year is sitting in the living room with the tree lit up, the star lights and candles on the mantle glowing, and an old Christmas movie on TV. Just knitting, relaxing, and making plans for the coming days and weeks is the best part of the holidays for me.


I'm a complete sucker for Christmas cookies! All the kinds that we only do once a year.


My favorite part of this time of the year is getting together with everyone and laughing and having a good time!!!!


I love our Christmas tree. We have ornaments from family, friends, vacations and they all tell a story of our family history. It's not a gorgeous, designer, color coordinated tree but to me it is the most beautiful tree ever! (Your Christmas morning sounds perfect!!)


I love the Christmas music and church services geared toward the Christmas season.

Martha Clay

I love the time with family - sharing games, movies and meals. And I love surprising my daughters with new hand knit socks. They never know what they'll look like, but they look forward to getting them


I love doing the Christmas thing for my kids. And making gifts for my friends littles. Its funny how as I get older I want less stuff for myself and more for those around me.


Christmas tree and lights and music! It is relaxing just to sit and look at the tree. Sounds weird when I put it to writing.


I love watching my boys open gifts. Their excitement is so contagious.

Kim S

Having all my kids under one roof, making my moms holidays only Orange Rolls, knitting in the glow of the Christmas tree.


I love the excitement I see in my kids and the fact that we are all together.

Carla Semple

Love fresh snow on Christmas Eve and spending time with family!


I always look forward to watching the Christmas Story marathon. I can watch that movie a dozen times and not get sick of it!!


I love that snow is still magical in December. Especially when I can watch it from inside, under a cozy blanket with a fire going in the fireplace.


Family, friends and the fireplace!


I love the lack of schedule over the holidays - we have movie marathons, this year will be all the Pixar movies in order, wear pj's, nibble on cheese and appetizers by the fire... Just thinking about it makes me warm and fuzzy...


I love the lights. And being able to sit inside where it's warm and look out at the weather. With coffee and cookies, my cat and something to knit.

Tricia F

Spending time with the family.


I love this time of year! My hubby and I watch Christmas movies, take an annual drive through the surrounding neighborhoods to look at the lights, decorate our tree and bake cookies.
The only thing missing is SNOW. I moved to VA from ME and I really miss having a white Christmas.


The added lights that make things look magical!


I love going down to South Florida to visit family and laying out by the pool Christmas morning.

Mary Ripkin

Christmas lights, music, family and all the yummy baked goods!

Bonnie Wright

I love going to church on Christmas eve and singing Christmas carrols. I also enjoy all the Christmas decorations

Judi Kennedy

My favorite things are family, sharing, and the cold weather.

Irene O'Neil

Making long time family favourite cookies, knowing that all the gift knitting is done and wrapped. Enjoying all the old Christmas movies and starting on the next year's knitting

Beth Burdette

Watching people sharing and caring. This time of year seems to bring out the best in people. Let's keep it moving all year!


My favorite thing is having both of my sons home! One of them lives in Colorado, so to have everyone under the same roof in New Jersey is very special indeed.


I love spending time with family & all the decorations.


I enjoy winding down after a long day of work or holiday activities by spending the evening knitting by the light of the Christmas tree. So relaxing and peacefu

jen l

Giving and spending time with the extended family


I love that I get to sit under a huge blanket and knit and I'm not expected to go anywhere!!!! I also love looking at all the Christmas lights!!!!


Family, special food that I only make once a year, friends and that special feeling in the air. It's magical!

Karen Pettyjohn

I love all the lights, especially the outside ones. It makes a trip after dark seems magical. The lights also remind me that in a dark world, Jesus is our everlasting Light!

Kathy D

I love the "magic" of Christmas and try to keep it alive all year long. First I start the year by counting down on my calendar to next Christmas. Second I talk to my grandkids about the "magic" of love, family and Christ. And third I keep the "magic" of believing in my heart. Life is precious - live it to the fullest!!

Debra Simon

My favorite time is when the whole family can be together. We live from one coast to the other, and it doesn't always happen anymore.

Sharon Silverman

It's been a tradition since I was little to drive around and see all of the houses lit up. Now that I'm all grown up and married, my husband and I still love to drive around with Christmas carols on the radio and wonder at all the beautiful lights in our city. I love how magical it all seems!


I get take a few days off of work and do nothing but stream Netflix and knit!

Lena Gustavsson

I like the christmaslights and the crisp air outside. The garden are resting and I can enjoy my wool And yarn


I'm a sucker for sparkly lights and a boozy fruitcake.

Debora Soule

Figuring out fun gifts for family, the baking, the lights, the old favorite Chirstmas movies and of course watching a Charlie Brown's Christmas with Linus' explanation of what Christmas is really all about!


I love seeing my family and how magical the Christmas lights make everything look.


I love the gift giving and the Christmas music. It is great to have a few days off during the holidays to relax and spend time with my husband and boys.

Dana Timmerman

I love choosing gifts that my family will enjoy and knitting items in colors I know they will love.

Sandy Cash

I can't wait to find my first bag of
Peppermint bark . Let the merriment


I love that my sister and I now get along so we can help each other make it through the craziness that is the holidays with my family!


I think for me it's the joy of giving my children something hand knit that tells them I love them, even though we may be miles apart. Also Tom And Jerrys on Christmas Eve!

Lisa Donley

I love all the scents of the season, pine, cinnamon, that crispness in the air. Love it!


At this time of year we listen to a lot of musical performances. My sons are musicians and it adds to the spirit of the season to have such beautiful music in our home as well. I also have the tradition of a hand knit something for everyone. As our family grows it gets a little crazy keeping up!

Kim K

I love time with family and friends and holiday baking!!!


I love the excitement on the faces of young children..seeing it thru their eyes is amazing!! The smell of a spruce tree, baking cookies and just the smell of winter in the air!! But most of all just knowing that family and friends are healthy for one more year..


The lights everything looks prettier in the glow of the Christmas lights.

Amanda L.

I love decorating, putting up the (artificial) tree, holiday crafts, baking, crocheting, shopping, and wrapping for my boyfriend and 4 year old stepson, because I worked in customer service/retail for a few years before meeting them and had come to dread this season, but seeing how excited the little guy is for Christmas and how everything is new to him makes it magical again.

Linda Quick

I save up my vacation time so I can be off between Christmas and New Year's. This year it's stupendous. Because of the days off my company is giving us and the timing of 25 and 31 all I have to use is four days of vaca time and get two weeks off!!! Of course reality sets in on January 5th - the start of tax season.

Tina Champagne

I love the Christmas music! Old and new....

Katherine C Ballard

I love the holiday cookie swaps that go on and I really love Christmas music.

Mona Gollan

I love being with family and friends.


I love the Christmas music!

Deborah Graham

I love Hanukkah with my family. WIth two grandkids and a third on the way, we are very blessed to have our family with us to celebrate this holiday season.

Kerith St. Louis

Baking and family time.


Hi Allison I love putting up all the decorations and lights. I love wishing it would snow and sometimes it does. I love having a grandson now who gets a whole lot of knitted stuff from me, as he makes it so much more fun!

Kay Popelka

I love finishing up the Christmas gifts so I can relax & enjoy the lights and music of the season.


To be able to spend Christmas with family--this year at a house on snowy, beautiful Lake Tahoe wearing all our hand-knitted treasures to keep us warm!


I love lighting the Advent candles every night at dinner time. And I love the fact that even my almost 20 year old still knows when it's his turn to light them.

Barb Thompson

Making Christmas gifts and cookies!

brenda Luce

My favorite thing is sitting in front of Christmas tree knitting for loved ones the person I knit for I pray for while knitting have done this for all grand babies weddings and parents. Merry Christmas God bless

lisa Nakao

I love having my whole family together. We all gather in the kitchen on Christmas morning to make breakfast; after we eat everyone cleans up then we open presents. That's our special tradition!


The best part is that the semester is nearly over and grading is nearly done. After I submit grades tomorrow, I get to rest and relax (comparatively) for a week or two while spending time with family and friends. I get to knit - without feeling guilty!

Sarah G

Christmas lights and decorations are my favorite!


I love the peace & joy that comes with the season ... & the pretty lights & snow. Also wrapping & mailing little surprise gifts to friends I've met in blog land.


I enjoy getting to see the family that we only see on holidays. Eggnog and peppermint mochas are an added bonus!


I'm not much of a fan of the holiday craziness....I appreciate the calm after the fact.


I love the Christmas lights and the smells of the season. Most of all I'm excited to spend time with my family. It's just the best!


I love it when it is cold outside and you come home and it is warm and cozy inside. And when it snows, it gives me more reasons to stay home and knit. Plus I truly believe people are nicer during this time of year - there are more smiles and calmer heads prevail.


Spending time with family and enjoying traditions including food such as my Meme's meat pie.


I look forward to just about all of it. The pretty lights, the carbocalypse of cookies and candy, presents, and family time.


I love to sit quietly at the end of the day, needles in hand and knit while my Christmas tree lights sparkle.


All the baking and candy making. My daughter and I usually get together and make 20-30 different candies and cookies and take trays to our vets, doctor office, neighbors, and any one else we might know of that needs a little cheer, like people we know in nursing homes, elderly relatives. It is the season of Joy and nothing brings me more joy than seeing the faces of people we surprise!


I love having plenty of time during freezing cold days whether it's snowing or not to look out the window at my surroundings while knitting up some socks or maybe a hat and mittens either for myself or a loved one.

There are always plenty of holiday lights to look at. Or maybe a lovely cardinal in my holly. There may be even a beautiful coating of ice on the trees and shrubs. Just being able to enjoy the beauty that is all around me. That is what I love most this time of the year.

Linda Black

this time of year reminds others to share but i share all year around and it brings me joy to see the faces of those that I give socks or other things I have knitted I will be making hats soon for a charity

Amy Zahorian

Spending time with family


Even though I'm from the desert (far west Texas) and love the long days of sunshine, now I live on the east coast. There's something very close and intimate about the short days, cloudiness, and lots of darkness that feels right when winter comes. I like the coziness, I guess, of spending more time indoors doing indoors things.

Allise Vicens

I love a gray, cloudy, Christmas Day where I can especially enjoy the colored lights on the tree and listen to jazz Christmas music.

Heidi Claeys

Two restful rejuvenating weeks off work. Cozy evenings spent knitting and movie watching into the wee morning and no worries about the alarm going off in three hours!! Knitting lovelies for my human lovelies! :)

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