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December 21, 2014


Cindy T

I only knit at home or at my kids sports or lessons around town. Nowhere very unusual!

Susan Eberhardt

I also knit just about anywhere, as socks are so portable. Got scolded for knitting during a faculty meeting, as it was perceived that I was not paying attention. Love to sit in hotel lobbies and knit while traveling and the rest of the family is not yet awake in the early morning. I get to visit with many curious people that way!


The passenger seat of a police car. I've done ride a longs with my LEO husband and some calls are too dangerous for me to go inside so I knit while they deal with the situation


I am fairly new to knitting. So I've not had much experience or opportunity to knit in unusual places. I always knit at home. If I am going to the salon to have my hair done, I do bring my knitting to work on; especially if I am going to be under the drier for a while. I do bring my knitting with me when I go to the family cottage and have been found knitting by the campfire in early evening before dark. But I frequently take my knitting with me when my husband and I run errands around town or take any type of car travel. I find I can knit and it saves any type of arguments over my husband's driving. Knitting in the car is good for my marriage and my relationship with my husband.


I went on a knitting cruise several years ago with my Mom. I still get odd looks from people when I mention it.

Gretchen Paul

I knit everywhere but the the experience I remember most often was on a airplace when the flight attendent stood next to me watching and then said, "That looks like pick up sticks." She wasn't wrong, was she? Of course, if you don't remember the game this won't mean anything to you!

Heather H

I have knit just about everywhere I go. I love it when people say "I just don't have the patience to knit". My reply back is that I have patient BECAUSE I knit!


I used to knit at work during meetings, which actually *helped* me pay attention as otherwise my mind would wander. But then my new supervisor told me it did not look "professional". Twiddling my thumbs was okay, staring out the window was okay, but not something productive.


This summer sitting in the beach at Lake Tahoe, while watching my son swim on a beautiful sunny day:)


I knit mostly at home, waiting for appointments, etc. nothing too exciting

Dottie Myers

I knit wherever I go. Never without my knitting!


I mostly knit at sports practices and swim meets, but often at doctor appointments. I guess one of the doctor's didn't "understand " knitting because he told me to put it away and pay attention. I did and have made sure to always be polite to his feelings since. Other doctors love to see what I'm working on now.

Jill Schroeder

I knit during church every week. I broke a needle once during the service which meant I had to hold my tongue AND actively make myself keep my hands from "entertaining themselves" during the service. Worse than having fidgety a toddler!

Last month I knit while in pre-op waiting for my gallbladder surgery.

Beth L Ruiter

I worked on a project while waiting for a tow truck. I was on the side of I-75 in Southern Georgia and the car rocked every time a semi-truck went past!


Hummmmm....I don't think I have too many odd knitting places. A lot of my knitting as been done in Hospital waiting rooms. People are doing all sorts of things there though. So much time to burn.

Ginny Shuflin

I take small projects I can fit in a bag and knit in church while waiting for services to start if I get there early.

Linda Byrn

I knitted once while waiting to be interviewed for jury duty. It was a long wait, in a room full of tense people. Needless to say, my kitting turned into a tight section of work, which I ripped out when I got home. Well worth it though, as I obviously would have exploded without it! Lol


During my kids activities and on road trips when I'm not driving


Unfortunately, I don't have an unusual knitting place to tell about but other than knitting at home or in a knitting group, I knit while traveling. I have knitted my way across the country, hitting many LYS that I encountered on the way. My husband is very patient while I shop and even enjoys searching out the LYS for me!

Debi Waldron

I knit at the grocery store.


Many years ago I knot on a bus ride through Turkey. Our tour was heading from Istanbul to Cappadocia - a full day trip - and several of us were working on the same shawl. We all knit while looking out the window as the miles (or should I say kilometers) of countryside rolled by!

Danielle K

I knit anywhere I can. Classes for school. Work meetings, kid activities/ you name it I have probably done it. I always tell people in class if you want me to actually listen then I knit - this is my Ritalin.

Jessica mcconnell

Last summer I knit socks on our vacation in Florida in July!

Ruth Colville

I was first encouraged to knit socks while in the ICU waiting room with the daughter of a dear friend who was the patient. She, a renowned physician herself, was knitting socks for one of her daughters. I was knitting something else. She gave me a basic recipe pattern and the name of some books to use as reference. Cindy began knitting in college and knits in staff meetings all the time. She was so encouraging, and I am addicted to sock knitting now. I always have a pair on the needles and ready to go with me anywhere.


I knit wherever I go...I always have a pair of socks (or 2 or 3) in a bag ready to go with me. I would knit on my break at work, sitting in a doctor's the car on a ride...You name knitting goes with me...


I wish I had a funny story like that. One time while watching my preschooler at gymnastics I reached into my bag for my earphones and almost stuck a circ needle in my ear... does that count?


I guess I thought it was neat that I could knit on my Greek cruise. It was so relaxing knitting and enjoying the beautiful, colorful views of the islands.


Probably the craziest place was at a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game. I was knitting socks on 9" needles and it was awhile before anyone noticed. I got quite a bit of a sock done that evening...and they won !!

Sandra Cash

I was in a doctor's waiting room knitting while I waited for my husband. I noticed a young boy and his father watching me. So I started a conversation with them. As I continued to knit while I chatted with them, I found the young boy was not amazed that I was knitting, he was amazed that I could knit without looking at what I was doing,


The most unusual place I knit is in the chair at the dentist office while waiting for the anesthetic to take effect. I don't get much done but it helps me to relax just having it with me.

Linda Black

I knit every where I go . I have knit a lot at the hospitals since my husband spends a lot of time there. One time I was knitting dish rags and gave one to one of the x-ray tech's and would have thought I gave her a hundred dollars. She said it reminded her of her grandmother. I love to knit in public as it encourages others to knit or I get to teach some one

Beth L.

I've been working along on a Beekeeper's Quilt for several years - there were fewer than 1000 projects on Ravelry when I started - so it is a well-traveled project. I can tuck some sock weight leftovers and a set of DPNs into a small food storage container and slide it in to just about any piece of luggage. I think maybe the most scenic place I've knitted hexapuffs is on the deck of Brig Niagara on our way to Montreal through the Thousand Islands of the St Lawrence River.

Kim K

Riding in car, airplanes, on a fishing trip, dr. Waiting room. Nothing too odd.

April Wilson

I took my mother to the courthouse to pay her property taxes and knit while standing in line with her. There is a drive-through hibachi restaurant in my town that is very popular and notoriously slow(some customers don't have the forethought to call ahead). I went last night and knitted on socks in the drive through lane while waiting for our dinner. Since the customer in front of me was going to be waiting a while, an employee brought my order outside. She told me the socks were very pretty.

Nancy Schultz

In labor and waiting for baby to be born.


On my way to a once in a lifetime trip to France with my mom, our flight got delayed and then cancelled. We ended up getting there four planes and 5 airports later. I started a shawl while sitting on the airport floor and finished it seaside in Nice.


I'll knit whenever the chance presents itself. I've knit at the pool and beach while my kids played. I'm know as the knitter at clerks conferences. I always hear "you're the one that knits"... it helps me say focused and concentrate.


I knit mostly at home but I am currently on jury duty and will take my current wip with me when I am called in to the courthouse.

Rose Birchall

Riding in the car. My son-in-law apologized for the bumpy back road.


I will take my knitting with me to the local car repair shop and will sit and knit on a Sunday morning for several hours while my car (or sister's truck) are being serviced. It's always interesting the comments you will get from others in the lobby about the project I am knitting. And the person at the front desk knows the routine so they don't even ask any more if I want to sit and wait. They even hand me the TV remote while I am there. Best part is I get lots done with no interruptions!

Harmony G.

The oddest place I've knitted is under a palapa on the beach in the Caribbean while sipping a mojito!

Connie Garry

Everywhere I go but maybe the most unusual was during a performance of Phantom of the Opera!

Emma Fahrlander

I took two-at-a-time socks with me to Disneyland so I could knit while waiting in line.


When I lived in Hawaii, I was part of a knitting group that met at different locations around the island and the first thing everyone asked was what could we be possibly be knitting on a tropical island? The answer? Everything! It gets so cold inside buildings because of the tourists, and I loved knitting socks the most because it was so portable.

One time we met on the beach and everyone is looking like a picture postcard and then there is my friend and I, knitting. I still have a picture of a baby blanket in progress in front of a gorgeous beach with an hibiscus flower in my iced coffee.

On WWKIP day, I got a lot of is bringing my sock to Waikik and the Honolulu zoo. Not everyone surfs in Hawaii!


The oddest place I've ever knit is probably while walking around the zoo. I certainly got the most confused and surprised looks I've ever gotten there, anyway. But I wasn't going to waste a whole day of knitting just because we were walking. It also helped me to have more patience with the crowds.

Linda L

I knit mostly at home or in the car or on airplanes nothing too unusual. 😢

Joanne Christman

A Broadway play.


When I was just learning how to knit in high school I thought it would be a good idea to knit during math class. Unfortunately, one of my metal needles slipped out of my hand and clattered loudly on the linoleum floor. My teacher turned around from the board and asked me not to knit in class. So embarrassing! Maybe that's why, years later, I prefer to use bamboo needles.


I will shamelessly knit anywhere, but I am famous within my partner's family for knitting between board game turns. We play a huge collection of sometimes complicated tabletop games and well, all those 15 minute blocks of waiting to play add up. I also find it helps my game, when you are not staring at the board madly calculating the permutations, the best plays make themselves quite evident!

Debbie Hammer

I always knit when we're traveling / camping. I've probably knit in beery state bur OK.

Diane True

I knit at home mostly but one time I was knitting while waiting for a doctor's appointment in the waiting room. I was working on the foot and a gentlemen beside me said "I hope you having been waiting that long that you've had time to get that much knitting done!" .

Leslie Fehr

I always have a Sockhead Hat in some stage of production in my "knitting out of the house" bag. I have knit in waiting rooms, office meetings, on the shuttle to work, at family gatherings - all normal activities. The oddest knitting time I had was when I was on hold with the IRS while I was at work - the call was work related - and I got out my knitting while I waited and waited for my turn at speaking with a rep. My supervisor did question why I wasn't working on something else while I waited - till she understood that I had 4 different screens open and ready for action as soon as my call was taken. Got a good bit of hat knit that day.

Alicia Troski

Reading all the comments I mentally check off, dr.'s office, work meetings, classes, bars, planes, restaurants, trains, car rides, coffee shops, TREADMILL, movie theaters, home, sitting in traffic, waiting for a tire change, hospital, traveling, my wedding day while getting ready, at the birth of new nephews, the passing of our grandmother, I guess it would be easier to mention where I haven't knit......the moon?! Underwater?! Knitting is my companion. It is always there for me through every life experience. The projects are reminders of where I was physically and of course emotionally.

Deb Holbrook

I've not knit in any truly unusual places (when compared to the stories above) but enjoy knitting on the beach. If the sock is a gift for someone, I'll take a picture of it enjoying the sun with the ocean in the background and post it to Facebook so they can see their sock enjoying a nice day at the beach. I also knit at the car dealership and last time I was there, a saleswoman spotted me and brought all her friends over to see the fun Halloween socks I was knitting!


I'm so boring! Usually I only knit at home or at my son's hockey games/practices though usually between the light and my hands being frozen, I don't get much done. Okay, so maybe it's also because I get busy chatting with friends! ;)


I knit in restaurants while waiting for my food to arrive and in meetings. Keep it simple stuff that doesn't require a chart.


I knit at the BMV once and this little Asian man could hardly stop watching me use little sticks to knit with, lol. He was so cute, trying not to let me find out he was watching what I was doing. The strangest place I've knit, though, was standing in line to vote. I was making a pair of socks and I have a bag with strings that I hung from my right wrist and by the time I got up there to vote I was ready to decrease my toes. Very good non-wasted knitting time, lol.

Kerith St. Louis

I knit everywhere and the people who know me don't mind. Quite often, people walk up to me and it is a great conversation starter either for other fellow knitters or someone who is wondering what I am doing!


I knit my way through The Nutcracker last weekend.

Judie Digby

Love knitting on the Allure of the Seas cruise the pool or just about anywhere relaxing!


Pretty much just knit whenever I travel. Nothing too exotic.

Cindy dove

Canoe! On fishing trips. I also knit at my sons' sports events. The other parents monitor the progress.


I knit on press row at the basketball games. DH broadcasts for the radio, and I keep some stats for him - I keep my knitting on the table and knit during timeouts. I've had referees come over to see what i'm going.

I also do the "knit during meetings" sometimes at work - and make sure to participate in the conversation to show that I'm paying attention. Sometimes I just need something to do with my hands.


I knit pretty much everywhere, so no place really seems odd. I too have knit at Red Sox games, hospital bedsides, grad school classes, lines at stores, waiting rooms everywhere, vacations around the country, you name it. Sometimes I even knit while stuck in traffic - a few stitches can get done at red lights.


I knit while riding behind my husband on our motorcycle trips. It helps to pass the time!

Denise C.

I knit whenever/wherever I can, but so far nothing unusual: on road trips, before a concert, on an airplane, at the beach, at the hospital, at a nursing home, at a coffee shop, a restaurant, while at the courthouse waiting to see if I was going to be chosen for jury duty, just normal places so far. Maybe in 2015 I'll knit in an unusual or exotic place. One can only dream!!

Ann W.

I haven't knit anywhere unusual that I can think of. I knit at home, knitting group, car, airplanes/airports, but those are not unusual places to me. Thanks for these 12 days. Love reading other's posts.

Donna Gerber

I once knitted at a company wide meeting I was required to go to. It was my first sock project, and I was excited about it. The head of the admins was a bit surprised that I would do that, but my office mate didn't see anything wrong with it. Helped me concentrate on what was being said and not getting bored. Much better than wasting the time doodling on paper and I was accomplishing something! If I could do my job and knit at the same time, I think I'd do it, but unfortunately I can't.

Sarah G

I don't have any odd or unique knitting stories. I always try to have a knitting project with me wherever I go.


At one time, I was in several Knit Groups - enjoyed each one. Now that I am older, my favorite past time is knitting at home. I knit faster when there is a good program on TV.


At home, riding in a car, bowling alleys, parks, dimly lit skating rinks... nowhere too unusual ;)

Annette Triner

On the beach. Lace weight and a sea breeze can be tough but socks work great.


Most of my knitting is done at home but always take knitting to the office to work on during my lunch hour and always knit while traveling whether by car or plane, and at the pool and beach.

Sherri Jenkins

I crochet any time my husband has his MRI's, also on my breaks at work. I was working on ab infinity scarf once and got some strange looks from my coworkers that were my age.

Renee Shipe

I pretty much take my knitting everywhere with me, beauty shop, in car with someone else driving, doctor's office waiting for appointment, etc. Twelve years ago, when my husband was going thru chemo and radiation, I took my knitting with me while I was waiting while he was undergoing treatment. Knitting is what got me thru some very dark days trying to stay strong for him.

Carol Smith

I'm not as original as the lady in the police car, biting do knit at the Pool during my son's swimming lessons, in my cubicle during my lunch break, and I recently knit on a flight to Boston much to my husband's dismay.

Sarah Wilcox

Mine are line, in waiting rooms; but my Mother, who taught school for years, would knit while monitoring halls and lunch duty and kept everyone in line!

Dorothy Tomasko

I knit in waiting rooms, airports, home of course. My favorite place is at the beach. The zen of knitting and the sound of the waves is heavenly ! Completed a beaded shall last summer at the beach.


No where really odd but if I knit at lunch break at work I do get a lot of odd looks. But then there are also the knitters who nod and guess the pattern.


I have knit several pairs of socks sitting on the beach. Nothing pleases me more than watching the freighters and dolphins and knitting away. I don't find it unusual but some people do!

Jenifer Miller

I took my knitting -socks- to jury duty at the county courthouse. You just have to have something to do because you can spend all day in the holding area waiting for a case. Another lady also tried to bring her project, but it was confiscated at check in. Not sure why mine passed...wooden needles maybe.


Nowhere that unusual, doctor waiting rooms, car ferry across Lake Michigan, (big mistake, got very seasick!), mostly at home. But I never go out of town without a project along, just in case.


I knit all the "normal" place - through grad school seminars, during sermons at church (I get faster if the sermon is really good), in stop and go traffic, waiting rooms, soccer practice - well, any and all athletic events, movies, etc., etc. The one time I find it really hard to knit is when I am speaking in public - as a minister I do this regularly so I miss out on plenty of potential knitting time.


💫Crochet💫crochet EVERYWHERE!! Except the potty!! I used to play a lot of co-Ed travel softball. Only single one on team and so I kind of hung out or would go do my thing. I would hide out and crochet cuz I just knew they would make fun of me. One day, between games I went out yonder and sat down in the shade, against this lil building. Had my headphones in and I could feel someone or lots of someone's looking at me. Sure enough I look over and from the ground up were heads peeking around the corner at me and they ALL at the same time said WHAT THE HELL!!??? Lol they were like-- is this what you do when you disappear and I said YEP! From then on it was no secret!! Not ANYWHERE ANYMORE lol


It's not really odd but other then knitting while waiting for Dr's appts, kids' dance practice etc, I did knit at a basketball game. It was the last season that the Charlotte Bobcats played before the name was changed to the Hornets. My daughter was performing during a halftime show with her Irish dance school. Not really a basketball fan but I surprisingly didnt knit as much as I thought I would. The game was entertaining when watching with family. I did sweat getting through the gates when my purse was searched but all was well lol.

Andrea Pulver

I knit everywhere. Never leave the house without it. One day coming back from town during a snow storm, our car slid off the road. We were less then a mile from our home so my husband walked home to get his truck and pull us out. He told me to stay put and knit, which I happily obliged!


Standing in line to vote


My husband and I drive 3+ hours every Friday and Sunday. Friday nights during the winter it's dark the entire way but I'm still able to knit (just for the record, he drives)! I have a small LED light that plugs in to a 12v adapter. I'm quite proud of the set up, I feel like I'm getting away with something.

Melanie Meyer

The waiting room at the doctor's office. She's always running behind, so that's an extra kid-free hour or so to get some knitting done!

Angela Medina

I knit in Hawaii while visiting family. I taught my sister to crochet while I was there ,too, so we could stitch & bitch together!

Devra Neal

I don't remember never Not Knitting!!!! Home, Appointments, Grandson's Basketball Games, Stop Lights, Bank Drive-In's. Anywhere I can grab a few minutes.


Anywhere where I have to wait...airplane travel being the best. Sometimes I'm told to put my DPNs away for landing. Also, poolside is great. Favourite though is at home hut I recently discovered that I shouldn't drink wine and knit at the same time!

Helen King

Nowhere very unusual. I have knit in doctors offices and while riding in a car. Mostly I only knit while at home so that I can concentrate on what I am doing.


I knit wherever I go. I take a project with me to work and knit during lunch and conference calls. I knit when we go on short out long road trips. I knit while sitting in waiting rooms. So pretty much wherever I am, you will find me knitting.


At the funeral showing for my friend's mother.... My friend Ian avid knitter &completely understood ;)

Debora Soule

Like everyone, I try to have it with m for any yime that I have to wait, for an appointment, the kids, etc -- last year I had a numbrt of dentist appointments and I took my knitting in with me while sitting in the chair waiting for the doctor!


Waiting for the bus in Belize, no one had any idea what I was doing and only one person had the courage to ask!


I have my knitting ready for any situation that requires waiting. I also took my knitting to Europe and knitted in the hotel before sleep. Perfect!

Mary Anne

I like to knit anywhere I have to wait. I'd love for knitting to be more acceptable in public meetings, before concerts begin, etc., but non-knitters think you're just not paying attention. Women used to knit everywhere, when knitting was a necessity.

Jennifer L

I knit in my graduate classes. I don't fidget then; I just knit. I stop to write down important things. Finished my niece's leggings in class just last week. Christmas is almost done!

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