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December 03, 2014



I had LASIK 14 years ago - went from extremely nearsighted, to able to move and read and knit without my glasses on. It was an interesting time, but I'm glad that I did have it done. I remember the wonderful colors that the improved eyesight brought!


These are wonderful times we are living in, aren't they? LASIK, Internet and glorious yarns. I had it done 5 years ago and with my daughter with me, it was a piece of cake.


I had it done about 16 years early adopter! It was back in glasses, but not nearly as thick as before. And without them can read and knit!!! Good for you!!!

Yvonne harnly

Mine was done about 15 years ago. He botched it and I was back in glasses within 2 weeks! I had to sign a release form up-front so I couldn't sue him. He over corrected 1 and undercorrected the other one! So for me it was an especially bad experience! You only get one chance and my new doctor won't touch them! I know of others who experienced the same and with the same doctor!


I had LASIK surgery about 14 years ago and wish it had been an option when I was younger. It's wonderful to roll over in bed and see the alarm clock without putting on glasses! I now use glasses for reading and close work (one of the joys of aging) but still have clear vision without glasses.

Enjoy your "new" world of vision.


Nancy, you're so right about the clock. I saw it clearly for the first time this morning! I just wish my eyes had stopped changing before I had kids b/c it would have been so nice to get up in the middle of the night for feedings and not have to flail around for my glasses. After one day, my right is is already better than 20/20. WOW!


I had mine done 9 years ago and it was the best thing I've ever done. My husband finally got his done two years ago (he's a big baby about anything doctor related, lol) and he event said he wished he would have done it sooner.


You get cookies, drugs, and a massage? Sweet deal! Too bad my doctor told me I'm not a candidate. So glad you had a great experience!

Laura B.

I wish I was brave enough to do it. I'm terrified of watching the surgery happen while conscious. It freaks me out.


My son had it done about 10 years ago. Where he went, as long as he gets an annual eye exam...they will make any needed corrections FOR LIFE! Says it's the best thing he ever did for himself. At some point he'll need reading glasses, but for now...he can see BETTER than 20/20.


Congratulations and welcome to the club! Seeing the clock was amazing but even more amazing was being able to see my toes wiggle at the end of the bed! So glad yours was a success!

Jane H

Cookies and a massage? I don't think they've heard of that in this town. Glad it went well, and Merry Christmas, now you can really see the tree!


My sister had it done 20 years ago--really improved her very poor eyesight. She does wear glasses but without LASIK her vision would be very compromised and correction difficult. I'm wondering what effect LASIK will have on your yarn stash, but since you have tons of options, why worry I?

Sara Lee

I had PRK (also laser surgery) almost 12 years ago, and my vision, distance-wise, is still sharp as a tack ..... so was my near vision, for several years afterward ..... apparently, regardless of the type of laser surgery you have, you will are far more likely to need reading glasses due to your eyes drying out with age, and that;s not a condition that is corrected by lasers ...... but the surgery then was relatively painless and easy (18 sec on on eye, 16 sec on the other !), and it ended up being just about the best thing I have ever had done ... wearing reading glasses for close work/reading and no vision correction at all for distance/driving has been well worth all the effort it took ......


That's great...I was told I'm not a ears pretty much change year to I decided to buy several pairs of glasses to have some options....


Eyes...not ears...although those are going too due to multiple ear infections...


I wish LASIK had been an option when I was in my 20's or early 30's. By the time if was, I had 2 kids in college & couldn't afford it. After they were out of college, I already had a small cataract so Lasik was out. But your experience with it was very similar to my having my cataract removed. It's only one eye but I have 20/20 vision in that eye. The trade off is I have No near vision in that eye. It hasn't been too much of a problem because I still have the other eye for near vision (if I take my contact out). But I have a cataract in that eye too & have been putting off the surgery because I don't want to give up my near vision entirely. I'm thinking of asking if the lens implanted in that eye can give me near vision. I'm willing to keep on wearing one contact lens if it's a possibility.

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