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December 16, 2014


Brenda B

14 pairs of socks for me, two for Hubs and two more on the needles currently that I hope will be finished by the end of the year. All but one were patterned, so I did lave for the first time ever and expanded my sock cabling skills too!

This is my comment from yesterday (cookie recipe) as I got constant "You do not have authorization errors from Typepad". Let's hope that's fixed now!

My favourite cookie is definitely my tweaked Christmas Cookies. I think the recipe was originally from Land O Lakes but I've adapted it over the years.

As Typepad doesn't allow html in comments, here the link, you can cut and paste.

Diane True

I've been working on a shawl for my daughter's upcoming wedding so I would say that is the project that has spoken to me.


Hmm what comes to mind is the 2 pairs of socks I made with the Socks that rock yarn I got. Totally cool yarn and am so glad I got some more to play with. The yarn is everything my Mom said it would be.

Holly Waldrop

This year's project was the Downtown Cowl knit with (what else?) Lorna's Laces Sportmate! I love the combination of color and texture for this simple piece.


My daughter is getting married and I have knit five lovely Wendy Johnson shawls for her and her bridesmaids. Just can't stop knitting shawls.

deblyn153 on RAV

Beth L.

I've finally gotten back into socks after a multi-year hiatus. Been digging into the Tosh Sock horde that I had been "saving for a special project" and loving every inch of it!

dotty herd

It would have to be a prayer shawl I knitted and prayed daily for whomever would use it knowing God knew their need.

Danielle K

I'm in love with socks!!! My favorite yarn is the year at the farm sock club by juniper moon farms.

Beth L

I've finally gotten back into socks after a multi-year hiatus. I've also broken into the Tosh Sock that I was "saving for a special occasion" and I've loved every inch of it!

Denise C.

This year I knit my husband a Dr. Who scarf and he loves it! It was definitely a labor of love and definitely my favorite project of the year!

Connie Garry

Willow Cowl looks lovely in so many yarns, both Ronald and hand painted!

Tracy Wronkowski

I get ideas from other patterns but I usually get more inspired by the colorway of the yarn but I'm in love with sock/fingering weight yarn. I prefer to make scarves and cowls but I might add fingerless gloves to the mix. However, I promised myself that I would not buy more yarn until I worked through my stash but I never said I couldn't try to win some.

Brenda luce

I think knitting for my new grandson spoke to me while knitting love praying for him as I knit

Alecia Helton

Socks - plain vanilla or patterned - socks. I've made my first mittens this year for Xmas presents and a couple of baby hats. Socks are great for getting that sense of completion. There are so many great yarns I can't imagine being done.

Heather Larson

I have been knitting tons of hats! I love making them and giving them to people I love.

jeanne bringley

Everything calls to me! But I do need more socks. I'd like to learn toe up next.


Without a doubt, my favourite knitting project was L'Enveloppe , a Sally Melville pattern available on Ravelry. It's fun and easy and surprising in its design. The yarn I used was Tanis Fiber Art aran weight in the colourway Tartan. Fabulous, fabulous!


Another hitchhiker scarf! I so love the one I just finished in green multi Ella Rae lace merino that ve kept it for myself and now I need another one or two for my daughters!


The hurricane hat nagged me all year until I had time to figure it out.

Katherine C Ballard

I spent a lot of energy this year, knitting for my daughter who was born in August. I made two versions of the Vertebra cardigan for infants (found on Ravelry). One in basic green yarn (to pair with pink clothes, I love the pink/green color combo) and one in a Trekking XXL color way (which I could remember which one) that knit up fabulous as a baby sweater. I love the ease of the Vertebrae pattern and I am hoping to find some beautiful yarn to make two more cardis for my friend's twin daughters.


I finished the "bigger on the inside" shawl for my niece. The pattern was the hardest I have done...lacework, picking up stitches, stitches I had never seen or accomplished before. It ended up beautiful, but with its share of mistakes.... and lovingly handmade, of course. While I don't get to enjoy the fruits of my labor, I know my niece appreciates all the work that went into it.


I did a lot of baby knits this year. But I was also good and finished up several pairs of socks that were victims of second sock syndrome (some dated back to 2011!)


Socks! I knit my first two pairs of socks ever this year! (I might be a REALLY slow knitter.)

Laura Schulz

I have been addicted to knitting socks this year. I finally finished a pair of awesome Halloween socks, and I love buying self stripping sock yarn.

Laura Beutler (@darcybear)

I loved knitting my Halloween socks this year. Jaywalkers made with Poste Camp Crystal Lake!


I think my project for this year was the Interlac Scarf. I had never done work like this before and ended up making 4 of them. Hope the gifts make some ladies in my life happy happy.

Joyce Fike

I love angora yare for warm socks!

Kate S

My favorite project was knitted pants for my daughter made with sock yarn!

Mai Eich

The Traveling Woman Shawl was a huge breakthrough for me, it completely challenged my beginner knitting skills and I love the shawl!


I am in love with "singles" yarn right now. Madelinetosh Tosh Light is always a favorite. The yarn feels so smooth in my hands and the colors are so beautiful and deep.

Lisa Viviano

The sockhead hat was favorite knit this year because it was simple enough to get me through a surgery recoup.

Angela Medina

I'm totally addicted to knitting socks.


Malabrigo sock knit into lacy shawls. I can never have too many shawls.

Ann M

I had in my stash a lovely skein of sock yarn in shades of medium to dark blue. I had always thought it would make a nice pair of socks (for me) but it spoke to me earlier this year and became an oh-so-pretty cable baby sweater, hat, and little tiny cable baby socks. Such fun to knit but who to give it to? No problem - it fetched a respectable bid at a local fundraising silent auction. Now, what to do with those three skeins of bright green sock yarn???


My Bajads sweater in Fiberstory Fave sock. I love the colors and the fit. And, the pattern was challenging but not so much that it caused tears or tantrums.

Judi Kennedy

My favorite yarn this year is the Blue Moon Fiber Arts in almost any color. The yarn is so yummy to knit and it doesn't seem to matter what the color.


This was my year to make a sweater that fits me well. I did it with the Vodka Lemonade. I love the way it fits. do it again with another sweater.


A pair of fingerless gloves, they are hardy, yet pretty also. I now want to make them again using a variegated sock yarn with a matching solid contrast color. Neon pink would be bright and flashy. A splash of color always brightens up a dark winter day!


Mira's Cowl in Zauberball Crazy for my niece. The cowl is in shades of blue and matches socks I made her a couple of years ago. Currently, I'm finishing a pair of socks in a special pink/grey colorway of Lorna's Laces Sock yarn. I'm also fascinated by self striping yarns and have knitted a pair of socks for myself.


It was a Martina Behm year for me--I knit so many of her patterns, many twice!

Jayme P.

For me, I had to knit with Lorna's Laces Solemate in Zombie BBQ. The name alone was what drew me to it, then I fell in love with the color. Made myself a pair of ribbed socks, which I aptly named "Zombie BBQ Ribs". I think it's my favorite yarn and colorway of all time.

Colleen Hall

I did the lovely shawl with the Sea Cell yarn in shades of Green. Turned out beautifully, and can't wait to hear the reaction of the recipient when she opens it on Christmas!
LOVE the yarn!

Ann M.

Almost finished making my first sockhead hat and I love it. Already planning on making more. I also loved making the Easy Drop Stitch Scarf by Christine Vogel. I've made several for Christmas gifts.

Ann W.

Garter Ear Flap Hat was a winner this year for one year old's gift. Though, I have done shawls, hats and fingerless mitts. The yarn prize is beautiful. Thanks for these wonderful 12 days of Xmas.

Martha from Ohio

Hard to pick just one project but have done a lot of weaving with sock yarn and my new rigid heddle loom. Today's yarn is simply gorgeous and I would use it to make a hat or cowl.

Holly Beam

I loved making the Fruit - striped Gum socks with the Turtle Purl yarn. It was great fun to watch the pattern develop on different yarns.


I finally made the Lanesplitter skirt..Love it! I also made my quickest pair of socks...they were for the premiere of Mockinjay...and I made another pair to go with The Walking Dead...

Julie Davidson

I'm on my 2nd Dr. Who scarf. It's great for watching movies because it's all garter stitch and I like the colors.


Socks,socks and more socks!!! In between socks a couple of sweaters for my grandchildren..but definitely socks-at the airport, on the plane and then just at home relaxing!!

Tara P.

This was a year of mittens for me. I think I've knocked out close to a dozen of them for me, my Mom, and my munchkin.

I stocked up over Thanksgiving on Cascade 220 so I see more mittens in my future.

After that, I need to go back to socks b/c my sock drawer took a bad hit recently. Evidently, the half life of my handknit socks is about 7 years... Can't complain about that!

Dottie Myers

Entrelac hats and scarfs. Would be beautiful in this yarn!!!

Dorah Rosenzweig

I knit the Eden Prairie shawl using sock yarn by the Periwinkle Sheep. it is one of my all time most successful projects.

Leslie Fehr

The project that speaks to me is making warm hats and giving them away. Many go to friends and family but a goodly number are given to the homeless. I've done them with all sorts of wonderful yarn purchased from SSYC - from wild stripping yarn to sedate semi-solids.

Nancy Schultz

Love Lirna's Laces btw. It has to be basic crocheted socks. I could crochet them forever!!!


I have to say sockhead that I knit for myself in LL sock mate Christmas at Downtown. First hat I kept for myself, loved knitting it, love wearing it!

Andy B.

I made my first ever steeked Fair Isle vest, and I loved making it! And now I love wearing it! Yay!


It's always socks for me. I love that they can be transported with you everywhere. Only need 1-2skeins per project, depending on who they are being made for.

I use the toe up Personal Footprint sock by Cat Bordhi. But I want to learn top down and work on 2 at a time. I feel hand knit socks are just warmer. I have completed 4-5 pair in the last 2 months and have several more pair planned for the next 2-3 months.


I spent most of my craft time this year on a pineapple motif tablecloth to give to my niece for her wedding. Now I'm making up for lost time with a bad case of startitis, making things for me! What shall I cast on next? The Celestarium is definitely calling my name and I have a lovely Briar Rose yarn is clues and greens and grays that will be perfect for it. Oh, and socks, always socks.

Sherry Myers

Wrist watch warmers was a fun project.

Rhonda Atkinson

I have knit socks all year. Used many different yarns and patterns but still like plain vanilla socks with self striping yarns.

Katherine S.

I only learned to knit this fall, so I have a limited number of projects under my belt, but I did make a felted fair isle bag that I LOVE... first time with stranded knitting and first felted project.


I have several shawl patterns in mind for me...something for me....yay!


Socks are my new challenge this year - finding that they cane fun. Most of my efforts have been centered around grand children and an occasionally something for me.


Just One project?
Knitwitch shawl by Romi Hill,
made with a bamboo/ wool blend sock yarn.


The project that really spoke to me this year is my current one - a Hitchhiker knit with yarn picked out with my oldest son, worked on while visiting with him, and that I hope to finish today while sitting in the waiting room for my youngest son's surgery.


Soulmate rocks!!!!! Sock pattern from No Sheep for You ... Rib cuff & fast heel .... Sizes perfectly!!

Patty McD

Everything speaks to me! That's my problem! Socks normally do, but right now I am working on a sweater that is so comfortable to knit that it's truly a pleasure to work on. That is especially important this time of year. It's "Effortless" by Hannah Fettig and I see at least one for my daughter coming up next.

Kelly Heck

Not any particular pattern, but I would have to say socks have really spoken to me this year. I knit my very first pair this year and have become addicted!


I completed my first sockhead hat about a week ago. It was a very popular project, my husband wants it… my daughter wants it… my son wants it. I am either going to be making more soon or we will be pulling a name out of "the" hat.


I've been knitting for about 8 years now and for some reason this year the sock bug bit me. I knit 4 pairs of socks this year and the fifth is on my needles.


I knit a lap blanket this summer with two strands of sock yarn. Those beautiful stripes are now keeping me nice and cozy!


Stephen West's Gyllis, it was a fun knit, used Malabrigo and it really challenged me as I am a beginner knitter. It is also my favorite shawl to wear.

Debbie Huett

Being a first time grandparent for 6 weeks now I have already knit 2 baby sweaters and there will be many more! I knit the Tulips baby sweater and loved doing it! Also another very basic cardigan pattern. Can't wait to try out lots of baby things!


My first freeform crochet project. A purse for me. I really learned a lot while working on it.


I made socks, scarfs, shawls, hats for charity, slippers and scarfs for the grandkids but I think my favorite was the Acadian shawl. The pattern can be found on Ravelry. Simple but elegant in a soft shade of grey with specks of color in yarn.


The thing I'm most pleased with this year is the set of sister sweaters I made for a friend with a new baby.

Sue McMillen

I'm new to sock making, but I'm loving it!!!


I found I like to knit sweet baby items andTaiga Hilliard Designs offers some beautiful patterns. The Lizzy Dress I made is one of my favorite knits....and I have knit many items over the years.


I love the Last Minute Elves pattern from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas. Knitted five before Christmas last year for myself and have knitted seven for presents this year so far!


I knit Boo Knits' beaded shawl pattern, Mustardseed, in just 13 days, to wear to my step-daughter's wedding. I hadn't done any bead knitting in two or three years, and shawls always take me at least a month to finish, so this was my major accomplishment for the whole year. I love the shawl, and it brings back wonderful memories of a beautiful wedding.


I fell in love with the Upstairs/Downstairs cowl and have made 9 - all gifts. I'd like to make one for me.

Julie V.

My handspun and handknit as socks, there isn't anything better in the fiber world for me. I have been drooling over Adrian Bizila' s Inglenook Socks. In my queue and just begging me to go yarn shopping to make them.


I knit my son a viking helmut! that was a lot of fun ;)

Cindy Strick

I fell in love with socks all over again after attending a class with the Yarn Harlot at SSYC!!!!

Deb Holbrook

I completed my first ever lace knitting - a beaded lace shawl for my niece to wear at her wedding this past June. It was a true labor of love.

Jodie e

2014 was the year of the hat! Well every year is the year of the hat. I love making them for myself and for friends!


Either the "Shawligan" for my always-freezing daughter, or the socks I make for me. Haven't worn pre-made socks in years!

Allise Vicens

I love Susan Anderson weigh it shawls, specifically designed for Miss Babs Yowza, but can be used for any worsted weight yarn. No counting, no lace,just a kitchen scale, size 9 needles, some stitch markers and you're on your way!

Carrie Dillon

I just learned how to knit socks this year and am now working on knitting 2 at a time!

Kate S

Finally knitting socks without a pattern, trusting my experience and knowledge to make something that would fit.

Beatrice Bomba

Baby sweaters. And then MORE baby sweaters.

Joan Grahlfs

I'm finishing my sock of the month regime. Each was fun. Most were ribbed. I love to knit socks.
But friends are more impressed with the 4 Hitchhikers I've done. I love Martina Behm's patterns.

Geraldine Scott

This year I was determined to perfect my sock knitting skills!


This year has been about finishing WIPs. I moved from California to South Dakota and actually counted 47 works in progress! it has felt great to get many of those done. However, I have veered off course to start new things, tempted by the yummiest of yarns. My favorite this year has been Anzula Dreamy. OMG. amazing. I've also dabbled knit up my third Color Affection in Anzula Nebula; a cardigan in Anzula For Better or Worsted; fingerless gloves in Anzula Cricket and finished a shawl in Anzula Wash My Lace. Next year, I think I'll focus on lace weight yarn knitting.... I'll surely be distracted by other things along the way!


I think my favorite project this year was a baby cardigan I knit for friends out of a beautiful pink/purple/blue Arucania.


I had fun knitting a beaded scarf. Shh, it's a Christmas present for a dear friend who has been taking care of her father after his stroke.


Two things come to mind. I challenged myself to knit 20 pair of socks this year and I did it!!
Also, I knit a 2 beautiful sweaters. One is Lady Sunnyside and the other is Teegan. Both patterns on Ravelry.

Stephanie V

For some reason, it was kids' hats this year that caught my fancy. Although there a lot of pairs of socks knit up, too. I think the hats let me knit in the round on a small project. Lots of variety that way.


It's just socks... socks socks socks. Always my go to pattern when I am in a rut or feeling like starting something new. I am addicted to sock knitting. Usually it's just my plain vanilla pattern...

Tammee Gardiner

I finally bought the book, Indie Socks! And have been working my way through the patterns. They are wonderful!

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