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December 13, 2014


Allise Vicens

I try to,keep my sock drawer full, but I've gained a lot of fans. My husband, my daughter, and now her boyfriend can't get enough hand knit socks. I've been trying the Regia heavy weight to get quicker results.


Wow! Look at all these wonderful responses! These were so much fun to read. I feel sort of selfish that most of my knitting was for me - but I knit my very first pair of socks this year and I absolutely adore them (they did take me quite a while.). I think knitting a pair of socks was how I discovered this site - a very happy find.

I did knit a couple of baby blankets for a couple of new babies - always fun. Now I'll have to do some charity/newborn/ knitting. Any excuse to knit is a good one!


My three youngest granddaughters received New sweaters this fall. Older granddaughters received cowls and boot cuffs. I'm always knitting socks for myself. Need finish my sweater after the holidays.


My knitting has been split this year. I have knit hats, scarves, slippers, cowls, and mittens for family members and a sweater for myself.


I've knitted for myself & others probably fairly evenly. So much to knit and so little time.

Cindy T

all for others. I really want to knit myself something one of these days!

anne j-z

I am still in the middle of knitting for others-hope to finish soon and get to my own socks.


The scale regarding my knitting this year leaned a bit to my side, but that wa due to the fact that I knit my first sweater. I love making socks and what I call "short finger gloves". So hopefully in the New Year, I can dip into my Simply Sock Yarn stash.



Kathleen Perrone

I have been knitting socks for a few years, I knit for myself and for gifts. I am all so part of a non profit group that knit hats scarfs and mittens for the needy. I would enjoy winning. The yarn will go to make something beautiful for some one. Kathy from Michigan

Annalee D

My knitting creativity has been on fire this year, and mostly because I focused on projects that I would love made for myself out of delicious yarns. I knit my first sweater and cowl, and would wear them every day this winter if that were acceptable! I have realized I need more socks in my rotation, tho, so crossing my fingers for this giveaway. ;) thanks ssyc!


this year it's my Episcopal Service Corps interns... cold feet, warm hearts but hand knit socks can help with the cold feet part to keep the hearts warmer in their year of service

Jane H

I had twin granddaughters this year, so most of my knitting/crocheting was for them. The last two masterpieces were turkey hats for Thanksgiving, and elf hats (complete with pointy ears) for Christmas!


Mostly me. I love knitting lace shawls and I'm the one who loves them most!

Judi Kennedy

This year it would have to be me. I knit mostly socks for Christmas gifts, and some of them ended up being too small (LOL) for anyone but me.

Debi Waldron

Others. I have never knit for myself as to many others need things.


Most of my knitting goes to a prayshawl ministry and family. I have very few things for me.


My knitting this year has been all for me. It's actually the first year I didn't make anything for anybody lol!

Beth Burdette

I knit for others. Love to make others happy!


Hmmm...hard to say. I have knitted myself 2 pairs of socks, a chicken hat for a friend, another chicken hat for a friends daughter, socks for my hubby, a chicken hat & socks for my son, & now I am crocheting minion hats for my sister & her 5 kids. :)


This year, I mostly knitted for myself. I did quite a bit of knitting in sock-weight, though -- I knitted socks for my new husband to wear for our wedding!

Annie Reardon

I knit for my grandchildren! Avery was 3 in July & Tegan was born in June.
I love making baby and toddler sweaters! I only use seamless top up or top down patterns. Small items mean I can knit more of them!!


I received it because only I can appreciate the true depth of my talent.

Amy gray

Myself, then my daughter, now gifts for friends.


I knit mostly for myself but end the year knitting gifts for family members. This year it is boot cuffs for nieces.

Charon Coonfield

I made about 25 pairs of socks for Mittens for Akkol, and about 5 pairs to give as gifts for Christmas. I'll make myself something in January.


I knit more for others this past year, especially for my baby. That was one way I got ready for baby's arrival.


I think it was pretty split this year, half for me and half for gifts though the second half of the year has been a lot of gifts.


My grandkids got the benefit of most of my knitting this year. Did make socks for daughter, son and daughter in law also. Nothing for me this year and nothing for my husband either so we're on tap to get some new things next year. I have a fishing themed cowl on deck for him and a cowl to match a hat I made two years ago for me.


Mostly me as I try to perfect my sock knitting skills. Have a cardigan that needs a sleeve and then front placket and buttons before it can go to my niece. I finally managed to get my mom to learn crochet so she could do her own projects :) I'm so proud of her keeping at it tell her squares are now square. Love all the practice pot holders I received. Now she's ready to learn how to knit!!!

Andrea Morrison (@wonderwhygal)

Surprisingly, others! More than myself or what I sold, I gifted some amazing shawls and socks to co-workers whom I've decided are knitworthy. The best gift is when they wear these items to work and I overhear them tell others that I made the items for them. A double big gift.


Most of my crafting is for me, with a much smaller portion going to family members and for sale.
Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Chuckie engebretson

I have split this year; more socks being gifted but I got a silk beaded shawl and a new sweater! I think I got the best of it.


All of my knitting this year was for others. Lots of baby gifts - hats, dresses, sweaters, and a blanket, plus socks for Christmas for my mom and father


Definitely others! Friends, family and strangers.

Suzanne Farhart

I knit for myself and husband. I'm new at this but love knitting. My husband just loves the feel of his socks and loves showing them off to everyone and saying they are handmade by me.


Others. I made scarves, cowls, socks for my 12 friends of 40+ years! Plus 3 socks for friends battling breast cancer. :((


I crochet way more for others, in fact, my daughter finally received her first handmade blanket from me, and it was for her 8th birthday this year!! So, I am going to focus more on our home first, with a blanket for my husband for Christmas.


I would say one third for others, two thirds for me. I know that I will use what I knit. Not so sure about others.


I hardly ever actually knit items for me. Most of my knitted items go to family members and a lot to charity projects.


About half for myself and half for others. This time if year, it's all for others!


Most of my knitting has been for me. There have been a few pairs of socks for hubby, a few test knits along the way and a couple of gifts.


50/50 for family and friends, then the rest for me.


Others. Nieces, nephews, brother, sister-in-law, babies!


It's all about me! I appreciate what I make and I haven't found that from other family members. I have knit a few baby gifts and those are always loved.

Kathleen Kupinsky

I definitely knit more for my husband than anyone else. He loves the socks I make him so I always try to make him a few pairs for his Birthday and Christmas.


My knitting this year has gone to charity -- the local hospital, the food bank and a nursing home.

ellen kirkendall

Most of my socks are gifts, but I add a couple of pairs to my sock drawer every year so I am amply supplied.


I knit for Grandkids, me, and friends and family. I love knitting a hat or cowl and then finding the perfect home for it!


Definitely my husband, who is about 6 pairs of socks richer than he was before...


I do believe that most of my knitting this year has gone to a very deserving! I have knit for others with mixed results and I only knit for extremely knit-worthy family members - my son, daughter-in-law and husband.

Lucy Kesler

Both! About done with the majority of the give away knitting and now it's my turn!


Most recently my knitting has been for others as I finished up my Yule gifts, but I now only make socks for one else seems to properly appreciate them!

Diane Wolf

I knit for my family and for presents through out the year. Very rarely knit for myself!

Liz Fox

I knit for others...especially my sister. I made the mistake?!? of making her a pair of socks several years ago and now my socks are the only ones she will wear! I don't mind though. I always have a pair of socks in progress as the make travel/waiting room projects!


My knitting this year has been for me - but I've only managed a couple of pair of socks.


I just started knitting this year, so my mistake-ridden stuff has gone to me. I am really excited about getting good enough to give it away as gifts this next year.

JulIe Zeager

I definitely knit more for my daughter than for me this year.


The majority of my knitting has gone to me this year. The majority of my sock knitting is about equal between me and my two daughters. (a pair for me, a pair for them... lol)


Most of my knitting was for others.


I find my knitting throughout the year goes through transition. I always start with making sure my sock drawer is full. Then I can't help myself and begin knitting socks for friends/family.


A bit of both.....a few gifts, but I guess, now that I have to think seriously about it 😉, probably more for myself (and some undecided's )

Sandra Dodson

Love to knit for my daughter - but I do knit a lot for myself as well.

judy kimbrell

Much more for myself but I feel more confident now and will knit more for others next year. Besides how many socks can you wear?

Melinda Testerman

Most of my knitting goes to my family or others


Equal, if I make it for myself someone in my family wants one you & I love my family! They are all knit worthy ..


Almost all my knitting this past year went to my new granddaughter. She is so much fun to knit for.


This year I knit mostly for babies and made a few pairs of socks for family.

Mary Harting

Mostly others.


Most of my knitting this year has been for family and friends. I started Christmas knitting in September! I think that was when I started getting stressed out about how much yarn I have in my house and de-stashing via Christmas gifts sounded like a great idea!


I looked back over my Ravelry page and it looks like I've knit socks for me this year, but alot of other things for family and friends. I would have to say pretty evenly split!


Baby blankets for others because I think every new baby should have a handmade blanket that's not an heirloom....use mine, wash them & use again!!


I knit mostly for others especially the cute kids!


This year it has been a mixture for me. I love wearing warm socks in the winter so I have slowly been knitting socks to increase my collection. I also lovemaking hats and donating them.

Cindy Carpenter

to my FIL - 2 pairs of socks, a hat and scarf in malibrigo rios
MIL - small shawlette in fiberspates, large shawl in cascade heritage silk paints and a pair of lace socks in lorna laces (I really love my inlaws!) DH gets socks, stealth, Grand daughter more wild socks in Regia Fluromania, and more socks for my mom in opal. Last 3 are knitted for constantly all year so smaller amount for Xmas. I did knit a shawl for my massage therapist who takes such good care of my sore back too!

Tina Cushman

I knit mostly for my family and myself. My 2 daughters and husband love hand knit socks, mittens and hats.

Amber Witten

I just learned to knit this year and absolutely LOVE it! We had our Christmas yesterday as I am down visiting family for the holidays. Grandma, mom, and my sister love their scarves and have already requested socks for next year! In addition to family, I have given scarves to some very special ladies undergoing chemo and radiation treatments this winter. This is definitely a tradition I will continue.


My hubby wins on the sock front and I've gotten hooked on doing mittens for kids but I do have a shawl for myself on the needles right now!


It was definitely split this year. Don't get me started on the amount of yarn I gifted myself :)

Dodi M

My great nieces and great nephew. I love knitting socks for them as they are so grateful. I only see 2 of them twice a year and we sit with all my sock yarn and they pick what colors they like from appropriate yarn. When they come back the following summer they bring me socks that are too short and a put new toes on them. If they are not extendable I keep them and knit new ones to replace them.


50/50 some projects are for me others are for friends & family. Socks are my go to project, love making them not only for myself by family as well.

Julie Overland

It's probably a 50/50 split:)


My knitting was about evenly divided between knitting for myself and knitting for others this past year. I did some charity knitting also.


Sadly, there was no bounty this year, but there was some selfish knitting.

Debra Jacobs

The last recipient of my knitting was my niece's miracle baby, after 13 years of trying, they were blessed with a little bundle of joy. I had to knit a beautiful afghan for this special little guy with yarn from Simply Socks! I am ready to knit for my self after the holidays! I love the sock monkey bag, such a whimsical item!!

Karen G.

Definitely most was for others this year. A few things for myself, but mainly projects for display at my LYS and some gifts. Hopefully I can manage more for myself after the New Year!

beth Popp

Me me me me me !!


Lots of donated hats! Several shawls for me....

Simone Lawson

Others..2015 is all about me


For the most part I have knit things for other people this year. I helped a friend whose daughter was getting married by knitting shawls for the bride's grandmothers. Both of these were knit with sock yarn. I have made several baby sweaters and matching hats for friends that are having their first grand babies. I did knit a shawl for my new daughter in law out of sock yarn. And I have made several cowls for friends. I love knitting socks but it seems this year I have only made a couple of pair. My goal for next year it to knit more for me.


My mother in law has requested a pair of socks per year. I have knit her at least 10 pairs!


Mostly others. Grandkids. Kids. Friends. Charity. And me. I'm in love with sock yarn!!

Sara B.

Me! I've learned that I appreicate myy hard work more than others.(Who didn't wnat it in the first place.)

Shannon Still

My mom and family. I think I have a yarn and pattern obsession.


others I like to make my gifts.


Always for others, I just learned to knit and love making things for others!!!!


Mostly me, but a fair few pieces for my husband!


I want to knit for me, but it seems I'm always having to knit up gifts for family and co-workers!


About half and half. I've come out of the year with several pairs of socks, but I made two shawls for my best college chums' 40th birthdays and there's another on the needles for my mother for Christmas.

Jill niedeeske

I would say it is about even ,I knit for friends who don't family who can not and for myself.

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