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December 13, 2014



Definitely others...still not done with my Christmas knitting!

Joy hill

Mostly for others, gifts and family. But as the year comes to an end I think I'll try to sneak in a few projects for me that have been turning their sad eye on me every time I walk by the yarn pile!

Joanne Christman

My knitting is for me! I don't really have anyone to knit for who would even begin to appreciate my efforts.

Holly Beam

I think it has been pretty well split between others and myself. I try to learn a new stitch or technique with each new project. I've learned the brioche stitch, the cast on for a moebius scarf, and made cable stitches with two cable needles. I've had people ask me for specific items so I try to use a new kind of yarn or pattern. It's made each new project fun and exciting. I sure do love to knit!

Stephanie V

Probably the bulk of my knitting this year was donated to our local seniors' Center to help raise funds. But I found time for hats, cowls, mitts and, naturally, there socks. What is life without hand-knitted socks?


The few knitting projects that were completed were for others. The remainder are sitting in a basket waiting to be assembled......There's always another Christmas!


My husband and kids definitely got most of my knitting - several 2 or 3 hats each, a pair of socks or two, a cowl. Other family members also got hats. I have a pile of things I want to knit for myself now and will get that started as soon as I finish the last 3 gifts for this year.

Dotty Herd

I haven't been knitting long but I am so ready to begin my first pair of socks!! After getting my RVing bag from you, I know where I am going to get yarn. I love this site. I have to say I have given away everything I have knitted. 1/2 of the fun is in knitting the other 1/2 the fun is in the giving!

Sandra Cash

I don't think I have anything I've made. Family and friends receive all the goodies.


I have knit mostly for others and only one or two things for myself.


I agree most, if not all of my knitting goes to others. I wasn't able to get as many Christmas gifts done this year. However my goal in the new year is to take the time to add to my sock collection. And as I have recently found your site, I am ecstatic about the choices that abound for socks in all seasons!


Definitely myself. At least 2/3 of what I've made so far this year went to myself - mostly cowls & shawls. The rest were gifts for friends and family.


I knit throughout the year for all my grandkids and kids. This year they are all getting socks or scarfs. I have started my knitting for next year.

Ruth Garcia

I knitted mostly for the charity Motherless Child Foundation that delivers items to orphans in Kazakhstan. I made lots of socks, plus a few other random items including two sweaters. My daughter liked the sweater pattern so much that now I am making a sweater for her.


Others. Matching socks for my husband and son. My Noro stipe socks will start on Christmas Day once I open them up!

Dianne Warner

Definitely others as I make quite a few gifts that are knitted and really enjoy doing it


I was surprised to find that I kit more for others in 2013, despite knitting two sweaters for myself. There were several wedding gifts, many socks for my quickly growing son, several charity hats, and some other socks for friends and loved ones. Wow!


This year mostly for myself!

Geri Heagy

My knitting will go to family recipients this year. One of the projects was a pair of socks for my husband's size 14 foot! Can we say endless....!


Mostly me . . . too little knitting time makes for slow output.


I knit a lot of hats to give away and a lot of stuffies. The hats were gifted, the stuffies I couldn't part with!

Chris Aumiller

I'm a bit of both. Some for myself, a bit for plays I've been in, and lots of yarn for Christmas presents to friends.

Angeliner Mediner

I've made myself a lot of socks but have yet to wear them. They're too pretty!!


I've knit mostly for myself, but I am making a cabled scarf for my boyfriend for Christmas.

Zoe Juniper

Others, from sons teacher, to a friend with cancer, and lots of friends new babies. I am doing a cardy for me, but still a WIP.


Most of my knitting is for me. Not many people can appreciate what goes into a handknit...

Erin V

I mostly knit for others. Sometimes my husband buys me some special yarn with the specific instruction to knit something for myself. I think my 'personal' stash needs to be worked on.


I have knit socks for my dad and brother.


I think that the projects I have completed this year have been evenly divided amongst myself and other family members.

Ruth Colville

It is probably slightly tipped toward the 3 "Grands", but socks for me aren't too far behind.


What little knitting i've been able to do has been wrapping up older projects. The cowls and fingerless mitts i've finished have all gone to friends.


Some for my husband and me and then gifts for others. Sock knitting is my favorite knitting. I had hand surgery in late November and can't knit until the therapist releases me.......hardest part of whole process!! To do list is growing!!!

julie Mcilwraith

I make things for me and then end up giving them to the person who admires them!


Pretty evenly split this year. Several prayer shawls, and baby items for others and for myself scarves and socks!


Others have been the recipients of most my knitting and crocheting this year. I've done a lot of dishcloths and amigarumi animals as gifts.

Pamela Czurak

Most of the knitting I've done this year's been for myself. In past years I knit and gave everything away of skips but this year I decided to do some things for myself. I've used a lot of sock yarn to make various garbs fingerless mittens and socks. I phone in love with all types of sock yarn.

Marilyn C Robinson

I knit all year thinking "this is for me" but as soon as I finish it and someone says they like it I give it to them. It feels good! It gives me an excuse to buy more quality yarn for the next project.

Pam Hunter

All of my knitting goes to my friends and daughter. They bug me throughout the year for hints of what I have knit for them during the year. They are even bringing me patterns for things they want. I am known as the knitting lady. I think homemade gifts are the best. Homemade gifts say that you care enough to spend your time. Merry Xmas everyone!


I didn't knit a ton this year, but it's mostly for me.

Barbara Wonsowicz

2014 was definitely the year for me. Socks socks and more socks!

Cheryl Mink

Pink is my favorite


Most of my knitting this year went to others. Lots of baby gifts!

Tracy H.

I'm only knitting one holiday gift this year, a pair of socks for my husband - and technically it's not for Christmas, it's for his 50th birthday on Dec. 20th.


My knitting slowed this year as I have a new baby but what I have knit has been for her or me!

Holly Creel

I knit a whole bushel of socks and fingerless gloves for my family this year. 2015 will be the year of the sock for me, as I plan to try out many new sock patters.


I good portion of my knitting is donated. Either to raise money for Relay For Life or to my church. I occasional make something for my family. Rarely make something for myself.


I've knit for myself more this year. Cowls, scarfs and fingerless mitts...need those to stay warm at the drive thru window

Tracy Bagley

This year I have knit and crochet for many people, only have made myself a hat, which I may end up giving away!! It's my goal this next year to make ME lots of socks! lol

Jodie e

Definitely me! I stocked up my sock drawer all year but made time for family handknits at Christmas.


I would say about 50/50. I love making gifts for dear ones, but I love wearing my knitted socks.

Carla Semple



My grandaughter got the most this year, I made a sweater, a hot and an elf for her


I knit for my family. Noone turns down hand knitted socks.

Amy C

Nearly all my knitting is for others. I love making and giving. The only part I struggle with is the mending I get asked to do. But, it really means that what I gave was loved and used so much it needs repair - what better sign of an appreciated gift, right?

Patti Ishee

Pretty evenly split between myself and others. Right now I am finishing up Christmas knitting for my 5 grandchildren. Hope to have my sock drawer full of my hand knit socks by this time next year.

Lisa B

That would be me!

Melissa B

It's me! I'm sometimes too critical of my knitting to give it away beyond my own household. And other times, after working on something for a while, I'm just too in love with it to let it go! I do knit for others but it is like, "one for me, one for someone else, one for me, one for someone else!" :)

Sarah G

Most of my knitting this year has been for me. In the past, I kept very few things I made.


I knit for the love of knitting. My dear grand daughters go for the socks as does one of the son in laws . Now I' knitting sweaters for my daughters and daughter in law.


The last pair of socks I knitted went to my husband. The next pair is for me.

Susan Eberhardt

I have a nice stack of handknit socks and hats ready to go out as Christmas gifts. I love receiving yarn, but it usually goes out as a finished gift for someone dear to me!

Boston Knitter

Every day should be sock yarn day. I think I split my knitting relatively evenly between myself and others....and I really should have been more selfish because I don't have nearly enough hand knit socks.

Amy Stewart

My son gets lots of socks from me. He picks out the yarn, the color, the pattern, I knit. Babies of friends and those in the NICU also benefit from lots of hats and booties

Bonnie Gordon

Hats for the whole family ( and a sweater for me).

Judy Meyer

It was almost all for me, and it is almost entirely not finished! 1 sock, a third of a double knit scarf, most of a cowl, the cuff of another sock, a top-down sweater that reaches my shoulders. For Him, part of one sock.


I see a skein of yarn or a pattern and it just screams a loved one's name to me. I am lucky to have family and friends to knit & crochet for. A few projects make it to the "ME" pile!

Ann M

Others, most definitely. I retired last year and have been working at the Clothes Closet at our church where people are allowed to take what they need. As our Wisconsin winter began making us chilly, I was amazed at the number of men, women, and children needing hats and mittens. I've been trying to make my own private dent in addressing that need. In years past I have knit to support area church bazaars but my focus has changed slightly from raising funds to warming local hands. My bazaar friends totally understand.

Andrea Duran

I have knit for both myself and others-----right now I am making American Girl Doll sweaters for three little girls I know, and I recently finished 15 ornaments from the book "55 Christmas Balls to Knit". I have also finished a shawl for a friend's stepmother, and a shawl for me.

Christine T

My bounty almost always goes to others, I rarely knit for myself. I am better at giving than receiving!

Marilyn Knopps

Most of my projects were for others, but I managed to do a couple of things for myself.

Annmarie Fournier

This year I was lucky to knit for me!! Right now I am knitting hats for my family.

Nancy Schultz

I give away most of the socks I crochet.

Reba Morris

All of my knitting goes to family; 3 daughters, their friends, son's girlfriend, & family. I have never made anything for myself. Someday, ME!

Kristi ~ Ohio

The majority of my knitting was for my husband and new grandson. I knit two sweaters for my husband and a couple of blankets and a hat for our grandson. I did get a few items knit for myself...a few shawls and a sweater. Now on to more socks!


I think it's been a pretty even split between knitting for myself (sweaters) and my best friend (a sweater and socks).


mostly baby gifts and some charity. A little for myself

Carol Harting

I knit them for myself and some are sold and the money goes to our local Senior Center. It seems that none of my relatives will wear hand made socks - they are too warm for where they live.

Loren McCoy

I am actually knitting socks for myself this time. Everyone else I've made them for loves your yarn. So warm and yummy.


Most of my sock knitting is for me - however I have made about 5 prs for others this year.


My production was way down this year because of wrist problems, but it was about evenly split between others and myself!

Diana Kalar

Normally myself, but this year I've been knitting for others.

Emilie V.

I love sock yarn,been knitting my own socks for over 15 yrs & they are still the pink color

Beth L Ruiter

Others. My two oldest nieces got more than anyone else.

Pam Winne

This year most of my knitting has gone to others...a change from the norm. In the past, most has been for me, me, and me...hehehe.

Andrea Pulver

Pretty! Socks and sock yarn are my passion!

Rosemary Landry

I just knit because I like to knit........for friends and family and ME!


Others, I crocheted over 100 scarves for Special Olymics athletes and I knit 70 toques for Special Olympics athletes also. This is along with all the socks for family and blankets for numerous new babes.

Sandy W

Most of my knitting and crocheting went to friends and family. 2015 might involve some for me.

Jessica mcconnell

I made 12 pairs of socks this year, I only kept 3. 8 pair went to friends and family and one pair to charity- hopefully being loved by someone who needs them.


I mostly knit for myself, but I've alse made socks for my parents and good friends ths year.

Kathy Beaumont

Others. No gift giving this year, but my daughter needs new arm warmers and my nephew needed a new "balaclava". I have several pieces finished for gift, but guess I will save them for birthdays.

jen l

Others. I mosty crochet for charity.

Karen Majors

Most of my knitting was for others this year. Baby things for a co-worker, a hat for my daughter's boyfriend, and a hat for her friend who has been diagnosed with lymphoma...poor thing will be losing her hair. I did knit myself a pair of socks though too.


Most for me, some for charity, a few pieces for really good friends.


Knitting mostly for me this year. It is one of those things that I could do lots of knitting for others but nope the yarns I buy are mine. I have a few coworkers who would love some of my knitting but if I want to keep my sanity no not right now.


Others this year! A blanket and Christmas stocking for my new baby niece, dishcloths for coworkers, a pillow for my mom, socks for youngest daughter and a hat for her boyfriend. Can't wait until I'm done so I can work on my socks!!!!

Melissa S Lewis

My mother is getting my first pair of completed socks.

Holly Abery-Wetstone

I made 8 Zuzu's Petals for holiday gifts and after I was diagnosed with breast cancer made 7 chemo hats for Halos of Love because my knitting group outfitted me with plenty

Elise McKee

Most of my sock knitting has gone to me but hats, shawls, and cowls - oh yes and fingerless gloves have been gifted. 2015 will be the year for selfish knitting!


I knit on my antique circular sock machine for myself & family. I have made some socks & cowls on it for gifts this year.

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