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December 13, 2014



with the three gifts which will be finished its: others - 3; sock basket 6

Susan D.

The majority of my knitting is all for me. A few things were made as gifts and a few others I was paid to knit.


Definitely others. I knit more than I ever have this year and I have 2 pairs of socks for me. Lol


I knit 28 items for Christmas gifts - including socks of course. Most projects used sock yarn - it's so versatile!
All my Christmas projects are finished - now what am I going to do with all my free time - Knit on!!

jeanne bringley

Probably me. I love cowl although the last pair of socks went to my son who wears a size 13 shoe.

Susan Hill

Love 12 Days of Christmas. Most of my knitting is for me since I love knitting socks and cowls and wear them constantly. This Christmas I used up a lot of beautiful yarn and knitted cowls for my daughter to give for her Christmas gifts. She works and is busy and I was delighted to do the knitting and she was delighted to give handmade gifts. A win for everyone.


This year—probably a pretty even split. Well, maybe more for the grandbaby.... but such small projects as to count 2 for 1, I think.


I have knit for others this year 😃 But in January it's all about me!!!!

Jayme Putzier

I gave most of mine to friends. I like knitting for them more so than myself. Don't know why; just do.

Cindy Lou

Cowls and such were given to others or donated. The socks were all for MEEEE!


I love to knit socks!!!!

Bev Haws

Most of my knitting goes to my twin neices and there kids. They live in colder area so they always can use beanies, gloves & scarfs!

Tricia F

Others. My family usually claims projects before they are done! :)

Katherine C Ballard

My children have received the bulk of my knitting this year. Hats for both children and two sweaters and a blanket for my daughter who was born in August.


I keep what little I crochet, still a newbie so I don't feel what I've made is good enough to gift.

Donna Kuehl

Baby blankets for the new grandson! Also lots of small projects to donate for our knitting guild.

Julie Branham

This year, it has been all for me. I keep starting projects for others but then get frustrated or bored with them and go back to my socks for myself. I'm ok with that.

Jane Finnell

Definately others - Husband, kids, grandkids, friends - Living in Hawaii, even at 4000' where it's cool, I can't possibly use all the things I love to knit - good thing family lives in cooler climates.

Sharon Silverman

I have so many projects I want to make for myself, but then I end up gifting them to other people. Family, friends and my teammates in Team in Training end up getting the benefits of my crafting mania! Someday all of my cycling friends will get handcrafted sock for the winter months on the bike! :)


The majority of my knitting has been for others, though I manage to sneak in a pair of socks or a shawl here and there :)


Mostly gift knitting for friends and family, lots of socks and shawls. I also did some socks to donate to our local shelter that provides overnight stays for the homeless on cold winter nights. And of course a few pairs f socks for me.


I knit more for myself this year. From a couple of shawls and now a couple of pairs of socks.

Last year was the knitting for others, so I feel okay about being a bit selfish this year!

Sandra Moody

Mostly I knit for others, but I did finish a scarf for myself recently!


It's been a year of knitting for others. Everyone is getting hand knits for Christmas this year. Only one pair of socks for myself.

merle burton

My husband passed away this year, so now I only knit for pleasure. So I guess you can say I knit for myself.

Danielle St Martin

I have knitted and crocheted mainly for me and my new grandson this year.


I knit a lot for myself this year but also for family and charity. Next year I want to knit more for others.

Barb Thompson

I live in a more remote area, so my neighbor family receives the bounty of my knitting. They really appreciate the knitting, so I truly enjoy it!


Nothing for me, something for everybody, but all the babies and toddlers are warm and snugly this yearn. I have the fun of knitting and the joy of giving.


Definitely my kiddos! Love to knit for them!


I don't think I made anything for myself. It was all for others. :) I had a baby in Feb, though, so it was fun to make stuff for him.

Steffanie Crossland

Up until a couple of months ago, most of my sock knitting was for me. I LOVE the feel of handknit socks. However, holiday knitting took over and the last couple of months have been dedicated to making warm, bulky socks for family. I don't mind. They are worth it.

Jen Cobb

My family. I set the goal of two pair of hand knit socks for everyone last year and I'm one pair away from my goal(and that pair is in progress). That equals one pair a month for me including 2 pair of size 13 men's socks!!

Lynn Strait

Most of my knitting is for others, sweaters, socks, cowls, afghans. After losing my husband to lung cancer last year than 3 months later having brain surgery to remove a tumor I just appreciate being able to knit. Last year I couldn't because of paralysis. Knitting is my calm.

Rachel G

I knit for myself and my two daughters, mostly. Lots of socks! I also knit for my Mom and niece. :)

Vicki Maynes

All of my knitting this year has been for my family. My husband, son and nephew only wear the socks I knit for them. My daughter in law, and four grandgirls wear a lot of my socks, hats, cowls , mittens and ponchos. Every now and then I start a pair of sock for me, but they usually end up with someone else!

Michelle Solomon

I think it's been fairly even some tthings for others, some for us. The majority of my late summer/ early fall knitting was spent on a 10-Stitch Blanket which is now in time-out. My goal for the new year is to knit more socks😄

Merry Christmas!

Denise C.

I knitted things mostly for my husband and myself this year. Oh! I just remembered, I'm currently knitting a pair of fingerless gloves for my niece for Christmas!


I knit 6 pair for my mother (for her birthday or Christmas). I think the rest of them were for me....


About evenly split between myself & my grands.


This year my projects have been for my granddaughters and daughter, along with Christmas presents still in process. My New Year's resolution is to knit for ME! The only handmade socks I have were a present from a friend. That needs to change!! :)

Annette Triner

It's pretty 50-50, especially this time of year! Gifts for my mom, nephews and brothers-in-law.

Barbara Russo

Most things start out for me , then someone loves them and they get passed on. So I must say it's about even !

Leslie Fehr

I always start a project thinking that it's for me -- and then the project tells me if I get to keep or need to gift it. I try to keep a hat project in my waiting room project bag - finished quite a few this year.

Judy McFarland

Usually it's socks for all, but this year I'm still trying to finish a sweater promised for a birthday last July. . . .

Danielle K

Sadly for others. I prefer knitting for me best :) one last gift and then back to my selfish ways!!!

Lucy Portland

My niece had twins last July--a boy and a girl. They have received the bulk of my knitting.

Rusty M

My knitting output has decreased alot this year due to a new part-time job but I have knit for my mom and sister more than myself.


Oh that's a no-brainer, ME! :)


Mostly for others. I love to have a large selection of scarves, socks, or shawls for friends to pick something out that they really like. Did make a couple of scarves for myself, too.

Julie D

Probably 50/50. I make some stuff for me, but a good chunk goes to others as well.

Diane True

Others....especially my son-in-law to be... it's his first Christmas with us and he's never had homemade socks (being he has a size 13 foot there could be reason for it!).

But this year he's getting his first pair!


I've knit mostly for others this year. I've just about cleared my stash of wool worsted weight knitting for Afghans for Afghans.

Heather Larson

This past year most of my knitting has gone to others. Mostly my three year old son. I have decided 2015 to be the year of the sock and I am going to try and knit myself a pair of socks a month. Hopefully with SSYC help.


I gave knits to family members, but I would have to say the majority stayed with me.

Marjorie Millner

Half and half, I'd say. For me: Lots of socks in varying yarns, and a gorgeous scarf/hat combo out of Tosh Merino DK Modern Fair Isle (that stuff is therapeutic to knit!) For others: hats, fingerless mitts out of Pashmina, lots of socks for my sister who lives in New Hampshire and loves alpaca socks because they keep her feet warm but they breathe.


Lots of knitting for others this year. It has been a big year for baby blankets!

April Prentice

I do most of it for me but this year I have had a few requests from friends and family :)


A little here, a little there... Some is for me (though I will generally part with things others express interest in), some for family, some for charity, and some to sell.


I usually start out a new year saying I'm going to knit more for myself. Never happened. I think this year I got 3 pairs of socks. My granddaughters got dresses,cardi's, hats, mittens and some doll clothes. My sister got socks, a scarf, mitts and some dishcloths. My sons got hats and socks. I knit a couple of pairs of mitts for friends. And most importantly, I knit several hats for charity.

Southern Gal

this year i started running in the morning and then going to the gym when it got too dark so i have to go to bed MUCH earlier than i used to

that means MUCH less knitting time.

so only socks this year - right now two pair that are over due presents (1 of my 4 sisters and my mother) they will be xmas presents (i hope!)
or 'whenever' presents

then there is a binlaw who had a big bday and wants a pair.

someday. i wont have to work and can run and knit all day!


I knit for myself, mainly socks (because they're portable and don't take me quite so long to do).


My adult daughters, mostly. But I have a drawer full of Christmas socks knit this year for them, my granddaughter, and two grandsons. I've also knit a lace shawl and 3 Shawlettes (cameo, Oaklet, and hitchhiker on ravelry) for daughters and myself, a lot of fingerless mitts, and several cowls (gifts). Current wips are a fairisle sweater for myself, a Rockefeller shawl just to knit, more fingerless gloves, and watermelon socks for a birthday gift!


Me! I've done 13 pairs of socks, and they're all for me! #operationsockdrawer


This year it was a pretty even split between knitting for myself and for others.

Karen B

I knit because I enjoy trying new patterns. A few days ago my daughter and i laid out all the finished products and tried to match them to family members. I have knitted items for 11 family members. (Unfortunately, I have some unclaimed knits that aren't not suited for specific folks. Donations they will be!) I do knit for myself but I enjoy knitting for others. Next year, I need to be better at matching the person to the project!


Generally I knit for myself but this year we were blessed with a daughter and she got the bulk of my knitting. Baby stuff is so fast!


Socks for the new babies all around me (love Ann Budd's patterns for these) and new socks for my husband to replace the ones that are starting to wear out. Maybe I snuck a pair for myself in there...


With 3 grand babies and one more on the way ,
My knitting is a lot for them. Traveling to see them means a lot of socks done in the airports. So when my daughter needs a gift for someone my sock stash is raided!! Do have a sock drawer full for myself though!! So I guess I knitted for everyone this past year...

Christine C.

This year I would have to say I knitted more for other people. And I'm still trying to finish a few things for Christmas! Lol
I better get to it! : )


My niece is going to be the lucky winner this year

lisa petrovski

Definitely more to others although I've managed to slip in a few more things for me this year!


I have knit mostly for myself this year but will do more knitting for charity next year.


Two brand new babies in our family reaped the benefits!

Peggy West

My knitting was split about evenly between myself and others this year. I just finished a matching set of gloves, hat and cowl for my husband.


Mostly for me. 2 people will get hand knits for Christmas, my mom's planned gift didn't get done, maybe for mothers day


On the needles right now, I have gifts for my husband, grandmother, and two children, and several items for myself. I hope some of them are finished by the end of the year!

Heather H

All my finished projects so far this year have been for me! I do have a hat in progress for my fiance. Maybe I can get it finished before the end of the year so at least one project was for someone else.

Debbie Hammer

Mostly others because, while I like to knit in wool blends I am allergic and can't wear the stuff myself

Jill L

I have knit for others more this year. Money has been tight and instead of buying gifts, I have been using up my yarn and saving money!

Julie Breuninger

Most of my knitting is for others. Working in a school there is always someone having a baby. I have a tradition of knitting for each new baby to arrive. I have no difficulty finishing items for other people - usually have a deadline - but items for me will sit and sit in the UFO pile. Maybe my New Year's resolution should be to give myself deadlines for those items I'm knitting for me.

Beatrice Bomba

By shear numbers, most of my crochet this year went to make 11 baby sweaters for charity. I did manage to sneak in a few things for myself and family. I am yearning to learn to knit!

Sarah (3trees on Rav)

That bag is so cute! and I LOVE Regia.

My knitting was pretty evenly split this past year. Often things that start out for me end up going to my daughter. :-)

Libba Hicks

Definitely others. I have a hard time finding time to knit for me.

Lori Linney

My Girls are the winners this year, sweaters for them for Christmas. Other that that the Grandbabes got socks all year for their growing feet!

Barbara G.

This year was knitting for myself and family.
Sweater and socks for me; socks, baby things, hats, washcloths for daughter, mom, sisters, sister-in-law, niece's baby. I think there's more ...

Renee Anne

In my house, Christmas knitting goes to everyone else. I have three sets of a hat and pair of mittens going to my best friend and her two children, four stuffed goats are going with Husband to work, and that's it for Christmas knitting. Maybe next year I'll knit something for my two sons and Husband's nieces. We shall see.

Joyce Spradling

Mostly for charity, but I did crochet a Christmas tree skirt for my daughter, and a scarf for me.


I've hardly done any knitting this year, I've had my infant grandson most days. I put a few rows on a pari of socks for me, but I did finish a hat for a friend and 1 1/2 scarves for another friend, so I guess that means my knitting this year went to "others".


I've knit for myself, mostly. But the best knitting was for a dear woman who loves the socks that I make her. At one point, she had all of them with everywhere, because she was afraid that if someone broke into her house, they'd steal the socks.

Liz Awsumb

UFO's for me, and finished projects for others!


Most of my knitting is for me, except for the occasional baby gift.

Janet Dendy

Others, definitely. I enjoy that the most.

Laurie Penny

Currently have a box of ~12 pairs of mittens that will find their way to the local school for children that could use an extra pair.

Dottie Myers

Beautiful yarn. Would love to win!!!!


Jam such a slow knitter that most of my projects end up being for me. I have gifted people with the ball band dishcloths and hitchhiker scarf.

Marsha Crouch

I rreallyenjoy knitting, no matter who it is for, me or others. I prettu much stay with small things. I like finishing them. I do want to try knitting socks this year.

Beth Mercado

For everyone else, it's like when I finish something I don't want to do anything but give it away.

diana foltz

all but three things were gifted to others, with more to finish up still before christmas. love to give gifts!


Other people! I've made several hats and cowls as gifts.

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