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December 13, 2014


Beth L.

Hmm... I've knit quite a few hats for others this year - Christmas at Sea as well as for silent auctions and other local things. I've also done a few knitted gifts this year, which is unusual for me. Perhaps this is the first year I've NOT been a selfish knitter! However, the Stack o' Unfinished Projects definitely skews towards things for me.


Most of my knitting has been for me, though my friends have scored a few lovely items.

Debora Soule

While I am learning to knit for myself some -- finally -- most of my knitting is made for others. This year is probably half for friends and family and half for charity. I knit because I love the process and the pretty yarns!


I try to alternate projects. A pair of socks for me, then a pair for my hubby, then a pair for a present. I usually have a pair of socks for travel/waiting rooms, and something a little more complicated (a baby sweater at the moment) for home time.

Barbara Huffman

I mostly knit socks and mostly give them to others .
I have a ( mental ) list and have special loved ones I am
knitting socks for .

Tanya Smith

As a new sock knitter my socks are far from perfect. I love them despite their imperfections & wear them constantly. Everything else that I knit is given to family.


Family, for sure. But I did a fair bit of charity knitting too.

Cindy Cavender

I have knit mostly for my family this year. My daughter-in-love asked for stocking for the three of October. So. I learned to fair isle knit quickly! I will finish the last one today!!!


I knit almost exclusively for me. I joke that I'm the quintessential self indulgent knitter.

I knit 2 gifts all year and I'd like to keep both.

Julie V.

I have knit mainly for me, but this year I have started to make/give more knitting away. I may have reached my cowl and sock limits for myself.

Sara Lee Albright

Good morning everyone ! all year long I knit different types of projects - this year there were a couple of shawls, some scarves, some mittens - and then just before Christmas, I pack all of the FO's up and send them to my older brother and his family in Northern Virginia ..... thsi year, my brother and sister-in-law have 9 (count 'em !) grandchildren .....

Kim K

Most of my knitting was for others this year. I donated lots of mittens to charity. I also knit toasty socks for all my family members for Christmas. I made myself a pair too!

Leigh Ann Brown

Mostly my daughters and their friends. They love to give knitted items as gifts. I did some charity hats for our county fair and won some prize ribbons for them. I did keep one thing for myself - a lace shawl that was knit from a wool, cashmere and silk blend yarn.


Lots of charitable knitting, some for friends and family, and a little for me. Plus one dog sweater!

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