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December 13, 2014


Leila spencer

Most of my sock knitting has gone to my 15 year old son. He just loves picking the colours from my wool stash. I find I actually finish them quicker if I know they are for him. He is applying to join the UK marines when he turns 16, and I know what little time I have left to mother him is short, so knitting for him makes me happy the most.
So most of my knitting is for my son


Some for me, some for my niece, some for charity, and some for a stash of baby/children projects.

Alecia Helton

It's pretty evenly split between what I knit for myself and others. I'm somewhat selfish, so the balance weights slightly in my favor. I've purchased several SSYC kits this here -- all for me!


Most of my projects are made for giving. Friends, kids, family members... I love to share the wealth


Hi Allison my husband definitely got all the goodies this year. Thanks to you and your Opal yarn, he has a draw filled with the most beautiful socks. They range in color from mountain colors to beautiful summer colors. Everyone always asks him where he got his socks, and tells them "my wife made them!" Happy Holidays and Happy Knitting as I am trying to finish one more pair before Christmas!

Bonnie Wright

Most of my treasures were given to my family. I also may a prayer shawl for a friend at church with cancer. I finally made a pair of socks for myself made out of alpaca sock yarn. I love them.

Kim Pierce

I have two granddaughters that I knit for. They both have received numerous hats and sweaters. I also gift newborns with a hat to wear in the nursery. I am definitely a process knitter so gifting comes naturally but I do have plenty of my own knits too.


This year it has been a mixture of gifts for others and for myself - lots a new babies in the family and cowls for myself. Need to crank of the socks for me as this feels like it's going to be a cold winter.


I almost always knit for sisters, daughter, and now a new grandson. I like to make socks and scarves and shawls and hats. Not sweaters so much. I also make many prayer shawls that a sister gives away.


I do Charity knitting, but took the time to knit for our Granddaughter in College. 30 Christmas hats and stockings for her friends. After that they asked for six Stocking Hats, with specific colors.


when I looked back on my list (Yes i started this year keeping a list of items I made) it looks like most was for others: gifts, charity, family. I did make 2 pairs of socks, a cowl and a hat for myself but the rest was for others - a busy year.

Pat Wadkins

This year I have completed a lot of shawls and scarves for myself. My husband and mother-law have also gotten a blanket and a scarf. I finished one shawl that I worked on over two years and love it.


I keep most of the things I make..I love cowls and fingerless gloves and when I need something to coordinate with an outfit, I'll just crochet something (I'm a faster hooker than knitter). But I have a very good friend, Deidre, who loves everything I make, so she also receives a bounty of things from me...

Lisa H-L

My husband and son. Having been in a terrible accident, my husband averaged 8-10 doctor appointments a week this past year. That required a considerable amount of portable knitting for his driver, a.k.a. me. So socks it was. Let me tell you, one can complete quite a number of socks during a year spent in waiting rooms. Even if the recipients happen to have size 10.5 and 11.5 size feet.


My knitting has been mostly for me. I spend some time every year knitting lace Christmas ornaments to give away. Mostly my craft time this year was crocheting a tablecloth for a dear friend's daughter who was married in September. She told me it was her favorite present. They're a wonderful and loving couple, definitely knit worthy.


Indeed, many knitted items went to me this year. But the two most important items went to my Judge and law clerk.


I knit 2 hats for my very cute grandson( he loves them) and lots of socks for me. I love all the bright colors to chose from.


I knit mainly for the family this year. They are older and appreciate the love mom puts into it now.


I knit a little bit more for my family than myself this year. A wedding shawl for my daughter, a lap throw for daughter in law and a lace shawl for me. The lace shawl started out as a learning opportunity and then I loved what it became.


Most of my knitting was for my granddaughter. I also had several family members and friends that had babies this year.

Patty McD

With a big move this year I didn't get as much done as I usually do. Now that I am settled in I am so enjoying my knitting time. My finished projects are pretty evenly divided between me and my daughter and daughter in law. But I wear shawlettes and they don't, so the Holden Shawlette went to me!

Sherry Myers

The majority of my knitting is for myself. Although I do make items for my daughter. Her classrooms are cold so she love a variety of fingerless gloves.


I would have to say others... Not so much for me!!!!

Rhonda Atkinson

I knit for my 3 girls more this year than myself. But the coming year will be my year with new socks and finishing projects I have abandoned because I love knitting socks best.


Most of it went to me this year, but I also think I knitted more for others this year than any other year.
Love the sock monkey bag!


I always knit more for myself. But I'm trying to do more knitting for others. I seem to have a hard time finding people who would want a hand knit. Seems crazy to me

Deborah Nelson

I got my dream job this past year and travel a lot, so I knit socks for myself on the plane!

Joan Grahlfs

Even though my sock drawer is full, I knit mostly for myself. Socks are special.

Denise Clare

Definitely me. I rarely knit for others because I don't get much done for myself. I'm a slow knitter.


I definitely do the most knitting for myself, but I made a few cowls for Christmas gifts.


Mostly for others, especially my granddaughter, but once the xmas knitting is over, I am going to concentrate on some things for ME.


I'm obsessed with sock knitting. Most are given as gifts for friends and co-workers. I also have 5 great-grand-children who always have request for knitted hats, mittens, etc. Which I love

Liz B

Me! The benefits are twofold- I enjoy knitting And love wearing my handiwork!

Kathy Boettcher

A homeless shelter in Wisconsin will get the bulk of my knitting. Box is being filled this weekend to be shipped off Monday full of hats and mittens. And this year they will get a couple of shawls that I finished with sock yarn to give as presents to their volunteers. It's fun to knit when folks appreciate anything you can give them.

Susan Mortara

Most of my knitting this year and most of my life has been for other people, but next year I'm going to start making warm pretties for myself. We just moved from Arizona to someplace that actually gets real winters, so I'm going to need to make myself some warm socks and cowls and hand warmers and sweaters and and and ... :-)


In years past I had been knitting for others but this year I knit for me. Which has been nice. Now I'm gearing to knit some others

Geraldine Scott

Mostly knitting for myself…perfecting this thing called 'knitting socks'. I have just recently started a pair of socks for one of my grandchildren…she loves the baby socks I made years ago and still squeezes into them…now she gets a pair made out of sock yarn instead of worsted…yay me! I have a big box of sock yarn..looking forward to cranking out lots of socks in 2015!


I'm mainly a sock knitter and every Christmas I knit socks for my sister in law and my harp teacher. They both sqeal with delight. After this Christmas though, I'm going to start filling my own sock drawer!


It is only my 2 year old this year - no time to knit for anyone else

Deborah Graham

With 2 new grandbabies, I have knit the most for them!


Most of my knitting has been for charity. Prayer shawls,cowls for meals on wheels, hats for the homeless, hats for school age in need, and baby hats for newborns. A couple of socks have been done for family or myself. I also have to admit to a few WIP to complete in the New Year

Tina Champagne

I think I have mostly knit for others this year. Lots of socks came off the needles and I found lovely recipients who promised to care for them with love.

Linda bee

My daughter and my sister were the recipients of socks this year. Of course, there's a WIP for me that is currently on hold until after two Christmas parties this weekend. Thanks for continuing such a generous giveaway.


Both for me and family and friends - but more for me!


Its been a bit of a mix for me. Some lovely multi skein scarfs for me and a sockhead hat and cowl knitting for a niece's freshman year care packages. And more fingerless mitts for my 4 year old granddaughter who always smiles brightly and says Mimi you made this for me? Always makes make heart melt and she will wear them. Hats not so much - only if her mom requires it.


I have been knitting for charity and also for others as gifts. I have not knit for myself. I have knit prayer shawls for my sister and a few others that I have felt have needed some help in some ways.

Judie Digby

This husband. He loves his hand knit socks and reminded me that he could use some in a few new colors! As for me....I've made shawls and cowls in lightweight yarns perfect for Florida.


This year I made as many projects for myself as I did for others. By far, I make more socks than anything else and lately I have been on a colorwork kick.


My husband this year... Was more fun to knit new socks for him than repair the dozens of holes in his old ones.


my family, and I'm still working on it


Despite my goal to knit more for myself, most of my knitting has gone to family. There's always next year!

Rose Birchall

My knitting is mostly for others. I challenged myself to knit 12 hats for patients and I knitted 20. And of course, knitted socks as gifts. I did knit 2 pairs of socks for me.


Every year I keep a record of what I've made and for whom (not everything ends up on my Ravelry page). I always knit mostly for others, but with a healthy number of projects for me. I'm lucky to have daughters, nieces, and co-workers who enjoy knitted gifts!


Most of my knitting goes to others. I knit 20 pairs of socks and 7 hats and 3 pairs of mitts for Christmas gifts. But for myself I knit 3 sweaters so I did knit for myself a little. I new grandbaby required some blankets and cloths too as well as sweaters for 3 of the grandsons.
Lots of knitting !


This year I knit mostly for myself.Started the year with a Shift of Focus sweater in Malabrigo Arroyo. Then knit a few pairs of basic socks to replace the holey ones in my drawer.Also made a pair of Drip Candles socks (fairisle and so much fun!). My ongoing project has been the Dreambird shawl. Just 1 more feather....or maybe 2!


Others. I think that I knit myself 2 things this year because it was yarn that my husband and children got me as a gift (one for my birthday, and one for mothers day). Everything else is charity or gifts. I actually keep everything I make in a tracker (I do love stats)


Most of my knitting goes to me because I don't have anyone who really wants my items. Go figure!

Sally Goodman

Most of my knitting this year has been for me. Although, I did gift some cowls to my four sisters, a cowl for my granddaughter and a shawlette to a very special friend! Haven't planned what I will be knitting next year but do plan on gifting more of my knitting to family and friends. Must focus more on my sock knitting as that is what I gift most!

Lori Gerhard

I purchase the yarn for myself… and then knit it up for others. Feels like a win-win! My immediate family are all getting a little something I've knitted this year for Christmas.


I would say it is about even. I like to mix it up.

Paula Pariset

I love to knit for others! My grands are my first priority, children, friends, and then self! I never run out of ideas, just time!

Cindy Strick

I mostly knit for others. I enjoy kniting and LOVE making things for my family and friends! When they appreciate my handmade items, I am very happy!


Others! Even if I mean to make something for myself, I invariably give whatever it is to the first person that claims to love it.

Jackie Pope

Me! Didn't have much knitting time this past year. I am taking care of an elderly aunt.


Definitely me. I didn't have as much time devote to knitting this year as in the past, so what little time I did have, I used it making things for myself.


The bulk of my knitting is for my daughter.

Lisa viviano

Most of this years knitting went to others. Next year....a change.....knitting for me!


I have several items on the needles for myself, but what is actually finished will be leaving the house on route to others. I'm not really choked about that - there's lots of time in the new year to knit for myself.

Donna Vakso

My knitting is usually for others - and mostly family.
When I DO knit for myself it's got to be socks.
No one else seems understands the comfort that comes from hand knit socks.
I always have a pair for me on the needles but since I only work on them here and there they take me forever :-)


Most of my knitting is for me...this was my second full year as a knitter, so I'm still building up my personal knitting wardrobe! I have plans to do more knitting for others in 2015, with 10 projects planned...lucky for me several are hats or other quick knits.

Kelly Heck

Most of my knitting this year was for me : )


I mostly knit for myself, but my daughters have started asking for scarves and socks, too.

Janet Duff

I knit for myself the most this year. Now I just need to finish blocking everything. Maybe I will get to that after the first of the year.....:)

Sara Hettmer

It's been about 50/50 this year. Both my daughters, as well as my Mom and a co worker got knitted items, but I kept a steady stream of socks going for myself as well!


Most all of my knitting went to family and friends. I rarely knit for me. I should though!

Sue McMillen

I have made hats and sweaters for my 2 adorable granddaughters, and knitted headbands for my 3 beautiful daughters. I love knitting!


My knitting has been mostly for others.... Most notably the socks for my dad... till he died in February... It was so satisfying to see my mom and sis want to take them and wear them!


I knit mostly for myself, because I wear the socks and wraps I most enjoy knitting! They don't look good on my husband! I am doing a bit of knitting for the dog...but the cat only wants to mess up the yarn!

Renee' Sawyer

Definitely for other people. Lots of baby gifts, and cowls for friends! I have a new grandbaby due in June so there will be more knitting for babies :) I have knit a lot of shawls this year and love them even tho' I forget to use them. When I retire in March I will! I need to concentrate on a few pairs of socks this year for myself. It has been awhile and I miss knitting them.


My husband received most of my knitting this year : )

Morgan James

I have a tendency to give my handiwork to others for enjoyment.


Mostly family members, and mostly babies. Blankets, sweaters, hats. I love babies!


Definitely for me - I've been on a sweater knitting mission and have completed 6 this year and getting ready to start the seventh. Plus several pairs of socks and cowls. Such is my knitting obsession!

Sara Lucas

Most of my knitting is given away, largely to my husband. Friends get knitted gifts for holidays and socks I do just for me!

Margretta Josephson

Most of my knitting has gone to family--only two pair of socks for me. All of the women in the family and all of the grandchildren will have hand knit socks in their stockings. The men have gotten socks for their birthdays this year.

Teresa C

Both?? Early this year, I realized my sock drawer was losong socks to age and wear. Too many pairs had holes.
I also wanted to knit ahead for the present box.
So, now, i can't figure out if i want to keep these socks, or give them as gifts.
Other than that, i have cowl/mitt combos for gifts. Not so much for myself.

Linda  Byrn

About 50/50. One for me, one for somebody else, one for me....😊

Karen Pettyjohn

All of my knitting this year, as most years, is given away. I am currently knitting a baby sweater for grandchild #17 which is due in the next 10 days. Baby sweaters and fingerless mitts have topped the list this year.


I would say it is about 50/50.

Judy Drew

I knitted mostly socks for others this year, although I did knit a sock yarn shawl for myself.

Linda Quick

Me. Me. Me. Because people think I'm nuts to knit my own socks. I think they're nuts because they don't have customized apparel like me.


I'd say mostly myself. I'm addicted to knitting and wearing scarfy shawly things. Most of mine are made out of sock yarn. It's a wonderful way to enjoy and show off some of the gorgeous sock yarns out there!

I'm also in the habit of making hats and shoving them on random people's heads. Plus, I'm crocheting a ripple blanket for my oldest daughter and knitting socks for my youngest daughter right now. I must keep my people warm!

Rita aka crescendogal

I gift just about everything I make! Several years ago I did decide to make myself just one thing every year...guess I've only got a few more weeks left to get it done this year!!! LOL LOVE the little bag also...I am known as the 'Schmibble' Lady - and the sock monkey is my logo.

kim dawson

ME :) lol I am a Knitting grinch lol. I buy yarn I love nad then can not part with it...its a slippery slope.


I have a baby due sometime between now and New Year's so my knitting g has focused pretty much on him.

Phyllis Howard

I probably shouldn't admit it, but I am the one that gets most every pair of socks I make, ok most everything I make these days..God help me to go back to being a giving person!!! ;)


It was definitely my daughter. She ended up with a wrap, boot warmers, and fingerless gloves. Second are the twins with socks and hats. I have to admit, I did order some sweet yarn for after the holidays for me.

Janet Tennison

Most of my crocheting goes to the Humane Society Snuggle Project. They so appreciate it!


I don't knit for myself. Only socks for family - two daughters, two granddaughters, husband, niece in France and a good friend. Wonderful Christmas presents.


I've knit a bit for myself and some for others. We had a new baby in the family this year so he was the big knitting winner this year!

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