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December 23, 2014



I am aiming for 12- we will see!

Katherine C Ballard

I think I have completed between 10 and 12 projects this year. Lots of pairs of socks in that count of course!

Denise Crane

Dozens! In the last month- 3 wraps, 5 fingerless gloves, socks, and finishing a 3 month long afghan KAL. So, yeah, I am obsessed.

Rachel R.

Not a ton this year - for some reason my knitting slowed way down, but I'm going to remedy that this year! I would guess probably six projects - which I guess is not too bad!


Socks are my favorite to knit for SO many reasons...however, I stretched my knitting skills this year and knit 2 shawlettes and a capelet.
I also knit 8 pairs of fingerless gloves.
(I almost finished my first sweater!) A couple of cowls and 2 scarves. Sorry to say only 5 pairs of socks :( . I think of knitting socks when working on other projects and have tantalizing patterns just waiting for me. (Sigh.) 20 projects finished so far.


1 have frogged and hibernate lots though. It has not been a good year for knitting for me :(


I've been in a pretty bad knitting slump this year (induced I think by knitting 3 wonderful Wallabies in cotton yarn in less than 3 months - I think the cotton does it for me). So I only have about 4-5 FOs. 3 hats for my grands & a few pairs of socks. I'm blown away by the number of FOs some people have.


I have no idea. All I really remember is a 36" square modular baby blanket that it felt like I would never finish. I did knit a few pairs of socks and a few cowls. Doesn't seem like it was a productive year of knitting. :-(


Eight shawls! More than I thought.

Lisa Petrovski

I keep a small notebook of all my knitting projects with info on yarn, pattern, when started and finished. Nice to reference later, and I can tell exactly what I've done. 67 this year. Wow! That suprises even me!

Jill niedeeske

15 items that I can remember!


5 shawls, 3 pairs of socks, some crocheted blueberries and raspberries, a baby blanket and matching hat, two baby sweaters, an iPod cozy, an adult hat, and I have a Christmas stocking that needs finishing and afghan squares that need to be sewn together. That makes 16 and a possible 17 if I can finish that blanket.

Sandra Cash

I guess around 25' I need to sleep a little more than Heather.


50 projects! It was a year of hats, though. :-)

Joan Matlack

Probably 25 since I make small, portable projects like socks, washcloths, dishcloths, baby bibs, etc. Could be more!


I think I completed a measly six projects. New baby took over all my time. :)


35 projects so far, and maybe one or two more before the year is up!


I'm so impressed with everyone else's numbers! <3 Only a handful (11) for me this year because I fell and broke my wrist, two ribs, and cracked my cheekbone in June - the worst part of it all was not being able to play with yarn for so long! But I'm finally back in the swing of things and I *just* celebrated by ordering a little yarn from you guys ;) And I'm determined to finish a sweater next year...:D

Deb Zurawski

At least 2 dozen which includes 10 pair of mitts for my traveling companions to Peru.

Holly Beam

27 projects finished with 3 still on the needles. I have about 6 on my list to do next.


A LOT! Maybe 50? I knit for charity purposes so I have done lots of hats, mitts and socks.


Three hats out of sock yarn scraps.
Two infinity scarves
2 sweater half done.
2 necklaces.
I gotta get busy I'll never use all this yarn!!

Tricia F

Approximately 7. Hats, socks and dishcloths.


one pair of slippers and chemo blanket gifted, 2 baby blankets gifted, 3 shawls gifted to my nieces, 4 large throw blankets gifted, one infinity scarf (finished this morning), one boot cuff (hoping to start and finish the matching one by tomorrow night!) I'm sure there were more, I'm just not good at keeping track of everything (yet! New's years resolution to track everything better!)

Jane H

I'd have to go with Rachael and say about 20-ish, including the turkey hats and Christmas elf hats I knit for my granddaughters.


Too many to count- a lot of them small things like dishcloths. A few pair of socks, lots of hats, two sweaters, and a few cowls


Not sure. Between 10 and 20, which makes me think I need more knitting time


I have no idea. I knit for family, friends and store samples. It seems like I've knit very little for myself. I need to change that next year. I need socks.

Kim S

Not really sure but probably 20 or so.

Karen Moss

Only about 20, and it is driving me crazy. My cousin finished 53, she works more than full time and also painted her entire house this year. My resolution for next year is to try to catch up with her!


I think I finished at least 20 projects this year. Two sweaters, a couple of shawls, and quite a few hats and socks.


12-15 actually finished. Ummm...and more WIP's than I care to admit! I love your Poste yarn! It knits up beautifully and washes/wears fantastic. The colors are gorgeous! It is fast becoming my favorite yarn!


Hmmm, probably 20 - 25

Renee Anne

If you go visit my blog, you will find that I've finished thirty least. There are a few dishcloths that did not make the list and one of the projects listed was a swatch for a much lager project. But, thirty projects in a year....that's kind of awesome.


A quick count, I finished 22 projects: 2 pair of fingerless mitts, 1 cup cozy, 1 felted bag, 2 cowls, 3 scarves, 4 pair of socks, 1 pair of boot cuffs, 3 hats, 4 dishcloths, and 1 blanket.

Karen D

I've finished four! :D Two pairs of socks, a hat and a pair of fingerless gloves!

Kim K

I have made 80+ items. A majority of the items were small items for charity (30 pairs of childrens mittens, 30 baby hats, etc.). I did make myself some mittens and a shawl as well as multiple pairs of socks as gifts.

Beth L Ruiter

About 20 but lots of those were socks and gloves. Those should count as 2 each, right? That way it sounds like I wasn't slacking off this year.

Linda Black

I lost count but I think it has been about 10 pairs of socks and a dozen hats for charity ... knitting is my sit down projects between my stained glass work I am planning on trying to do a sweater or two next year

Cindy Lou

I'm guessing it's around 12 - baby sweaters and booties, a couple of shawls, and SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS!!!


I've started WAAAAAY more projects than i've completed this year. I'd guesstimate that i've finished around 20. But since i finished the sweater for Mom for Christmas, i'm not beating myself up about the remaining unfinished projects.

Laura Beutler (@darcybear)

I looked on Ravelry, and it says eight. Eight is not accurate. I started counting things that never made it onto Ravelry and that brings it up to 20...maybe more. I have a hard time photographing things before I give them away.


Probably 25. Mainly socks.

Erin Gardner

20 to 25 I'd say

Sandy McCause

About 30, with 12 sweaters.


I need striped socks !!

Danielle K

Mmmmm maybe about 20. Not as many as I put in my ravelery que!


best guess is 25-30......


I have knitted approximately 20 projects for 2014-from hats, socks, cowls, and my first cardigan.


Around 10 and of those, 3 were sweaters. That's busy for me.


30 so far and hope to get one more in before the end of the year. 18 of which were projects entered in our local county fair. I need to retire so I'll have more time for knitting! Going to order Poste Sock Yarn Jollyville before the day is over for next year's Christmas socks.

Karen Bolton

4 prayer shawls, a shawl for me,3 baby blankets, pair of socks, 3 hats and dish clothes and coffee cozies. More than I thought but less than I wanted to do.

Anne Marie

I don't know how many projects I've finished, but the number is a whole lot smaller than the number of projects started, that I know for sure!!! hee hee


Let me see. 4 sweaters for kids, 2 sweater sets for babies, 10 scarfs, 2 pair of mittens, 2 pair of fingerless gloves and 10 pair of socks. I am working on my 5th sweater for kids. My next project will be the Central Park Hoodie for my niece.

Debbie Hammer

Between 10 and 15.

Dorothy Tomasko

28 completed projects. Shawls, cowls, mittens fingerless mitts and socks. Several baby sweaters and hats. Merry Christmas and thanks for the opportunity to win !


Around 30. A dozen hats for charity, roughly a dozen pairs of socks for me, a couple sweaters and some smaller items like dishclothes and cat toys.

Stephanie V

I surprised myself! 32 entries on ravelry plus some doubles that I didn't bother posting. I am pretty sure that y yarn buying exceeded my output, though.

Melanie Meyer

Not nearly enough. If there was an award for slowest knitter, that bad boy would be MINE!!! ;)


Wow, I've only finished 3 projects. They were started a year ago and I'm trying to finish up things so that I can start new projects. I haven't had a chance to knit as much as I would like. I'm hoping to change that in 2015!


I have probably finished about 30 projects, because I made a lot of dish cloth/hot pads and baby bibs. I really enjoy making things for others and I like the satisfaction of the quick completion!

Tracy Meadows

I'd guess between 15-20. I'm always getting distracted with new projects before finishing the ones I've been working on!

Kate S

I think I finished 8, if I get the heels put into my current socks I'll have 9 by year end.

Rachel G

According to my Ravelry I've finished 24 projects this year! I also bound off a blanket I started for my daughter about 5 years ago but it was just a bind off so it doesn't really count. It did feel really good to get it out of the unfinished object tub!


My year in knits was not so productive. I began working on personal footprint socks for people I don't see too often. So I completed 1 hat, my first pair of mittens, and 7 pair of socks.

My knitting has really been a saving grace as I have used this as stress reduction during recovery from an illness over the last 4 months. I see it as a continued stress reducer in the future as well. So I anticipate a much greater productivity in the coming year.


Thinking back and counting 55 pairs of slippers in varying sizes...67 toques, all in black and yellow for Special Olympics athletes..1 shawl about 25 pair of socks in varying sizes...and a few miscellaneous projects. Total of 150 or so...

Ann M

These are only guesses: Knitting; 6 prayer shawls, 1 birthday lap robe, 3 baby sweater sets for a new great-grand this year, 1 sweater set for silent auction, 8 sweaters/hats for LWR, 9-10 pair adult socks, 7 pair baby socks, many many mittens & hats for charity (I don't keep a count). Thread crochet: pairs of 10 pot holders for bazaar. What am I forgetting? I don't know. I need to get off of the computer and complete a pair of oh-so-soft socks for a house guest coming TONIGHT!

Kristina R

It feels like 50 but is really closer to 25 (all that Christmas knitting)!


Probably 20-25'ish, and mostly socks. Hoping to venture into some non-sock knitting in 2015.


Finished 22 projects, mostly socks and scarves/cowls with several baby blankets thrown in.

diana foltz

i know i started mire than finished, lol! i'd say finished about 12.


I have completed 29 projects this year. I have several projects on the needles so I hope to finish those first in the new year before starting new projects.


I've done a lot of finishing this year - I noticed I had maybe 45 WIPs mid-year and made it a priority to finish them. Of course, I am easily tempted by new yarn and/or patterns so I did plenty of new projects too. All told I probably finished 40-50 projects this year. sweaters, afghans, socks, shawls, hats, gloves, mittens, you name it...

Joanne Christman

Perhaps a half dozen or so. I work full time and I've been making a sweater from fingering weight so......that takes time.

Kim Pierce

Too many to actually count, at least 3 little girl sweaters, 7 or more hats, some socks, and many many UFOs adult sweaters, afghans, socks, shawls, Oh and I forgot a fair isle cowl and knitted bead necklace.


I didn't keep track this year, but it's probably over 30. Many items were for charity, but my 1st grandbaby was born this year so she has quite a collection of hats!


I have no idea! But, I'd guess about 30. I've made lots of hats, some bloomers, a couple blankets, one sweater, some socks, washcloths, DVD storage cozies, and a ton of scarfy shawly things (my true addiction). I'm not good about keeping track, but I always have fun!


Think about fifteen, hasn't been the most productive year.

Martha from Ohio

Roughly 15 knitted plus 4 woven scarves plus 14 magic ornaments that don't really count because the knitting is <1" x 1". Heathers list is impressive-in both quantity and quality. Wish I could do that, and despite the fact that my eyes are bigger than my stomach when it comes to knitting patterns and yarn, I am happy with what I completed this year.

Merry Christmas to all of you at SSYC!


3hats, 2scarfs, 2cowls and 6 pairs of socks.


40 ish. I love to knit!


I completed 17!!


I started the year on a mission to finish sock WIPs so I think I've finished between 10 and 15 projects this year, but I've probably started just as many!


I was trying for 14 pair of socks in 2014, but I usually only make them between major projects (about 10) or during trips, waiting times, etc. I just counted my Ravelry projects (gotta get some of those pictures up!) and see I have 13 listed. Since I haven't added the last pair I just finished, I made it - WOOT!


Your Poste yarns are so beautiful! Choices, choices.
I've finished maybe a dozen knit/crochet projects this year, plus 2 quilts and several zipper bags.


I haven't kept count but maybe 8 to 10.


Looking on ravelry, I appear to have finished 7 knitting projects (including an adult sweater and two pairs of socks) and three weaving projects. Seems like it should have been more, but child-wrangling does take a lot of my time, too!

Happy holidays!


5 or 6. Some of them were small, like a scarf. One or two were larger, vests or sweaters.

Mai Eich

Around 8 for me, a few socks, a few shawls and a sweater. A lot of first knits for me, I can now call myself an intermediate knitter I think!

Gloria stevens

wish I could claim so many completed projects! I crochet for our group at church dor donations, completed 2 afghans for my grandkids with 2 more on needles. finishing a scarf and hat today for my grandson.

Cathy Voss

Well, I can't remember everything,but, I think around 11 or 12. I'm new to knitting so I still have LOTS to learn,but, it seems like I'm starting to understand the mechanics of it now. Yay me!!

April Prentice

I have finished 2 blankets, 1 scarf and 3 pairs of socks


35 projects, most of them (28!) were socks or slippers, including a pair out of Poste Stripe in Gold Coast!

Erin V

I'll admit, I've been a bit of a slacker this year. Only 20 projects completed. :(

Melissa B

I think I've done 22 projects but some of them were very small. Not as many as other years but I'm looking forward to more next year!

julie Mcilwraith

20! Sat and made a list...I thought it was only 5 or 6... Yeah me

Lisa viviano

This year I finished 11 knitted projects.


I still have one more WIP that will get finished, but other than that I have 39 FOs for 2014. I completed 35 pairs of socks, one sweater, two hats and some little Santas. If you click on my name it will take you to my Ravelry page. This year I did a lot of stranded knitting.


Probably about 20, which is a lot considering my favorite things to knit are adult sweaters and shawls.


I think probably about 10 projects including an adult sweater, a huge wall-hanging afghan, a scarf and of course many pairs of socks. I'd love to get a skein of Jollyville. Will you be offering that color way for sale again this year?

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