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December 23, 2014


Alecia Helton

3 hats, 4 pair of mittens and about 20 pair of socks

Leila spencer

6 cuddly toys, 36 pairs off socks, 4 cardigans, 6 pairs fingerless gloves and 9 shawls, busy year x

Leslie Fehr

I think I've finished 10 projects this year -- but I know I've started twice that many this year also! Cowls and hats were the main projects and all given away almost as soon as they came off the needles.


I didn't keep track, but I probably finished about 30 projects - mostly socks, but 3 or 4 hats, a few pairs of fingerless gloves, and a few cowls and shawlettes.


Between 6 and 10. One afghan, the rest pairs of socks.


3 children's sweaters, 1 cowl, 4 pairs of mittens, 1 pair of fingerless mitts, 4 pairs of socks, 2 hats - I think. There may have been a few more items from early 2014.


I finished a sweater made out of Kauni, the Quill shawl, one lace shawl, several scarfs and cowls out of fingering or DK weight yarn and one pair of beaded mitts. I have started more projects than I can count!

Beth L.

I didn't think it was going to be very many, but turns out it is at least 19! Several of those were simple hats for Christmas At Sea, and last January's weather had me holed up indoors more than usual. I also did a few test knits and commissions and knitting on a deadline always helps productivity :)


Hi Allison - I think I knitted about 15 projects, socks and cowls. I also made two shawls (an EZ Pi Shawl). Now that I think about it, I also crochetted two afghans. All in all it was a good year knitting year!

Deborah Graham

I have knit many small things this year with the birth of my 2 grandchildren (different mothers!). I love knitting small toys, hats, mittens, etc. They are fast and much appreciated.


Probably around 20 counting the charity projects. We won't talk about all the unfinished ones!

Rhonda Atkinson

I have knitted 15 pairs of socks this year. Great year for giva-away gifts to my daughters. A good year for me but this next year is designated "Finish WIP" year plus I always have a pair of socks going.


Probably 8 to 10 projects were completed this year and I loved every one of them!


I think I only made about 10 things this year :/ Although I tend to rip and reknit a whole lot, so that didn't help! And I did make a couple of "edits" to sweaters (adding cowls, lengthening the body), so maybe more like 10 and a half ;) I also have three projects still on the needle, I'm hoping the socks should be done by the end of the year


I finished 34 - many were hats and washcloths, but 1 sweater for me and 4 baby sweaters. PS gorgeous yarn!


I keep a list and its 48. Less than last year for some reason.


One tablecloth,( three shawls, only two pairs of socks (that needs to change in 2015), and ten Lacey Christmas ornaments. I'm working on some last minute little Christmas trees using leftover sock yarn. These are addicting. And quick! I should get quite a few of these finished.

Jessica mcconnell

Hard to say. Many things are given away. And I always have at least on project going. So I just enjoy what I am working on and don't give much thought as to what I have accomplished.


It is so hard to count.... probably 20 or so...
I smell a resolution coming to put everything into Ravelry.... 😎

Geraldine Scott

Three pairs of socks and two pairs of booties….

georgienne westrick

I do a pair of socks every month and then have 2 or 3 other projects going that take longer so I'd say between 25 or 30 items knitted this year.

Lisa H-L

I've finished about 22.


I think I've knitted 3 hats, at least 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of fingerless gloves, 1 set of boot cuffs, 1 cowl, and 2 sweaters ( but sadly have not finished seaming them). Like many others, I always have a pair of socks on the needles, but may not get to them for weeks at a time. I do knit very slowly due to achy fingers, but that does not stop me from dreaming of future projects!


I finished ten, two were sweaters. I feel pretty good about that, however next year is going to be an UFO completion year. I am a great starter and have some wonderful projects started, I look forward to seeing the end results.


This has been a not as productive year for me since I knit several sweaters, but I think I probably finished around 25-30 projects.


15 4 sweaters, 4 pairs of socks, 2 cowls, a pair of mittens, a hat, 2 pairs of slippers, and a pair of baby booties. It was a pretty prolific year for me. I kind of finished a crocheted granny square afghan I'm making peace with the fact that I will never weave in all those ends. 10 ends on 30 plus squares and I can't be bothered.


I never thought to count them up before... I've made 35 projects, and 27 of them were gifts!

Guess I need to make a few more things for myself in 2015 (or maybe just finish the 3 sweaters I have started?)

Heather L

I'm actually a new knitter as of last Christmas, but man I got the knitting bug quick & hard. I've completed 27 projects this year. 13 of them are socks (yes, full pairs)!


Between 15 and 20 depending on whether or not I manage to finish the shawl, mittens, fingerless mitts, and socks that are somewhere in the final third to homestretch before the year's out (i.e., will I have the self-control not to cast on something new if I get yarn for Christmas!). Rav ID: jentm


It has been a busy year, but not so much in knitting. I finished 3 shawls and an afghan. Thought it would be more. There is always next year.

Patricia Richardson

I crocheted two afghans and knit three pairs of socks, one pair of fingerless mitts and 20 ruffle scarves. When the ladies at church saw me wearing my ruffle scarf, they all began requesting one and I would make them one in their favorite color.


I have no idea how many projects I finished this year, but I know I knitted up a lot of hats/booties for my grandson, who outgrew them rapidly. I have also made at least 7 shawls, one a lace one of many yards. I made one sweater--the Baby Surprise Jacket. Several pairs of socks but fewer than is normal for me. I'm always knitting if it's not impossible to do it--as in while eating! (Or reading--though I've tried knitting and reading on my Kindle. Can be done, but Audible is better!!!!) So maybe 20 items?


Wow, 36! I'm a bit surprised.


Holy Cow—83 FO'S! Impressive, I can't even imagine knitting that many! I completed about 20, mostly smallish projects in 2014. I hope to branch out on some bigger (think adult sized sweater) items, which will likely reduce the total for next year.


3 Pair of mittens for grandson, hat for grandson, hat, cowl and mittens for me, fingerless mitts for daughter, a shawl and three hats for gifts - that would be 12.

Kelly Heck

According to my Ravelry page I've finished 28 projects! I didn't realize I had so many FO's this year : )

Patty McD

I've finished probably about 6, but I spent months buying a new house and moving. I haven't gotten any of them up on Ravelry yet.

Dianne Warner

I have really been in to knitting socks this past year, about 40 pairs, plus about 15 hats, 3 sweaters and a few shawls. I am retired, so I have a fair amount of time to knit, and I love it.

Jill Schroeder

I think the count is around 15


I have completed about 20 items, most given away to family and friends


a WHOLE bunch.......about 8 pairs of fingerless gloves, 2 hats, 3 cowls, a couple of soap holders.....I'm SURE there's more........

Jennifer L

I made two sweaters this year. This one:, which took forever because of continually unknitting and reknitting, and a Vitamin D which was quick and fun. Also 2 pairs of leggings for my neices, at least 2 pairs of socks, a couple of shawls, and a couple of hats. And I am almost done with the dog sweater for the last Christmas present!


I just checked my Ravelry project page (kathyg) and I have 35 finished items that were tagged with 2014. I'm not sure if all the projects I finished were tagged - either way that is quite a few.


I lost count. I knit some shawls in worsted weight this year that went really fast so my finished project count was pretty high

Karen b

I love Ravelry to keep me on track about projects - WIP and FO's. I had 27 FO's - many of which are going to be gifts. 9 FO's were socks - three pairs to be gifted. I made hats, cowls, mitts, toys and two sweaters. I'll be curious to see what next year brings...


4 hats and 7 pairs of socks, and most were gifts :)


only 4, will finish #5 before christmas!


Probably 6-8. Helped having two new babies arrive this year. Should have been more FO's but what can I say? Hard to knit more n a motorcycle.


I only finished maybe 5 projects this year 😕 Here's hoping 2015 is much more productive!!!!


6 scarves; 1 pair of socks; and a Christmas tree skirt.


I've only finished about 8 projects this year. I crave more knitting time, but my grad student and teaching responsibilities have to come first. My dream vacation includes time to relax with no due dates or projects hanging over my head, lots of laughter, and unlimited knitting time!


I would have never thought to look at the number of projects I completed in 2014, thank you as I was surprised that I had 24!In the next couple of days it should be 26. How fun!


I've only finished about 12 projects this year. It's definitely time for a "knit more" resolution in 2015!

Sue M.

I have finished about 11 items, including 2 baby sweaters, 4 hats, and 5 headbands. My knitting time is limited, but very enjoyable.

Christine C.

I've only completed about 6 projects. Two afghans. I'm ready for socks!

Simone Lawson

I have finished around 35, but I crochet mostly shawls hats and scarves.

Jayme P.

I've made 37 different things this year, which is a lot for me. I'm kind of impressed at all that I've made.

Linda L

I have completed 22 projects this year, from hats, mittens, gloves and cowls to a blanket or two. It has been a pretty productive year!

Katherine S.

I am excited to say that I have finished about 25 projects this year- and when you take into account I learned how to knit in September... not too shabby. I am actually surprised when it comes down to it! It's mostly hats and a few ruffle scarves... I can't wait to start a pair of socks for myself... maybe in the New Year. :)

Kerith St. Louis

I did 13 projects ranging from socks to shawls. It was awesome!


19 pairs of socks, 2 vests, 1 shawl, couple of hats, 3 cowls, a sweater and a half. Oh, and I'm a weaver as a professions, so lots and lots of towels, napkins, and shawls!


I didn't keep track. There were a couple of cowls, 4 hats, a shawlette and several pairs of socks. Oh, and several dishcloths.


Only four. How dismal! The catch in your question is the word 'finished'. Lots on needles still, socks and hats.


At least 20. One still in progress as it was same time last year.


5 pairs of socks, 6 washcloths, a baby sweater and blanket, 3 hats, 2 shawls, 2 cowls, and 1 scarf. All but 2 were gifts.


I've completed 2 sets of leg warmers - still no socks!! - and 9 shawls, 3 in the past few weeks to give as Christmas presents!


Ravelry says 53. My page is


I've completed approx a dozen, several baby blankets, socks, hats and scarves. I have double that "in progress"

Ginger S.

I've completed 10 projects this year, which absolutely amazed me since I'm a new mom and my time for knitting was greatly reduced. I completed some hats, socks, a couple of shawls, baby sweaters, and toys.


I have completed a hooded poncho, 5 pairs of socks, 3 chicken hats, a scarf, and am in the process of finishing 6 minion hats.


Maybe 20 to 25. Knitted socks, hats, shawls, cowls, scarves, and stuffed animals. Good question. I need to keep better track. I so admire those folks on Ravelry who always take beautiful photos of their FOs.

Emilie V.

around 12 projects were done so far,from socks- baby layettes


3 pairs of socks, two baby sweaters, 4 hats, three cowls, some baby slippers, and.. and ... I can't remember what else. ;-)


Oh, goodness. Probably 30 or so. Hats and scarves and blankets, mostly. I also learned to knit this year! My first pair of socks will go on my needles in the new year.


At least 50, if you count the outfits for GD AG doll. Only 9 pair of socks since I am just a beginner there, but many more in my future. Many charity items.


I've made 24 pairs of socks, 5 hats, 5 pairs of fingerless mitts, 6 shawls and have spun A LOT of fiber.

Sharon Silverman

Hmm about 16 maybe? 3 pairs of socks (my first ones ever!), 2 bike helmet covers, 1 beagle sized dog sweater, 2 HUGE afghans, 5 hats and scarves. 1 baby blanket and a sweater and hat set for our new niece plus a doll with crochet clothes for her first Christmas. Whew! I think that's it! There are still about 5 unfinished projects that might get finished before new years. Wow. I feel really accomplished right now!


I'd say probably about 20. For Christmas alone, I made 9 hats, 2 shawls, a stocking, and a cowl. I also made socks, shawls, a sweater, and started a baby blanket not for Christmas.

Karen Pettyjohn

About 40 or so finished cloths, fingerless mitts, baby sweaters and baby afghans. I really should start keeping track of them. I don't think I made anything for myself...hmmm.


I'm not sure! I should keep track better... there are many tbinfs that get done quickly and then sent off before I put them on Ravelry. I think I have probably knit 6-7 pairs of socks, a couple hats, some wrist warmers, and several scraves/cowls. It was a decently productive year. :-)


I have finished 12-15 projects this year with a couple still on the needles that are close to completion. Looking forward to some holiday travel knitting time!

Katie Mauch

Looking back at my ravelry it would appear I've done about 20 projects, including some paired items (gloves). Sometimes I even impress myself!


Surprised to count 33--combination of shawls, socks, wraps, mittens, hats and a sweater. Enjoyed each project!


I am counting 20 on my Ravelry project page, I probably have more, including my original designs. Wow, I really didn't think I would have this many! :) Most are socks, one dress, and some sweaters!

Laura Baker

At least 90 items, as I opened an Etsy store this year. Socks for myself have always been a compulsion but took a back seat for a while this year. really loved the Christmas colors.

Susan Adolf

Looking at this list I feel like a slacker! I think I finished about 5 things this year. I promise (to myself especially) to do better next year

Rita aka crescendogal

I didn't keep track of how many projects...but a good guess might be around 30-40!


I finished about 15 projects this year.

Deb Holbrook

About 25 projects completed (many more started lol) - mostly socks, fingerless mitts, baby things, etc. But the piece de resistance was the wedding shawl for my niece (this is my first attempt at lace knitting)


I have no idea! I do know there were four pairs of socks, two baby afghans, a bosom warmer for a civil war reenactor, two pumpkin hats and a huge Minecraft afghan for my son. Oh, and what seemed like a million dishcloths. It was a fun year of fiber!


I'm pretty sure I'm somewhere between 25 and 30. I'm pretty impressed, since I wasn't able to knit at all for the first few months of the year thanks to pregnancy-exacerbated carpal tunnel issues. Once I figured out I could knit with the sleeping baby in our carrier, I made up for lost time!

Tracy Hite

My knitting's slowed down a lot in the last year or two, since I've started playing videogames on my PC (that takes both hands). I've finished maybe a half-dozen pairs of socks and a couple dozen hexipuffs toward a Beekeeper Quilt.


Well over 100 completed and working on more. Projects have included socks, slippers, scarves, hats, shawls, fingerless mitts, boot cuffs, tote bags, dog sweaters, necklaces....and more. Whew! :)


I only made about a dozen items but loved them all. Gave it all away, looking forward to making something for myself in the new year!

Barbara G.

I've completed 6 pairs of socks, 2 hats, 2 sweaters, 2 baby hats, 1 baby socks. Still on the needles to be finished by the end of the year are 1 sweater, 2 pairs of socks, and one baby dress.


I don't know exactly but I'd say 30 or more.

Dottie Myers

Can't keep track of completed projects as I am knitting constantly and give most away. No cold babies in Fresno, Ca. !!!!


I would say between 25-30. Many of them small, cowls and mittens, but three sweaters !! I have started way more than I finished though so again this year, one of my New Years resolutions will be ....finish or frog !!!

Sandra Dodson

I would guess between 20-30...and several more started and not complete yet.


23 projects this year... lower than other years but that number includes two adult sweaters. A good year! Looking forward to trying my first skein of Poste!

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