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December 31, 2014


Beth L

I did several test-knits this year, and kind of fell in love with Mary Hough's sock patterns. Partly because I'm a geology nerd, but mostly because they're gorgeous! And the pattern/yarn combo on my Diraphora socks couldn't be more perfect, IMO :)

Lisa Viviano

My favorite pattern this year was for a pair of socks you showed on your blog. The Zigzagular Socks by Prairie Girl Designs.


My favorite project this year was my first pair of knee socks. I used leftovers from the other socks I have completed over the years. They were a lot of fun, and I plan on making more.


Sock knitting in 2014 has been on vacation while I knit a sweater for my daughter (Tangled Vines from "Botanical Knits"). IT's the first sweater I've made in more than 20 years, and it may be my last! Back to socks Trying to decide who's first on my sock list.


My fav project was Tamar's. Bakery bear band my most frustrating was my vanilla socks. I have been in a toy making mood but have cast on for some socks with some lollipop yarn. Http:// socks


I made 44 projects in 2014, 20 of which were socks. My sock gifts have been a well received hit this Christmas so I guess I'll be making them again next year! Here is the link to this years projects...


My favorite project this years was in learning toe up socks.

I am showing this because the Fleece Artist Emily came from SSYC.


My favorite project this year is one that is a bt unusual for me. I crocheted a large, pineapple motif tablecloth to give to my niece for her wedding present. Her mother has an old, much loved crochet tablecloth that has been in the family for generations but is sadly nearing the end of its usefulness. I'm planning on reverse engineering that tablecloth for the other neice's wedding present, but that won't be for many years yet.


A project I finished this fall that gets lots of compliments is the Nanook sweater: I always learn a lot from knitting Heidi Kirrmaier's patterns.


Poste sock yarn is fast becoming my favorite sock yarn to knit and where. I knit this pair with a pattern you had suggested on your blog. I wear them all the time. Knitting socks are my favorite thing and if the yarn is self striping, I'm in heaven!


I love socks but usually steer away from being too adventurous because I like to watch TV (or even read!) while knitting. I am so thrilled with my Rumpelstiltskin socks, they're really awesome. Truth be told, they were easier than they look.

Alice Perrey

My big, big project I accomplished was knitting lace shawls for the bride and all 4 bridesmaids for my daughter's wedding, which will be Friday. The bridesmaids' shawls are Debbie Bliss Rialto, and the bride's is out of KidSilk Haze. They are all different, and they are all gorgeous. Professional pics will come later--I'm off to decorate the church!


My favorite project this year was my Mama Vertebrae sweater. Between having group nights to knit, and the simply fact that I made a sweater, it takes the lead. I love this sweater and am very proud of it :-)


Mu favorite project this year was designing and knitting a tiny little dress for my first grandchild to wear home from the hospital.


Apparently, this was my year of socks - not as many as some people make, but for me, socks seemed to be the project of choice. While not all photos are posted, here are my links (I hope):


My favorite project for this year is my owl sweater I made for the SSYC knit-a-long. If it weren't for the KAL, I would have just stayed with my Christmas knitting. Thanks for the nudge!


I'm not sure what my favorite project was this year, so I am sharing my projects page... lol. I have really enjoyed knitting these adorable animal hats (so far I have made 3 chicken hats, & am currently working on a rabbit hat). I also learned how to knit socks this year, and am playing around with different patterns for those!


This was my year for Shawls the two I enjoyed the most was Gyllis and Light and Up, they were both very enjoyable knits.


here's the cardigan that I knitted with the fingering weight Mineville yarn that I bought from you! originally I had planned something slightly different (and more similar to previous cardigans I've made), but I love what I came up with instead!

thanks for this chance to win!


I reawakened my love of Simply Sock Yarn when I made Skandium socks for my son for Christmas. The yarn made a wonderful stranded fabric and he just loves them! I had to turn around and order more colors of it because I want to make more stranded socks with this stuff!


A happypotamus. Rarely make toys now since the children are grown but couldn't resist knitting the hippo made of hexagons and other polygons. I found it on Ravelry, I think its a Heidi Knits pattern and I'm using JoJoLand yarn in a gold and grape colorway. Giving it to a daughter. Wish I had a working camera so I could post a photo.

Tricia F.

Sock knitting has kept me sane this past year. :)

Rita aka crescendogal

my favorite project this year was making my little man's 31yr old sister these socks in her favorite colors! my first pair of non vanilla socks and I'm addicted!!! LOVE SSyarns!!!


I made two Cruzado cowls and some "socks" for bars of soap. Tons of unfinished projects


I completed 29 projects this year. Here are just a few of my favorite FOs:

Ann M

My most satisfying project of 2014 was very simple but very significant. We knit prayer shawls at church. I purchased yarn in shades of light blue which reminded me of an oh-so-blue sky with clouds. The meditative knitting always does me good and I am glad to participate. We bless our shawls and set them aside to be presented when needed. Our pastor, a young vibrant woman, discovered she had breast cancer and the light blue shawl was presented to her as a comfort and a reminder of all those who hold her in constant prayer. In her sincere thank you note she mentioned the calming effect of the shawl of light blues. I love to tackle complicated patterns (especially socks) and I find new interesting yarns absolutely irresistible. But sometimes the most simple project produces the most satisfying results.

Rose Birchall
They are all my favorites!


Lots of good knitting in 2014, but I'm going to say this is my favorite. One, because it is a beautiful dress for my beautiful grandaughter, and two because it is the best picture! It totally represents the first several months of her life. She has since become much more content.


I knit complementary Color Affection shawls for my two best college friends as we all turned 40 this year:


Am I the only one who doesn't post photos of FOs on Ravelry? I do, however, use Ravelry to get ideas of help clarify vague ideas into actual patterns - some on Ravelry - free or purchased downloads. I've been in a knitting drought this year & have just been coming out if it this past month or 6 weeks. I realized that it gets cold enough in the Portland area to need warm winter hats. So I knit 3 for my grands. I kept thinking the 2 for the boys looked small. But, as Yarn Harlot has described. It's so easy to persuade yourself that something will fit even when it looks obviously too big. And hats do stretch a lot. So my granddaughter has 3 nice hats & is delighted! Now to knit larger sizes for the boys. I used 2 old familiar hats: the Marsan watch cap (IRL it looks even better than the photos): & a dubelmossa style hat out of sock yarn (similar to this: The third hat was a free Ravelry pattern that I liked very much. It's an attractive hat & the pattern is easy enough to knit while watching TV but just complicated enough to keep you from pulling out hair, Hat No 5:

Tracy Bagley

I made a bunch of projects this year, this one was one of my favorites!

Tracy Bagley

I made this cowl with mini mochi sock yarn. Loved the colorway, spice market!


Nothing wrong with having a calm year, as it is better than the alternative. :)
I did better than I thought I would this year. Two of my sock projects came from lovely yarn from SSYC-most recently my Humbug socks.

Cheryl Dumont

My favorite pattern was Ivy Socks by Cindy Guggemos.


Love sock club - the yarn is always wonderful and it get me to try something new. Probably would not have tried a gradient on my own. Also made another sock club with lovely Poste fall colors:


I'm most proudof my first adult size sweater! I knit a second sweater for myself this year as well but I'll link to the first.
I had fun knitting socks, mitts, cowls, and hats this year!


I started this vest in 2013, but finished it in 2014 - does that count? It's my proudest knit object thus far. There are links to my blog posts about this on Ravelry.
And I'll include this scarf because 1) I love Noro, and 2) I learned a new technique, grafting ribbing.


I'm going to show these socks since it is yarn from your birthday kit :) The colors of this yarn surprised me as they knitted up -- so saturated!

Cindy Carpenter

My favorite project this past year was a pair of socks made for me from SSYC Poste Yarn 'Elm Street' with solid yellow toes, heels and cuffs. Such a fun knit, yummy yarn and I love the finished socks so much. No picture but they look like the ones from this blog earlier this year.

Jennifer L

This is my favorite project from this year because it took effort. Often I knit socks or shawls that are just relaxing, but this one was ever a problem, and yet I persevered. And I love it. It is really comfy. Definitely worth doing and worth persevering.

Sandra Dodson

This is a sock monkey that I started several years ago for my daughter. It has become a joke every Christmas that I haven't finished it - so this year wanted to surprise her and finished it. She loves it!


My favorite sock yarn project was a dress for my 2 year old featuring STR. I loved it so much she wore it for our professional family photos.

I also finally finished stockings for my kids that match the ones I made for me and DH when we were married.
They were a ton of work with all the details and beads and trimming, but they are gorgeous and I know we will use them for a long time to come.

Helen King

I have made several scarfs, hats and cowls this year. My ravelry name is rheaume but I do not have a project page.


I made 45 pairs of socks in 2014. A friend gifted me a ball of yarn with the colourway "Scottish Mist" because my mother was Scottish. I decided that such a special yarn needed a special pattern and knit "On Cloud Nine" The most elaborate and complicated socks I have ever knit. I was kind of impressed with myself when they were finished.

Donna Reed

I did a lot of hats for charity this year and some fun requested items.


The year started with knitting my future Christmas socks (started on Dec 25, 2013 and finished Jan. 12, 2014) after finishing all of last year's Christmas knitting.

The most recent finished project is the Caesious curl scarf.

Surprised to see that I finished 23 projects this year and have only have 4 WIPs still pending (of those started this year). Of course that doesn't include older WIPs but that is another topic. :)


I am completely unfaithful about utilizing Ravelry. I don't regularly photograph my projects. But this year I had a first grandchild, for whom I spent hours making a lace-yarn blanket. Then his mother washed it, though I had said it was not to be laundered in the machine. It is still a viable, useful blanket! Triplesss > notebook > projects > I love Mom and Dad baby blanket

Jodie e

I made my nephew a sock yarn bear for his zoo.

Ashley W

Although technically I wove in the ends on New Year's Day, I'm thrilled to have knit my first self striping sock with an afterthought heel.


It was socks for me this year! I used Poste yarns self-striping for the first time this year and love the socks I've knit from it.


I love knitting socks! Two of my favorites I knitted this year:
Illusion socks
Socks with beads

Robin V

It is hard to pick just one favorite project. The Boston Marathon scarf was fun to knit; the Bridge Walk Flynn was challenging, sharp-looking, and reminded me of a trip with my sister; I loved the colors in the Mushishi shawl; and the Christmas Owls were adorable!

Here's the link to my 2014 projects:


I try to alternate my personal knitting with knitting for charities. I belong to a group on Ravelry that helps organizations in each of our fifty states. There was a special request for a family that lost a loved one too soon. I enjoyed this project the most and hope it helps bring some comfort to a little girl!


The project I'd like to enter is my Granny Sock Blankie. It's just a giant crocheted granny square made with leftover sock yarn...but so much more. Every color held a knitting memory for me. I started Jan 1, 2014 and ended Dec. 5, 2014! A whole year...totally worth it. I just worked on it when I felt like it, no pressure. So fun to make! It's officially "my" blanket and the teens with stinky feet are off limits!

Here's the link:


I finally finished up a pair of zombie vixen fingerless mitts right before the clock struck 12! I don't have it posted on ravelry but realize now that should be a goal this year. Post more pics and use ravelry a lot more!


I knit 14 pairs of socks during 2014. My favorite pair that I knit would have to be my No Purl Monkeys using Socks that Rock in My Wild Irish Girlie


I am sharing a project that has a good photo. Seems that I am not good at keeping up with my Rav project pages!
Here is my Dog Torture Device

If I do win the sock club prize, I promise not to make any more Dog sweaters with the yarn! Happy 2015 to all--wishing you a wonderful year of knitting.


2014 has been my year to get lots of knitting done. I got 27 total projects done with 13 of that were socks. My knitting is what keeps me sane. I also have shared several pictures of socks to my facebook page. I have family and friends both loving to see what I knit. Hmm my favorite was the one called my winter socks done with North Pole Color by Schachenmayr Regia. I saw them on your blog and store so I grabbed the yarn. Never had a pair of socks knit so fast as these. Regia is a good yarn so I am not surprised how they knit up. I am hoping I win this contest it would be a good way to start off 2015. I would likely knit some of the prize for friends who I owe socks to.

Susann Lusnia

Finished 4 projects; started a couple more; have a few UFOs lingering in the line up. A broken finger has slowed me down since late November.


I've had a really prosperous knitting year in 2014. I was thrilled with my Hitofude cardigan and went on to make a second one. You can find the original at:http://


Although I had a major health issue that put my knitting on hold for a portion of the year, I managed to knit 3 pairs of stripy socks. My favorite were the Bremen Muster socks but I enjoyed knitting the two pairs of Mystik Spiral (one pair isn't quite complete) and made my college aged son happy with his Skyp Rib socks. Hoping that things are better in 2015 and I can knit a lot more socks for myself.


I can't pick a favorite out of what I knit: they were all favorites at the time. I mainly knit socks but branched out this year a bit more and crocheted some blankets, towel toppers and coasters. Then I knit some shawls, cowls, a scarf or two and a hat. I do love my Opal yarn and have a bunch of it from the Simply Socks enablers.

Renee' Sawyer

I knit the Curious Collective 2014 Shawl through a KAL by Helen Steward using Madelinetosh Merino Light. It turned out so pretty and has such a perfect drape. Highly recommend both the yarn and the pattern!


In 2014 I knit a few sweaters for test knitting designer's patterns. It was fun to be a part of the process of "refining" a pattern. In 2015 I plan to be back to my sock knitting though.


I did a few hats this year, including this one (which is a pattern I adore):


I have enjoyed making plain vanilla socks using self striping yarn - I like that I can pick them up any time, even if I only have 5 minutes to knit.

Andrea B

I did finish a few projects but I think my favorite were some Marie Curie Mittens:

Marjorie Millner

I completed these on January 1, 2015. A birthday gift for a friend. I love Madelinetosh DK! The Medieval colorway is a beautiful purple with some lighter flecks and shading. yarn bought here, of course! Pattern from my local yarn store, Twisted in Portland, OR.


Hoping the link works. I'm always behind the times, so my fav project of the year was my color affection.

diana foltz

these are one of my faborites because they opened the door to sock knitting for me. i saw the yarn on your blog and you helped me figure out how to get started. my husband LOVES them and now he can't get enough socks!


Amazing projects everyone, I am sure. Knitting or Crochet are very much a sea of tranquility and source of joy for me. Much more since I left Ravelry and people being unkind in the forums.

Bonus, I get so much more fiber time. Sadly, nothing to link to since it has been years since I posted there.

Wishing everyone an amazing 2015 filled with everything that brings you joy!

Sarah (3trees on Rav)

My favorite project for 2014 was a Vodka Lemonade sweater for me. It was the first sweater I knit for myself in 25 years. I'm not thrilled with the fit, but I'm glad to be knitting sweaters again. I'm also very happy with several of my new socks, especially the Stitchsurfers.

Brenda B

My most favourite sock pattern this year was Rich Ensor's Neldoreth. These socks took a boat load of concentration but I was really happy that I persevered and finished them.

Lisa B

Leila Raabe's Bough hat was my favorite project of 2014. I removed the cables and added extra "trees" and I love the end result.


One of my favorites was the magic cake shawl. I won the cake of yarn at the Pipeline retreat 2013 and knit it in 2014. What fun and I love wearing it!


My favorite was a baby cardigan in self-patterning sock yarn. It's my favorite because the recipient was so pleased. Purple is the baby's mom's favorite color and the yarn had a purple stripe in it, but still looked like a boy's sweater.


My favorite project in 2014 was my sixth Hitchhiker. I love the colors and that it served as my "security knitting" for such a long time that I didn't stop knitting until I got to 54 teeth!


I made this for my mom. I was given the purple yarn and decided to match it with some green yarn in the stash. I was so happy since I only bought one skein of the green yarn years ago and it wasn't enough to use on its own.


I think my favorite project this year was a pair of socks. I tried some harder projects this year that utilized charts. The yarn was also amazing to knit with, so soft.


Last year, I made my sister a pair of fingerless gloves with a flip-top mitten. My dad remarked that I must not have know how to make the rest of the fingers. Challenge accepted!

I made him this pair of gloves:

When he opened them he said "These look so nice I bet you could have bought them at Macy's"
Best compliment I've gotten in a long time. :)

Joanne Christman

Those yarns look so pretty! Finished my first pair of socks and hoping to do more. A win would be fabulous.

Ginger S.

I've been working on two color knitting and am pretty proud of finishing my first project that actually fits! =)


I completed several projects in 2014 that I love but the one I am most proud of is completing a KAL of the socks in Cookie A's Knit. Sock. Love. book!

Brenda Lewis

I just started loom knitting in 2014 and ended the year by making a blanket for my daughter as a Christmas gift. She loves it!

Susan Adolf

My favorite project was the Louisa sweater made with Quince & Co. yarn. I worked hard to come up with a color combination that I thought looked good - I'm really happy with it.

Jessica mcconnell

This was my first project using poste striping yarn. I really love this yarn. They've held up nicely though a couple of months of washing and the yarn was wonderful to work with. I had to frog several times and the yarn didn't get tangled or come untwisted from the abuse!


I knit these for my goddaughter who is an amazing ballerina! They are very small and only one of the projects I completed in 2014. I choose them because I had never thrummed before and she loves them!


My favorite project was this scarf I made for my mom for Christmas. I finished just in the nick of time!

Cheryl Adams

I do like my hat that I finished with a new to me yarn, Osprey from Quince and Co. The hat was
Stroll by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.


My favorite project was the Celestarium shawl that I made as part of a KAL at my LYS, The Yarn Spot, in Wheaton MD:
It's not a difficult project, but it took longer than I expected to finish because I broke my wrist and was unable to knit for a few weeks. As soon as I could, I got back at it, and I think the exercise of knitting helped me get full use of my hand more quickly.
I hope to finally finish some of my WIPs in 2015 and learn at least a couple of new techniques!

Jana Powell

I made Christmas stockings to welcome some new babies to our family this year and loved using the beautiful Dream In Color selections for tthe stockings. These were the first Fair Isle and Intarsia projections for me.


My most props moment was my Tilt. Have myself a month, but at 1 week till the deadline, discovered a mistake. Had to redo the whole thing.

Susan J

I'm ALWAYS knitting at least one pair of socks, if not several at the same time......and every Christmas my children, their significant other and my grandson all get at least one pair of socks.......
these are some of the socks I knit in 2014


I knit a cardigan, a hat, a cowl and spent it.
It is very happy time.
Thank you.


Hands down my fav project was my matching sweaters for my boys done with DIC Classy. The sweaters were adorable and made my boys even more adorable if such a thing is possible. They are warm and holding up well despite the trials put upon them by an active toddler and drooly infant.


I completed several projects this year. I think my favorite was my first pair of multicolor socks: Among others were Panda Silk and Three Irish Sisters Braided Gem socks:
I made some fingerless mitts for a charity craft fair:


Wow, I had a few favorite projects this year:

* My Color Affection -- I wear this nearly constantly now:
* My sock monkey socks get a lot of wear with the split toes:
* My Houdini coat that I finished early in 2014. It was a massive undertaking but I LOVE this coat:

Karey Clock

One of my New Year's goal is to get my projects on Ravelry. In 2014, I learned a variety of sock skills (two at a time, lace) and want to continue to learn more and try more sock patterns. Ravelry name: karclock

Twilla Steele

I forgot to tell you my ravelry name: chixwithstixs. Thxs

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