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December 12, 2014


Leslie Fehr

Time for the fun to begin! I've enjoyed these "12 Days of Christmas" the last couple of years!


Oh what fun : )


Wow, that Jollyville is spectacular! I never thought I'd wanted striped Christmas socks, but you just proved me wrong!

Chris Harding

Looking forward to youngest nearly as much as Christmas itself. Jollyville is gorgeous!


Rockefellow Center is my favorite - I can see a colorfull sweater being knitted.


Yay! I just love Jollyville -- so merry!

I enjoy your generous contests every year!


I have been looking forward to these 12 Days! In the last few years I have joined the party too late.


This contest is the very best new tradition to come along in decades! My daughter and I look forward to it all year.

Mary Harting

I like the brightness of Jollyville. Well done!


You could ask about favorite movies to watch during holiday down time.

Lisa B

Any idea when Jollyville will be back in stock? I was a wee bit slow and it was already sold out.


I love rockefeller!center, beautiful!


Sounds like fun! Thank you!

Judie Digby

A holly jolly holiday!

Barbara Huffman

I love Rockefeller Center , both of them !

A question .......what is your favorite music during the holidays .
I get out Kenny G and Messiah .

Beth Burdette

I mostly knit for others! Love the joy on their faces!


I'm curious to inow the favourite method for knitting socks. Toe up, cuff down, DPNs, one circ, two circs.

Marcye Haire

I knit between 4-20 hours per week. Knitting is my comfort. I relax and sometimes fall asleep. Otherwise I knit till my back starts hurting. I have a bad back after back surgery didn't work. But I love my knitting and the yarns, textures and colors.


I'm double points all the way. I tried 2 circular needles and toe-up. I couldn't see the reasoning for either one. There's just something comforting about double points.


I'm a diehard magic looper! It's all I've used since I found out about it and learned to use it. I do both toe up and top down and change the pattern if I need to to use magic loop. Way fewer lost stitches; no needles dropping to the floor in a meeting; it's so much easier doing a pattern when you can repeat from sock 1 to sock 2; and best of all, when you finish one sock you've finished the pair.

Pam Macchi

I knit with a Magic Loop Method, a small circular that I keep in my purse and double points. I prefer toe up socks.

Bev Haws

I like knitting socks with double point & top down. Merry Christmas!

Cassandra Brown

I prefer to magic loop when knitting socks.

Dorothy Tomasko

I knit toe up. I weight and half the skein and try to start at the same color. I magic loop, and so far... Prefer a fish lip kiss heel.

Carol Smith

14! My best year yet. I had a pair of socks that took 6 tries to get right, so two cowls bright up my average. :-)

RuthAnn Cromwell`

I have finished about 30 projects this year but that is because I went on a hat craze and knitted up all sized and patterns. Used up a lot of leftover bits and pieces. Also made quite a few cowls. this year I am starting out with a sweater and socks. Merry Christmas

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