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November 12, 2014



Very nice! I am drawn to the 6366 color way. None of the colors are ones I'd normally like but together they're attractive. I think they'd make nice men's socks or scarves. Regia wears like iron. I have a pair of socks knit from regular weight Regia in '98 &, even though they are thin now because of fibers lost in washing, they still are hole free & fuzz free. (BTW, I too LOVE the FK Sapphire. I may have to get some more).

Susan Hill

These would make fantastic cowls. I've been on a cowl kick for awhile and not only love knitting them but love wearing them. Really like it when you have these heavier yarns.


I've noticed this sock pattern in other posts and have been wondering what heel is used for these socks? Love the striped yarn and yes it would make a pretty cowl.

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