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October 09, 2014



Seeing the photos of the boys making pizza made me feel nostalgic. I used to do that with my daughters when they were that she. Also used to make cookies with them. Kids love to add things like nuts, raisin, chocolate chips & they LOVE using a spoon to dish up dough & drop on cookie sheet (they do tend to want to put them Tto close together). The Brownie Trail Mix is not a problem for me - I already are it all😉. If I had an unlimited supply, it would definitely be a problem. Yummy!

Leslie Fehr

Love the photos of the pizza chefs - looks yummy! How cool that Joe can make those costumes - Daddy points for him!!
The baby sweater is very cute and I love the duck buttons.
But, it's Diana's sweater that blows me away! That's her first sweater? That looks absolutely terrific! Love her yarn choice very much.


Oh you absolutely must share photos of all of you in your Halloween costumes this Halloween - I know it will just be wonderful!

Pizza looks delicious (& how much fun is it to help make it :-)?), the brownie trail mix would be my undoing !! and the knitting is wonderful! Two sweaters in a month - I'm so impressed! It takes me months to knit just one.,

Thanks for sharing these fun pix!

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