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October 01, 2014


Laura Nelkin

LOL... at least you know where to get another skein should you need to cast on for Cruzado too!


Next time, call me. First, I'm close and second - I HAVE that needle and it is not in a WIP!

Leslie Fehr

Thanks for the heads up on the needle size and length! Ordered my Club color just a bit ago, sow to check my needle stash! I do like your cowl choice that you are doing but I understand totally about "fall back" pattern choices. I do think you deserve a second skein of this month's color so that you can also make this month's pattern! Then, your first cowl can become a Christmas present for a knit worthy family member or friend.

Cindy Carpenter

Let me get this straight... you own a yarn store and you did NOT jump right in the car, drive down and get the right size needle??? Le Sigh. Your impulse control is sooo much better than mine :-). Your alternate pattern choice is very nice.


Ha! I considered it, but the shop isn't even in the same city as my house. It's a bit of a drive.

Colleen Hall

I am SO in love with this color...

Billie Bpb

I love this yarn I'm getting. I'm confused which pattern I will be getting but will not really matter. I have a set of KnitPicks needles. No problem on needles for me. I just put the right ones together and away I go. Really handy and I love them. I like the wooden ones the best but sometimes use the metal. The points are so sharp and nice. I have sets of black ones I use for socks and small stuff. Don't remember what kind they are but have had them a long time.


I love that yarn!!!!!
I can't wait to come in and buy some!!!!
Are you open this weekend????


We sure are! We are open 10-4. Here's a list of the days, if this helps:


The first couple of links are broken.

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