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October 02, 2014



Hooray - I got my Abracadabra Kit!!
Will you be getting the new Malabrigo Jilly Fall Colors in (three of them)?


Okay, it's your fault. The color name on the Abracadabra ball band is "Abra Abracadabra". Now, I can't get that song out of my head. Curses.


BTW, I LOVE IT ALL, well except for the tasty treat which I don't know because it was quickly gobbled by my teenager. She declared it awesome. I was going to make a Grey Gardens headband with it. Now, I don't know. It's too pretty, and I'm thinking it may just end up in my specimen jar for viewing pleasure for awhile... song still stuck ... "I want to reach out and grab ya".


YAY! I'm glad to have cursed you with that song!
If you are in the shop on Saturday, I may have a spare tasty treat for you since your daughter gnabbed yours!
Diane, yep we'll have those colors asap in Jilly.


Allison - thank you SO much for putting this kit together. I got the Abracadabra kit and LOVE IT. The colors are so nice and different. Love the bag - it's super cute and a very nice size just as you described! I love those fabric colors too. Love the Ginger Lime lotion bar and the treat is huge and very, very yummy looking (will give to my daughter who sighed when she saw it - she needs a treat running after her very active 3 year old). The lotion bar - I will take to work and use it there to soothe my hands this fall and winter and give me a nice lift with the beautiful scent. I may knit a nice cowl out of the yarn so I can show it off and have something really pretty and different to wear at work. This kit really is a wonderful treat for me. I really love it very much - you have such great taste!! Thanks for all of the hard work you put into this - everything is absolutely perfect.

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