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September 23, 2014


Nancy Hannah

I'd probably knit Mouchoir top down in Silvery Sage!


Bootstraps in Green! Crossing my fingers that I am a lucky winner!


Uncommon Dragon in Wheatgrass

Patty McD

That is a fascinating sounding book! I would knit the Uncommon Dragon because I like the pattern. I especially like the grace of the line up the gusset and around the heel and I want to see how that little 2 stitch thingy feels on the bottom of my foot. I would use either Chartreuse or Teal because they are my 2 new favorite colors. There's a lot of both in my new house!

River Jackson

Uncommon Dragon in #592 Silvery Sage...color would make the pattern pop (plus it's kinda the color I'd think of in sea dragons... I like sea dragons!)
But..... then again....Ohhhh WAY too many choices!


I would make Uncommon Dragon in wheatgrass. :)


Uncommon Dragon in Adobe!

Dawn M.

I'd knit the Strie socks (the heel construction looks interesting!) in Chocolate.


Would knit Checked and Squared in Merlot.

Mary Butler

I must knit the Sidle socks! I am a sucker for unusual sock construction, perhaps because I'm used to modifying sock patterns to fit my feet, and the idea of an afterthought toe tickles my fancy.

Cindy Hodapp

Dyad sock looks like great fun in hottest pink and heels and toe in blush.


Uncommon dragon in wheatgrass

Allison Bell

Checked and Square Top down and Copper

Patricia Hill

Dyad sock--Wasabi and Cerulean

Sara Denbo

I think I would knit your Dyad socks, top down, because they look so do-able plus the toe is one I have never tried before. I love the wasabi green color, most everything I have is that color. Thanks for the great giveaway!
saradenbo on ravelry

Kathleen waligura

Procrastinatrix; top down; sea glass. Pick me, pick me!

Niki Vogler

Uncommon Dragon in Icicle. I can't wait to see this book - it is now on my must-have list.


I love the Mary Jane look of Dyad toe-up, in hottest pink and grey.


Checked up in Merlot! Looks like more fun than basic sock I have now mastered!


Uncommon Dragon in Lilac

Michelle Miller

Uncommon Dragon in Cherry Red would be amazing!

Jean Andreas

Uncommon Dragon in Periwinkle!!

Gale Longley

Wow what a book, I would like to make the Procractinatrix socks in your beautiful navy blue color.


I would make the Uncommon Dragon socks in either Sea Glass, Icicle, or Slate.

Janet Dendy

Checked and Squared toe up in Forget Me Not. I also like Uncommon Dragon in Sea Glass or Cornflower.

Susan Price

Uncommon Dragon in Silvery Sage.

Kate s.

I would knit bootstrap in the 650 blue colorway


I would first make the toe-up checked & squared, in chambry or navy because I don't have any blue hand made socks (yet)!

Lyna Postuchow

Uncommon Dragon in Sea Glass

Erin Otis

Uncommon dragon in teal!

Deb J

Procrastinatrix Socks, Top Down, in Periwinkle!!!


I'd love to knit Uncommon Dragon in periwinkle.

Linda Arbuckle

Been waiting for the pattern for Checkered and Squared, toe-up. In Golden, to light up my day.


I would make the Dyad in Bittersweet and Brown! Looks like a great book!


I am new to sock knitting. I would love to try Sidle Socks Toe Up in Merlot. Thank you for a chance to win !

Amy C

I'd make the Mouchoir socks for their sheer elegance (and the fun of saying their name) in Salmon - no wait - Jadeite...or Blue Skies?
Cannot actually go wrong here, albeit Jadeite would give the socks a very vintage retro look.

Carol Stadler

Procrastinatrix, fits my personality, mint julep or periwinkle.


Uncommon Dragon in Blue Violet. Great looking book.


Arithmophobia in Blue Violet. :)


Uncommon a Dragon in Blue Spruce!!! Thanks for the chance to win 😻


I think I'd like to make Dyad top down in periwinkle.

Debbie Allen

Uncommon Dragon in Lilac!!


Bootstrap in Solid 260 Adobe.


I'd like to try bootstrap olive.


I would do uncommon dragon out of lavender. Such a simple pretty pattern

Nancy McGuire

I would choose Uncommon dragon. I am intrigued by a challenge and right now in my life I am going through the biggest challenge of my life. So these socks will represent that challenge and overcome both which I will. I would choose ORANGE because of the brightness and to represent NO fear..fight your battle and win!


Bootstrap socks in tangerine!

Pam Gilbert

Bootstrap socks in blue violet

Joy Blum

Man that's a hard choice! But I think of have to go with the Uncommon Dragon in Salmon.

jan murphy

I would make the top down Sidle socks because i"m fascinated by the toe:)


Arithmophia toe up in cornflower or camo


Uncommon in Bittersweet. Love the color and pattern!


Checkered and Square in Fiesta Lime because the heel looks like it is ready for a party. Perhaps in addition to a marghrita.


Bootstrap in the Forest colorway.


Uncommon Dragon in Cerulean

Roxanne Stevens

I would make adjoin in merlot.


Uncommon Dragon in Cerulean. So many lovely colors to choose from though--it's hard to choose just one!

Karen Jensen

Can't help it, l'd do Uncommon Dragon in Copper because l want my dragon to glow!

Chrissy howard

I would love to knit uncommon Dragon in the Copper colorway. Beautiful sock patterns.

Jamie Rathbone

Uncommon dragon in Silvery Sage.


I love the checked & square socks and the uncommon dragon socks, and love the gray & greens used in the samples (and I never knit in the sample color!). These are both so much my palette of color & perfect for socks, as I get washed out easily with my fair complexion.


Dyad; #506 Camo; #615 Turquoise. The book looks fantastic!


Uncommon Dragon in cornflower for me.

Jan Johnson

I would knit Checked and Square socks toe up in gray, just like in the book. They look like such a wonderful, classic sock.

Alicia Randolph Rapking

I would make Uncommon Dragon in "Forget Me Not."


I'd go for uncommon Dragon in cerulean. Because a common dragon would not be a cerulean color.


I think that I would do the Uncommon Dragon in the grey. I think that the pattern would look beautiful and I need some hand knit grey socks.


Uncommon Dragon in Chartreuse :) too cute!

Angeliner Mediner

I'd knit Uncommon Dragon in Sunflower!


Bootstrap socks in Chocolate.


I would love to knit a pair of Procrastinatrix Socks in Mocha with Turquoise as the contrast color!


Uncommon Dragon in Blue Spruce

Dawn Anderson

checked and squared in blush!!

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