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September 23, 2014



Checked and squared toe up in blue violet

JoAnn Byrne

I'd make Uncommon Dragon in Blue Spruce.


I am still nervous about toe up but if I owned this book I would HAVE to try them eventually. I think though I would make the Sidle Socks Top Down first because I have a narrow heel and foot and these look like they would fit. I have never kept a pair of socks I made. I would make them in Chambray. I made Laura's Autumn Dreams sweater but for some reason, never noticed she made socks How could that be?


Adjoin socks in Bittersweet.


I'd knit the uncommon dragon pattern in silvery sage or lilac. Beautiful patterns and colors!

Jo to the Dee

I would pick the strie socks in hottest pink or mint julep.

Beth L

The toe of Dyad Sock is fascinating - I'd have to jump in there with the toe-up version! I'm still somewhat disappointed that I didn't pick up some of the 650 blue when I was there last, but the budget got in the way.

Rose Birchall

Bootstrap in Slate.

Lynn N

Strie in golden!

Gina Shillitani

I would knit Uncommon Dragon in SSY Solid 592 Silvery Sage!

Katie Mauch

Uncommon dragon in golden! Please please!!


Uncommon dragon in cerulean - it's so hard to pick, though! They are all gorgeous!


Checked and squared in slate. Just for a starter.


Checked Up Sock in Caribbean.

Beverly D

Procrastinatrix - top down, in Chambray or Gray.

Ann M

Gotta be Uncommon Dragon in Blue. A very interesting pattern and in my favorite color. Perfect!

Lucinda Scherting

Uncommon Dragon bittersweet


Uncommon Dragon in Cherry Red.


Bootstrap Socks in Chocolate


Checked and Squared in Mint Julep.


Uncommon Dragon in Blue Skies or Mint Julep


I'd knit up uncommon dragon in forget me not.

Faline Gee

Uncommon dragon in girly bashful!


Bootstrap in Seaglass

Judi Schaffer

After looking at the patterns I would make the Checked and Squared pattern toe up in Chambray. This looks like the perfect guy sock. My husband and 4 sons all love to get "Judi" socks.

Abby call

Adjoin in silver lining because I don't have any gray socks and adjoin looks interesting, very pretty design.


Strie - Top Down in either Salmon or Brown

Sarah Norton

I love the look of the Uncommon Dragon sock. And I love the Blue Violet yarn.

Lisa Lorenzino

I would knit the Checked Up socks in Chambray :-)

LA Hamilton

Love the Uncommon Dragon - that would be my first to knit! :)

Denise Walsh-Horowitz

Hi Allison - I would love to win this book so I can expand my sock selection. I liked to sock patterns Dyad Sock Top Down and Bootstrap. My favorits colors of Simply Solid are Tuscany (which I have loved for awhile) and Silvery Sage (love green). Thanks so much.

Holly Beam

Uncommon Dragon in Merlot. What wonderful, fun pattern. I love the Merlot yarn too!

Lori Gerhard

Ok, how fun is this!! I would love to try the Bootstrap pattern in Silver Lining or Salmon.

Nancy Wenberg

If I were to win this book I would knit the uncommon Dragon socks in Salmon.

Ann Borger

Uncommon Dragon in Oatmeal!


I think I would start with Uncommon Dragon in Slate, but several of the patterns really intrigue me even though I usually knit plain, vanilla socks. Thanks for the chance to win.


Oh, I am soooo interested in this book! I would first work the Strie Socks, Toe Up in 650 Blue.

So many beautiful colors of the Solid Sock Yarn! It was hard to choose just one!

Thanks for the contest!

Nancy F

Uncommon Dragon in Blue Violet!!

Wendy TC

Uncommon Dragon in magenta..


So hard to choose! I'd do bootstrap in olive and brick!

Janet D.

So hard to choose! I have settled on Bootstrap in Merlot. Only because I can make more later..... :)


The Dyad sock toe really intrigues me.


I LOVE the Uncommon Dragon pattern + would make them in Teal.
Prefer top-down socks as I always end up replacing heels + then sometimes the foot yrs later. Harder to do toe-up. The heel in this sock intrigues me as it would be easy to replace just the worn spot. I like grafting strangely enough?!?!


Would love, love, love to make the Uncommon Dragon in both the Mocha and Wasabi colors.... :)

Karen Ytzen

Checked and Square Toe up in Navy for my hubby of 40 years


Checked and Square in Forget Me Not


Uncommon Dragon in Cerulean

Mrs. A

JUST THIS WEEK I came across Lara Neel on Rav in a test group and I was in awe of her pattern. So it was super crazy to find her here too!! I'd knit Checked and Squared, Toe-Up, no questions. I love how the heel is shaped and the overall pattern. For colour, I love how a combo of Cerulean and Orange would look....but this pattern would probably need a solid colour. I'd have to choose BlueViolet.


Possible duplicate. If so please forgive me, my internet is being idiotic.

Original text:
Wow, I'm in the majority with wanting to make Dragon. But, to be different, I think I'll pick Melchior, Top-Down. Now, as to what color......since I bought five of my favorites in an earlier order, I'll go with something in the wines family. Burgundy or Merlot, Burgundy or Merlot? LOLs, how about Cranberry!

I hope I'm noticed, my birthday is the day after deadline, and this book is on my wishlist for this year!

(Midnight27 on Rav)

Susan J

Uncommon Dragon! love dragons of course!! :)


Strie socks in Silvery Sage! Very classic sock and color.

Martha Anne

Checked up in orange! Great for chasing away winter blues.


I'd love to try to make a set of Bootstrap socks in Periwinkle. And maybe Icicle.


Uncommon dragon in Oatmeal.

Pam Owens

Toe up Procrastinatrix in Fiesta Lime!

Jennifer Beene

Uncommon Dragon in Hottest Pink!

Carla Burgoon

I would love to make the Adjoin socks in the yarn color Chambray.

Teresa Lowe

I would make uncommon dragon in blue violet.

Judy Willing

Strie Socks in Sunflower (421)


I would make Checked and Squared toe up in Turquoise.

Margretta Josephson

I would make the Uncommon Dragon socks in either Jadite or Peach.

Valerie A

This looks like a wonderful reference book to add to any knitter's library. I would choose uncommon dragon in teal or cerulean.

Carla Burgoon

I would love to knit the Adjoin socks in the color Chambray.


I would have to try the checked and squared or uncommon dragon in Sunflower.


I really like the look of the Bootstrap socks for something simple, and the Uncommon Dragon socks. Right now, the Deep Sea color is calling to me (but my favorite color changes depending on the day - good thing there are so many to choose from!)


Uncommon Dragon is really pretty and would be more so in Hottest Pink.

Cindy K

Thank you Allison and Lara for this giveaway.
I would like to make Checked and Square Socks (Toe Up) in 608 Blue Spruce.

Dot VP

Dyad in Finch colorway

Susan Gressman

My first choice would be Strie Socks Toe up using Tuscany.


I would love to knit so many of the socks, but I would start with Checked and Square socks, top down, in blue-violet.


Arithmophobia Toe up -(though as a former math teacher I do not have any arithmophobia - but love that she has done the math work for me!!) I would love to work it in Blue Violet or/and Solid 876 Gray.

joann tipton

Checked and square socks in 650 blue and 890 natural to support indpls Colts

Renee Anne

Uncommon Dragon is calling me (except the heel but that's because I'm super picky about my heel). And the yarny goodness? I'd probably pair it with Cherry Red, for something different (seriously, I have far too much green in my stash).


I would make the Procrastinatrix Socks, Top Down in Merlot. That color is so warm and I haven't made socks for myself in a while.


Very interesting interview! I'd make Checked and Square Socks, Toe Up because I love the texture, and I've always knit docks cuff down. It's time to learn something new. The solid yarn 609 Deep Sea is beautiful.

Jeanette Thal

I'd do any of the toe up patterns as that is next on my bucket list to learn. I'd probably pick a blue/black/gray yarn---there are so many to choose from. I hope to stop by your store the weekend of 10/3-5...but know that you're not open when we'll be coming through. We have 5 women (2 from London) on our way from Indianapolis to Defiance for a Knit-A-Palooza attended by members of the Tea Party. There will be 30 members in all joining together--many who have never previously met. Lara, your book is just what I need for my next steps--I have the book in my cart--just wanted to wait until after the KAP before finishing the purchase.

Tina Moser

I have a friend that recently discovered a stitch pattern called Dragon Scales or something like that. I see that stitch in your Uncommon Dragon socks! I would make these socks first, for her! I think she'd really like them! I know I do!


I would knit the Mouchoir Socks, Toe Up in the Periwinkle colorway.


Uncommon Dragon in Blue Spruce.



Laura  (@darcybear)

I would start with top-down Dyad Socks in Sunlight, because the toe looks fun to try and the happy yellow would show off the construction!

Jolynda Bailey

The Uncommon Dragon in Mint Julep! Beautiful socks, lovely yarn. On my way to Ravelry to check out your other patterns.

Mary Harting

I'd do bootstrap in Adobe.

Samantha erickson

Uncommon dragon in wasabi just like the picture!! Oh man this book looks amazing


Uncommon dragon in copper

Cathy Herb

Sidle Sock Toe up in Cranberry #205 :) yummy!!

Lisa B

Oh my goodness, I'm beside myself with excitement. If I don't win here I know what my next book purchase is going to be..... I would start with either Bootstrap or Dyad in Copper (in honor of the Autumnal Equinox). Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

Rhonda Atkinson

I'd knit Mouchoir top down with the beautiful yarn Bashful.


I'd knit Mouchoir (because the name cracks me up) in Sea Glass. Toe up or top down? Whichever tempted me at the time - I'm totally bi-directional.


I'd do Mouchoir in Bashful, I think, although I love Slate a lot...

Victoria Hertz

I would knit Strie Socks, Toe Up in Wasabi.

Mari Dickson

Checked and Squared in 350 Bittersweet would be sooo cozy warm! :)

April Wilson

Uncommon Dragon in Wheatgrass

Marilyn Longo

Uncommon Dragon Socks in Wheatgrass!

Leslie Fehr

Strie Socks (top down) in Tuscany would be my first choice from this book.

Sue Zinski

Toe of the Dyad Sock, great toe design. Love the Simply Sock Yarn Mocha and Adobe the sock is shown in but it might be fun in Christmas colors like Cranberry and Forest.

Lisa viviano

The book looks great. I'd like to first make the Mouchoir socks and I'd use Cornflower blue.


I think I'll try the Strie Socks first. I love knitting my socks toe up and would love to learn some new heel and toe techniques. So many new things to explore in this book!

Shari Benson

I would love to make the Mouchoir Socks in Salmon so it would show off the beautiful pattern but I am interested in the heel construction.


Uncommon Dragon in Mont Julep!

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