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September 29, 2014


Leslie Fehr

Love your week in review! Must say though, Henry's face tells me that his bite of his plate was much better than a bite of broccoli is to be Love James' expression - it is priceless! And, the wall of yarn is inspirational. But, the picture that gets me is the one of Angela hand winding her yarn - oh, how I wish my knee would do that!


What a great bunch of photos! Your sons are adorable; that wall of LL really is inspirational, and I love Angela winding yarn. I wind mine exactly the same way, and I have that same t-shirt!


Way to go Angela! Genius IS the mother of invention.


It's amazing to ME that James is a first grader. I think you were pregnant with him when I started buying sock yarn from SS. I must say, he seems to get cuter & cuter as time goes by. And Henry is losing that baby look. Surprised that he doesn't like broccoli. Someone did a survey of pre-schoolers & discovered that broccoli is their favorite vegetable by a wide margin. I've started reorganizing my sock yarn into these fabric boxes (the red is not as bright in real life): & that was very inspirational. I wanted to cast on about 10 pairs of socks but instead worked on a sock I found that had a couple inches of ribbing that I had started & forgotten about. But sorting through sock yarn really got my knitting mojo back!

Nancy DeMere

Cannot believe how grown-up your "baby" is!


I love that picture of Henry!Maybe because that's exactly how I feel about broccoli !!!!!

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