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September 22, 2014


Leslie Fehr

I love Opal yarns! The self stripping makes up into such great Sockhead Slouchy hats. I might get to keep one for myself one of these daysLOL And, when knit into a baby sweater, the colors are so good! Had to order 8611 - it reminded me of the Pink and White licorice candy sold at the movies. And the 8611 reminds me of cupcake sprinkles - and a great choice of colors for a baby sweater and socks!

Susan Hill

Opal is my favorite sock yarn. I especially love the 6-ply which isn't as common. When I get home from a few days at the ocean, I'm going to be placing an order.

Susan Hill

I meant the 8-ply XLarge. It knits quickly and makes wonderfully warm socks.


I would knit Uncommon Dragon in Silver Lining. This book has recently been reviewed by so many podcasters and every single review that I've heard has been EXCELLENT and they all say it is a must have for knitters!

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