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September 05, 2014



Love the new site!

Leslie Fehr

I have spent a lot of time investigating the new site - and I have enjoyed every minute! I've played with the "compare" feature and love the way I can see how well different colors work together. It will certainly make picking colors for any color work pattern so much easier. And, knowing how many skeins are available in any one color will make it easier when planning a project too. You did a wonderful job planning this new site!

Beverly J. Killick

You did a beautiful job with your new WebSite. The yarn colors are great, makes you want to knit, knit, and knit some more. Be proud of your success, I have been an admirer from the start, so Congratulations - a job well done!

Leslie Fehr

And, it feels as if the pictures on the Blog have gotten a bit bigger. I like that!

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