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August 29, 2014



Want this tote. Because, tote.

And pretty.


I like totes! I want yarn! This could be good.

Lisa Barrett

Oh, what a tease! Sign me up for the fun. Have a lovely holiday please :)


ooohhh tote! ohhhh yarn! love!

Ann M

Love the tote! Looking forward to the new you!

Leslie Fehr

I just drooled down the front of my shirt!!
Tote -- check
New Yarn -- check
Increased yarn budget -- check!

Bring it on!! LOL

Can't wait to see the new website and all of goodies!


Oooooo! I can't wait either!! The yarn is beautiful and that tote is too cute!

Looking forward to seeing your new website design too. So much excitement!

Enjoy a holiday weekend:-).


Great tote, fabulous yarn. Have a wonderful weekend.


The tote is wonderful!! Can't wait to see the new website. Enjoy the holiday weekend!


I love your new website! I can see myself buying many more things with the new bigger preview pictures!


Can't wait! Cute tote. And who can't use another tote?

Joy Schmitt

Am I signed in now?

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