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August 14, 2014



Yesterday I ordered all of the Hundertwasser Series 3 colors. I don't know, would I be considered a hoarder if I went and ordered everything from Series 1 and 2? LOL

Leslie Fehr

Beth - I would consider you an expert stasher if you ordered Series 1 and 2 also! I am a serious Opal yarn lover and always get my favorite ones as soon as possible so that I don't have to worry about them being sold out.


I agree. The only shortcoming with Opal is that they don't seem to take the same care with their photos as with the yarns. But then it's nice to be pleasantly surprised when the actual thing looks so much better than the photo. Opal is my go to yarn for knitting socks for anyone other than myself. The color ways are gorgeous & they last through wash after machine wash & dry. I have a couple pairs of socks knit from the Hundertwasse 1. I think I'll have to get a few more balls. Especially at $15/ball!


Donna, you're spot on. Every time we open a box of Opal, we are happily surprised at how vibrant the colors are- their posters and photos seem to show off the poster design more than the gorgeous colors.

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