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August 25, 2014


Leslie Fehr

Keep sweater amounts and afghan amounts of skeins in Pillow Sham covers and use them to decorate your bed!


So funny you should post this today as my LYS was having a malabrigo trunk show and so there is a bag of yarn in my car waiting to be hidden some where.

Susan Hill

That is funny and every knitter can relate. I like your statement though that the yarn is your art investment. I have several beautiful large rice baskets from Lantern Moon and each is filled to the brim with colorful yarns of different textures. I have them sitting at the end of the sofa and beside a couple of comfortable easy chairs. They are not only beautiful but I think make the room look very warm and cozy.


There's the yarn in the suitcase trick - but be careful! I brought out the suitcase, opened it in the same room as the one who yarn is hidden from, and the yarn was almost discovered. Close call!


My stash is also decoration. I collect Shaker boxes and fill with yarn. I also bought a Shaker wine rack for the sole purpose of storing my stash. I remember finishing a Dale of Norway sweater for DH and being disappointed because the yarn looked so good in the family room.


I've heard of people storing yarn in their oven since they don't cook anyway...


I love the 'yarn as art/decor' idea, but how on earth do you dust it?


Numbers 4 and 8 sound good to me! I do have quite a few casserole dishes that are out of view. LOL All those wonderful bookshelves that hold our books may provide some good hiding places too. ;-)


I like #7 the best!!!!


I love those huge glass hurricane lamps! They hold so much yarn and it's always changing! So pretty!

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