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August 07, 2014



I would choose the Chili because I don't have many red socks.


I absolutely adore Galaxy- so vibrant! I would make a pair of BFF socks to let the colors shine and so they will be even more comfy than they look!

Tara Hernandez

Omg Elysian!!!! It's gorgeous!!!

Janet D.

The winner is........JEANS! Where are my needles? Thank you!

Sarah S

Eggplant!! I would make a version of these socks for my daughter!


Morning Glory is first choice. I would take any of gorgeous!!!


They are all so pretty but I love Wilderness!


Definetly Morning Glory


I think herbal is the color I'd have to cast on today, and I'd probably do something simple like hermione's everyday socks, to let the yarn show itself off.

Bonnie Van de Weghe

Love morning glory. Reminds me of the ones my parents would plant when I was young.

Karen G.

Would love to knit a Cookie A design in either Eggplant or Morning Glory.


Oh, I think Chili is calling to me! The color is enough to keep me warm when winter comes!


eggplant it's gorgeous :-)

Norma Horan

Eggplant for me, please.


Gotta have Nebula feet!! What an amazing combination of blues!

Angela Medina

I love the everlasting sock galaxy colorway. So beautiful!

Susanknitss on Ravelry

Super gorgeous hard to choose! I would love to cast on with 'Island' to knit the Sand Dollar Shawl by Kay Hopkins

Carrie McD

Make mine Chili in the Vog On pattern in Ravelry. Yum!

Renee' Sawyer

I would use the DIC Everlasting Sock yarn in the Tidal colorway and make the Entrechat baby sweater by Lisa Chemery. I found the pattern on Ravelry.
It is such a fun pattern...quick and easy. Looks great with yarns that stripe or plain. Believe it or not, I have made 3 and I am getting ready to start a 4th. Great gift for a little girl.


Everlasting Sock Crisp is delightful! either a sox or shawl pattern would be a great piece of work with the generous 400yds in the hank ... thanx for the chance to win this.

Jessica Desmond
In this pattern :

Lisa McGuire

Oh, Tidal is the colorway for me! Love those greens and blues and hints of browns. And the pattern I'd choose is Monkey by Cookie A.


I would love Victoria for a sweet scarflett, but there are so many amazing options! I love this yarn!


Gilt - it's gorgeous!

Rebecca Davis

Morning Glory are beautiful colors.


Eggplant is my first choice among the many possibilities. I would probably choose a fairly simple knit and purl stitch pattern. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous yarn with us.


I love Victoria!


I LOVE "Tidal"


Elysian. It just speaks to me.

Erinn vanderMeer

Carolina is going to make a great hat!

Sandra Leclair

I love the greens... I am always drawn to green blends. The purples and blues are pretty gorgeous as well. I just love yarn!

Cindy S.

Any would be yummy. Just a simple pair of socks!

Dawn Bonney

Oooh. I love the Elysian! So very pretty. They're all fantastic!

Kelly H.

Carolina, for my husband with the sandpaper feet!

Ellen Kucharik

Hard to say, one of each! But if I have to decide, Jeans

Ronni Donza

I would choose Tidal for one of the Boo Knits shawls.
Just beautiful!


I've been in a real blue phase lately, so Nebula would be my choice. All the colorways are really beautiful, though.

Birgit Rosenberg

Love the Victoria

Beth L.

Basalt would be amazing with one of Mary Hough's Burgess Shale-inspired patterns!


Everlasting. Teal shades always speak to me.

Mary Howard

I'd love to cast on Galaxy and make

Penny Jeffrey

LOVE the Eggplant! I would stick with my favorite sock "recipe" from the Yarn Harlot. It never fails :)

Janet McFarren

I would love to cast on using "Jeans". My first thought seeing this color would be to make it into a shawlette to wear with jeans. Love the feel of the color tones together.


What gorgeous dilemas you pose!, wait, what about Island......or Morning Glory,........but then there's Sangria.....what's a knitter to do????

Analiese (liesef on Ravelry)

Morning glory would be gorgeous in this pattern
The cables would pop in this color


I would cast on dive and use roger sock pattern. There is also nebula that calls to my blue side.

Colleen Hall

Eggplant--all the way! Not that the rest aren't pretty too, but that one really catches my eye.


yesterday it was Wilderness but this morning it's Carolina. I think it's going to depend on my mood. so many beautiful colors

Dee Marquardt

I would have to go with Nebula.

Virginia Crosby

Only one? I thought of a few patterns as I looked at the different colors. I guess if I HAD to choose one, I would say Nebula. I can see MMario's Uhura shawl looking great in that color.

Maureen Holt

I love Galaxy. Beautiful!

Amy Ostafy

Morning Glory!


I would choose Dive. I can't wait to try this yarn out.


I can't wait to try the new DiC sock. Dive is calling to me!


I can't pick a favorite DiC color. It would be like having to pick which of my kids is my favorite. I love them all!!!!!

Sherry Gacich (goodnurse) on Ravelry

Love Eggplant and Galaxy! Would make a great WendyKnits 2014 Mystery Shawl!


Dive is the perfect shade of "awesome"!

Tracy Bedford

Eggplant! And I think I would use it to make plain vanilla socks, because it's so pretty, it doesn't need any jazzing up!


The Victoria colorways captured my attention.

Donna Kuehl

Tidal - beautiful


Tidal!...or Morning Glory...or maybe Elysian. Ok, so maybe I can't pick just *one* favorite. Everlasting sock has long been a favorite of mine, and the colors are stunning.


Plenty, got to be Plenty, as it is just the perfect color for my grandbaby. Maybe a Mischa?

Jeanette M. Noechel

How to choose? Love them all! Have to say...Victoria though. Ah, love it all!


Incredibly difficult choice, but I think elysian is the most beautiful!


Gilt is my fave

Susan Hill

Tidal definitely for me. Something to wear other than a cowl or socks. Maybe a vest. I'm new to vest knitting but ready to give it a try and this yarn is gorgeous.


I am torn between Galaxy and Elysian...both gorgeous!!

Deila Hiebert

Too many lovely colors, crisp is my choice to win. Want them all so bookmarking page.


I appear to be completely enchanted by Tidewater...

Diane Elyea

I would choose crisp it will make beautiful green socks. A color I haven't tried yet.

Mary Dunphy-Williams

Galaxy for sure. It's gorgeous!


Galaxy! Nebula! Tart! GAH! There are so many pretty ones! I think Nebula might be my choice, just because I don't have a shawl in such a great blue. Don't you think the Iron Maiden shawl would be pretty in Nebula? Me, too!

Sam james

Gilt or Galaxy


Chili. Perhaps in a vintage 8 st cable. Perfect for fall sock knitting.


I'd love to use Dive for Leaf on the Wind.


A stripe-y pattern with Jeans and Sangria!


I would probably say Chile was my favorite but Island is a close second.

Sammy Smith

I would love the Eggplant! I would knit it into a Rondelay:

Or a Summer Wind:



I would go for eggplant, for a pair of smaug socks. Or a combo of basalt and gilt for a zephyr cove shawl.

Anne R.

Tart would definitely be my choice. Such a fun color.


I would choose Eggplant, just gorgeous. Hmm, would have to pick a pattern, that would be hard but fun to do.

kris peters

Gee, I'm torn between Tart and Everlasting but think Tart has stolen my heart. I can see it in a pair of lacy socks with perhaps a shamrock or too in honor of St. Paddy's Day (when they might be done!)


Surf or Tidal because I'm staring at the ocean right now--they would be my vacation souvenir socks to make the last hurrah of summer last a little longer!

Margie Jarrett

I would choose the lovely "Tidewater" colorway and use Hermoine's Everyday Sock pattern, but use the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I think they would be gorgeous.


I hear Tidal whispering "wouldn't I look smashing in a pair of Ribby Garden Socks?"
Yes, Tidal, I think you're absolutely right!

Phyllis Oviatt

I would choose "Chili" as I think it is a perfect red for my next project.


Tidewater. Pattern: Tin Can Knits Estuary. So gorgeous.


Absolutely love the Eggplant! It's just what I've been looking for to make the Nannir cowl.


Do I really have to pick just one? It's so hard to decide, so many yummy colours to choose from. Wilderness, eggplant, island or tidal are the four I have cut it down to, I can't pick just one from those colours.

Lisa B

Wilderness caught my eye. I bet it would make a lovely pair of "Little Purls of Wisdom" - Thanks for the giveaway!


So many fantastic colors to choose from. For a change of pace I would want to go with either Sock Rosy or Sock Sangria! Thinking Sock Rosy would be my first choice.

Sherri Gibson

Oh my! What gorgeous colors...I think I'd start with Jeans n go from there to a red...thank you for the great giveaway n good luck all (:

Mary K Scott

I think the Elysian. I'm about sock yarn as I am about quilting fabrics. Ever since I learned to knit two at a time, I've been hooked. Can't get enough of them.


I recently fell in love with teals - so Surf or Tidal would be my choice. First choice - definitely SURF. And I'm dying to try the new Everlasting Sock yarn - Dream in Color yarns are soo yummy


I really love the Herbal. I find the muted color transitions soothing.

Hilda Clegg

I pick Passion -- such a beautiful red. Would look great in Hermione's Everyday Socks.

Michelle G

I would LOVE to knit these Hourglass Lace Socks in the Galaxy colorway! What an amazing opportunity to try a new sock yarn with an exceptional pattern to show off the yarn and my skills! :)

sue swartz herr

I liked many of the colors--reds, purples! But if I had to choose one, Wilderness it would be. I would use Hermione pattern.

Anne Marie

Gilt -- to get ready for fall.

Jan Werner

Hi, I love the eggplant as it's just gorgeous!!

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