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August 07, 2014


D. Meredith

I'd chose Island colorway for my next pair of socks.


TIDEWATER!!! Oh my gosh, it's perfection. Or, um, Wilderness, I'm crazy about that one too. I'm really looking forward to knitting Hermione and these would be gorgeous!

Susan Kenzler

Eggplant, please!


Herbal is calling to me today.

Kathey Harris

Victoria or Nebula. Oh my. I love Dream in Color! Even better? Both, used together to make a Pendulum shawl! :)


Island! It looks like a stormy day at the beach which is just the kind of comfort I need when I'm feeling under the weather like I am now! Yay for comfort knitting!

Barb Holland

I would choose Crisp - my favorite colors!


Someday I would love to knit Chimaera by Dena Stelly featured in Knitty.
Morning would be the perfect color for that pattern!


Herbal is pretty nice! Subtle but many colors.

Susan Ipavec

I'm so excited that Everlasting has a new base--my favorite color is Crisp. I love the way the colors gradually change in the skein.


I just love galaxy. beautiful colors all of them though.

Amy Anthony-Newbert

I love this yarn!! If I could, I would knit something in each color. But my favorite is Nebula and I'd make this shawl. BEAUTIFUL!!

Sandy Cash

My choice would be Island. ..that's now. Maybe five minutes from now it would be something else.


Rain Cloud. I love gray.

Eileen Brokaw

Eggplant. Absolutely! And for a sock I've been meaning to make for a while:

Niki Vogler

Mmmm - tidewater!

Katherine B

I love Tart and I would probably cast on Zigzagular Socks (available on ravelry) just because I have been eyeing the pattern for a while now.

Leslie Wisdom

There it is! Tidewater is the one.


This is a hard many colors that I love! But I'd use Tidewater to make this scarf:

I think it would show off the color changes so beautifully!


Ooh, so many pretties!!! Love Tidewater although Sangria would also make for some happy toes. I'd love to try one out in a simple pair of leyelet and rib socks!

Sue ZQ

Definitely Eggplant. And I'd let the colors speak for themselves in a simple slip stitch rib pattern I made up.

Phyllis Howard

Beautiful colors

Margaret Bailey

Loving the galaxy and dive colors. They would look great for any sock pattern plain or patterned.

Jayne Vossen

Everlasting sock Tidewater is beautiful! Love it!

Mary Anne Stailey

Wilderness would be my choice. If I'm going to invest the time it takes to make a pair of socks, I want yarn that will help them last as long as possible--especially when it's such a beautiful combination of rich colors.

Yvonne Lord

I have just finished a sock in a basic starter pattern, learning to turn the heel, gusset and Kitchener stitch the toe. I have promised myself when I finish the second sock I will buy the beautiful eggplant and knit a gorgeous pair in real sock yarn!


I love the colors! I would choose "Plenty" as it looks like exactly what I've been looking for. I'll probably do a plain vanilla sock (toe up) as those are my favorite for showing off a gorgeous colour.

Beth L Ruiter

Wilderness in a simple twisted rib. It would allow the colors in this beautiful yarn speak for themselves.


Morning Glory or Eggplant using the Monkeys Sock pattern from Knitty.


Today must be a green day, because it's Crisp for me. No idea what pattern, but definitely Crisp


Eggplant- for sure!

Brittani T.

I would love to make a pair of socks for my son in nebula, that is his
Favorite shade of blue! Thanks for the giveaway.

Melissa B

I thought I would choose a purple because that is my favorite color. But Sock Island is to die for. Love.


My new color love is the teal family, so I would choose Surf or Tidal. If pinned down to one, I guess it would have to be SURF. Very excited to try knitting with the revamped Everlasting Sock yarn. I love Dream in Color yarns!!

Cindy Carpenter

Victoria in a shawl, something very lacy and girlish.

Robin Crittenden

All are wonderful but Wilderness got me


I would have to say "sock island"...
It is beautiful!! I have a new pattern I would like to try!!!!

Kathleen Bode

My favorite is the Carolina colorway. I would use it to make the Sleepy Hollow pattern, which can be found here:

Cris Bjork

Surf or Carolina, really hard to choose just one.


A hitchhiker in Elysian would be nice!

Billi McNemar

Tart,Nebula, Wilderness...I want to make a butterfly shawl for a friend having a baby. It is her first, and those colors are as passionate as she is about the baby. Beautiful!


The eggplant is fabulous!!! This yarn would spoil me completely for other companies.


Eggplant. Dream in color does purple so well


Oh these are beautiful! Hard to choose just one, but I'm loving Wilderness and think it would make some gorgeous socks!


I would knit Yarn Harlot's Lenore sock in eggplant.

Lugarda Cappetta

I like their everlasting and would like the color Wilderness. (Hope I remembered the name correctly; it's a long way from looking at the colors to the comment section for my old brain.) it's the last color shown.


Mmmm ... so many to choose from! I think I'd go with Tidal.

As to a pattern? I always just knit plain stockinette socks--they're the best for simply showing off the great hand-dyed colors!

Strych911 on Ravelry

The Galaxy colorway is amazing, I would cast on

Patti Stark

I would choose Galaxy and knit socks for my Mom. Plain socks to let the yarn shine.


I think I would go with Rain Cloud. Or maybe Passion. So many pretty colors - it's hard to choose! I think they would be pretty in a not too complicated pattern like Business Casual:
Or Hedgerow Socks:


I love Island!

Sarah T (3trees)

Sangria! And if I could, I'd sip sangria while I knit. :-) (3trees on Rav)


I love the beautiful blend of colors in Island.

Tina Moser

Ooooh-- Eggplant for sure!! (SO much so, I just bought some, heh heh!) But Morning Glory is fabulous, too!


I love love love Sangria!


Galaxy...although I loved Nebula too.....

Melissa (aka Witchknit)

Oh I love Raincloud. Just a soft, soft color, but not boring at all.

Janet Dennison-Dendy

Tidewater, definitely and maybe an eyelet rib pattern, nothing too busy to let those beautiful colors shine!


I would love to knit On the Tracks cowl ( with Wilderness.

Thanks for a chance to win!

Jo to the d

I would love to knit up twisted in this yarn!!


It would have to be sick dive for me. Gorgeous!!

A Facebook User

So hard to choose! Rain cloud is my favorite.


Chili for me in plain vanilla socks. I love DIC colors.

Betsy Mortinsen

Galaxy. Can't help it :)


Very tough call, but if I had to choose one, it would be Wilderness.


Today's an Island day for me!!


Galaxy would be my choice & I think this simple lace cowl pattern would be perfect for it:


Love the Eggplant color!


Tidewater - the depth is gorgeous.


Love the colors (especially Eggplant) and sounds like the right yarn for travelling stitches. Although I have wanted to knit the Brigit socks for a while now - but any textured knitting would look great in these yarns.


Loved Island until I saw many beautiful choices that could help me knit my first pair of socks

Amy Calkins

Chill is just too beautiful! But then so are all the others. There's no wrong choice, that's all.


What gorgeous colors! So hard to decide! Morning Glory is my fav, I guess!

Sue Rosenbalm

The Eggplant is calling my name. It wants to be a Halloween shawl. I could use a small broomstick for a shawl pin.

witchylady on Ravelry.

Leann Demeduk

I love the morning glory color and would like to use the Blackrose sock pattern on Ravelry!


I would use nebula and maybe make the fish bone gansey sock by Anne Hanson. Pick me!!

April Holland

I love the eggplant- gorgeous, rich colors!Maybe I'd make the February baby sweater

Allison Bell

Such a hard decision! I think Eggplant, Carolina, and Tidewater are my favorites!

lucille shaver

I love the beautiful shades in rainclouds.

DeeAnn Jeschke

Island or Chili. But all the colors are wonderful

Sara Post

I would happily tackle my first pair of socks in Morning Glory!

amber kane

Morning glory.....beautiful!!!


Hmmm, this is hard to just choose one, but I guess I'd go with tidewater.

Teresa C

Galaxy or Nebula. would have to flip a coin on that choise.

Martha O

Herbal would be my first of many choices.


Lovely! Tidewater, morning glory my favorites, but I may need to try many! I want to knit Hermione's Everyday Socks in this!

Megan McHugh

Galaxy is the one for me.


I'm picking Island and would love to knit Elm.

Susan Baber

Eggplant for me! I would make another Knit, Sock, Love pattern.


my favorite is eggplant then galaxy!

Lucy Kesler

Oh! Island!

Robyn Durand

All are delicious, but I immediately gravitated to Nebula (no pun intended). I just found a copy of Jen Lucas' Sock-Yarn Shawls (Martingale, 2013) and would have to knit up this out-of-this-world yarn in a pattern called Over the Moon, of course!


Even though my first and main love is for purple (helloooo, Eggplant!), I think that Gilt would win and I would knit Renita with it. Some stockinette to show off the color, and some slighly fiddly edging to keep things interesting.

karen machado

Hi! I would love to knit up Rachel Coopeys' "Willowherb" pattern, on Ravelry. I love all the DIC colors, shown in "Lilt," but I think this pattern would be so gorgeous in "Victoria."


Nebula (or maybe Galaxy), but Nebula would be beautiful!

Saebbe Reidhead

I really love tidewater! But eggplant and galaxy are winning as well.


They're all so pretty, but I think I'd go with Elysian first!


Wilderness definitely. With tidal. Galaxy, dive, island, a close second.


Island speaks to me...because I'm on the prairie and a very long way from a body of water large enough to have an island in it!


I love the eggplant color! I have so many socks in my Ravelry queue that would look fabulous in that color.

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